Art of Humanity

I am thinking of forming a glorious global organization called THE ART OF HUMANITY where the aim is to transcend all boundaries of faith, borders, race, ethnicity, color, language or orientation to a common human form where respect and love for another human being becomes mandatory

Isn’t it sad that while we have advanced so much in technology and manners we are still light years behind in love and acceptance of fellow human beings? Look at the conflicts all over the world, whether due land, or religion, are they justified? It is ironical that people wear different hats only because of a “flag” they are supposedly born with, which is based on physical boundaries, which have changed umpteen times since the dawn of humanity and so they shall as we go along

My question is simple: Why can’t we humans let go of our egos and parental or governmental or religious teachings of hatred towards fellow human beings?

My vision is simple: That this group or organization one day challenges the concepts of hatred and “enemy state” or “enemy religion” or “enemy color / race” all over the world. Oblivious to the fact that humanity is plagued by poverty (90% of our world is poor in real terms), malnutrition, sickness, crime (prevalent all over the world even the so-called “developed” world)

My aim is simple: To unite all global governments, armies and intelligence agencies to fight hatred, crime, poverty and intolerance

Is it too much to ask? I think not, I think we as humans have graduated beyond pettiness, if only we inspire ourselves and others around us, my entire life is an example where I went beyond my personal needs and aims to help this amazing but regressive planet

Will you support this one man army for global peace, love, acceptance and collaboration called CrystalHeart Kazmi? Challenge your demons, of who is the enemy, who is good and who is bad, and then challenge those of society. Until a day comes when we all are ONE as our Creator originally made us

It is inspired by my first ever in life venture for change at back in 2007


Major Saeed Malik

Excellent article by my friend Major Saeed Malik. A Qadyani. A people Pakistanis hate for their assertion to call themselves Muslims, unheard of bigotry. Excellent analysis of Maryam eloquent and in depth. Yet Maj Salim Malik like other Qadyanis will never be respected for their good contributions to Pakistan unless they come to the rostrum and shout ‘I am not a Muslim. I am a Kafir’. That will be the magic moment all they say or do will make sense to people. And yet we blame Indians, Burmese etc for intolerance and hatred towards minorities shamelessly hiding our venom and hate by questioning the right of a people to call themselves any faith just because the 73 constitution unlike any other in the whole world was manipulated to alienate a people the founder of Pakistan a man called M A Jinnah never alienated

What a shame for every Pakistani. Don’t worry most are shameless

Is There a Law Against Incitement?….Saeed A. Malik.

Maryam Safdar has been angry for quite some time now. As the grating realization is dawning that her crown has been irreversibly lost to her, she is not just losing her temper. She seems to have lost the last fragments of good sense too. Flailing about in the darkness she has come up with yet another scrap of doctored “evidence” on the basis of which she hopes her sunken fortunes will be redeemed, and the family will be restored to its thieving ways.

And thus, snarling in high dudgeon, she presented the Arshad Malik video at a press conference, flanked by the most morose looking senior idiots of her party on either side.

This family has come a long way from first coming on national TV channels and lying through their teeth about the properties they owned; papa Sharif then repeating the same lies in the National Assembly; then pitching in the infamous Qatari letter to repair their family fortunes; graduating to the Calibri Font forgery; and now all the hopes of this lying and thieving lot seem to be resting on this video of a hopelessly compromised and dishonest judge.

This is a unique case of graduated dishonesty being marshaled to retrieve the fortunes of a morally disabled family!

Maryam’s next logical and legal step should have been to present the original video to the Islamabad High Court with the prayer that this be made a part of the case record which is pending with them on appeal.

This is what needs to happen if it is Maryam’s aim is to spring her father from jail on legal grounds.

But this is not what will happen. Maryam will not present this “evidence” to the court. She will not do this because she knows that this evidence is both tampered with and tainted and will therefore not stand the test in court.

Even a superficial examination of this evidence, prima facie, reveals that it is an attempt at entrapment and blackmail. And that this evidence is definitely doctored. Any fool can conclude that there was a criminal conspiracy behind this attempt at entrapment and blackmail, and doctoring of the “evidence”.

The question is, who was behind this conspiracy? One of the conspirators was definitely Maryam herself. But she would not like to be exposed. In this attempt to get her father out of jail, she would not want herself to be in the hilarious position of ending up next to him. She would therefore not like to have this new “evidence” examined in depth. So, she will not present it to the court. She does not want any legal mileage out of it. Legally this family has no legs to stand on.

But she will play it to the hilt and try and get the maximum political mileage out of it. She will try to incite and inflame passions of people on the street ; she would like to see anarchy; deaths and destruction will suit her. Ideally she would like the state to be brought to its knees. In this she will hope to find redemption.

But what concerns me and many others like me is, should the higher judiciary not feel constrained to take suo moto notice of this extremely serious issue and form a JIT to determine the facts?

Should it not preempt what threatens to come?

And if not, why not?

If this issue is investigated with diligence and competence, Maryam Safdar will be found at the epicenter of this conspiracy.

If she does not take this “evidence” to the Court, where it properly belongs, it must be reasonably concluded that following any legal path was never her purpose. Creating chaos was i.e to win on the streets through mayhem, what has been lost to her in the courts.

And she has blatantly threatened that in case she is restrained in any manner from carrying through her designs, she will bring to the fore more such videos, and oust secrets which she holds. Ostensibly some of these would be state secrets.

In short she is promising to blackmail both individuals and institutions and to incite people on the streets, which could result in unrest, damage to property, and loss of lives.

Unless sowing civil unrest be her primary aim, why would she be trying to cause incitement, instead of presenting her “evidence” in the Court?

When lives are lost as Maryam’s planned caravans snake their way to her “success”, who will be held responsible for the mayhem and deaths caused along the way? Will it be Maryam Safdar, or Athar Minallah who let her out on bail on the strength of a judgement in which prejudice shamelessly hides behind crass incompetence?

p.s. Papa Sharif’s dish of gongloo gosht can no longer be allowed to come from home. Like Gandhi, who frequently resorted to hunger strikes to bring freedom to India, Papa Sharif has promised to go on hunger strike till his right of home cooked gongloo gosht is restored. To add weight to this threat, Maryam has promised to go on a dharna outside Lot Lakpat Jail. Both are pretending to believe that home cooking will restore Papa’s health, while both know full well that what the whole family has battened on is not home cooked food, but on the marrow of the bones of the people they had sworn to serve.

But if the two of them took their threat to the very end, it may do a lot of good to Pakistan. It will rid us of one of the monsters who very nearly devoured the state. While as for Maryam Safdar, her dharna will melt away much about her that is so easy on the eye. What will be left of her will be her new resemblance to the poor women of Lahore, many of whom scour the rubbish heaps, trying to find abandoned morsels on which to feed their children. This is the closest that a women like her can ever come to humanity

Pakistanis for Progress (PFP)

Pakistan is a country completely misunderstood, not just by those outside (which is understandable) but also those inside. We, at PFP or Pakistanis for Progress intend to make it clear to all and sundry, with ample evidence and logical thought just what was the real intent or foundation of Pakistan and how discovering and following the same can lead us to internal and external success

We at Pakistanis for Progress or PFP stand behind the following background and aims, we intend to improve upon them with national consensus and present to leadership to implement. Or find a way to contest elections ourselves and win this nation back!

The people of Pakistan want a good life, they also talk about the hereafter, but given a choice, they prefer the luxuries and material success of this world. Therefore they are no different from any people anywhere else in the world in general. The problem is not what they want, but what they say they want, which is often what they are programmed to say what they’re want through clergy, rituals, culture and norms that need to be done away with

Today Pakistan is plagued with all sorts of problems imaginable, the government and civil society is banging their heads on every wall they can find for a solution. But there seems to be none in sight. In this backdrop I am launching a movement with likeminded progressive Pakistanis to suggest and implement solutions that actually work

Failure of PTI (Ruling Party of Pakistan) and all other parties in understanding or solving crisis after crisis

Tabdeeli (change) the slogan of the revolutionary PTI seems to have fallen flat on it’s face. Old school parties either disqualified or revealed as corrupt in front of the masses cannot claim to do any better than PTI. So, in short, there is no savior in sight, no formula to arrest a declining Rupee which instead of enabling exports is increasing the quantum of debt instead. A quick look at google reveals the horrid state of girl child and female safety in Pakistan, latest being the bone chilling murder of 10 year old Farishta in the Capital City where Imran Khan Rules the Rooster of Pakistan. PTI has failed on all counts it’s predecessors failed, only worse. Because it set high expectations it never had a plan, competence or team to deliver change it proclaimed. U turn upon U turn, they went back on almost all their claims and promises, even the first 100 days had 100 U turns! It is apparent PTI never had the ability to deliver Pakistan from the mess it’s in and all that remains now is a state of financial instability that destabilizes Pakistan Army and hence puts its very geographical integrity at stake. Myths is all political parties have when questioned about performance and some are debunked right here.

Reimagining Pakistan, the only way out

Let’s face the truth, Pakistanis never fought for freedom or earned it like the French, Russian Revolutions or the American Revolutionary War against the British. The British left India and much of Africa after their humbling experiences of World War 2. Therefore freedom was GIVEN to India and Pakistan, so many proofs exist! The military history of Pakistan records the first Commander-in-Chief as Sir Frank Walter Messervy followed by Sir Douglas David Gracey proving that freedom was never “snatched” from the British but gradually, methodically given away as part of their longer term colonial exit strategy. In fact the Pakistan Army, Civil Services and even the Constitution has a very large measure of British creation evident in documentation, rules, titles, policies and procedures to this very day!

Jinnah‘s Pakistan

The founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah was a secular, progressive and open minded man. He consumed alcohol and was far from the life of a staunch Muslim, the main protagonist claimed to be behind the creation of Pakistan by the Mullah inspired middle and lower classes of Pakistan. Jinnah was forced to wear an Islamist Cloak by the hardliners which has been debunked in this New York Times article. In short, Jinnah wanted a democratic state where there was no compulsion on religion and people were free to live as they wanted.

Religion was not the cornerstone of Jinnah’s Pakistan, safety was, safety from India’s dominant Hindus bent upon revenge as evident today in how minorities suffer there as depicted by Human Rights Watch and the Forbes. Hence as per The New Yorker religious intolerance is not a myth in India today (the raison d’etre for Pakistan) but is also evident in similar, though as per the Hudson Institute lesser yet significantly worrisome measure in Pakistan.

Jinnah’s Pakistan, today, has been turned into an intolerant land where minorities are harassed and where economic survival necessities (as per the ADB), let alone luxuries like education (Daily Times depressingly dismal), healthcare (Dawn, 5 times worse than Thailand or Sri Lanka!) and justice (EurAsia News, poor rot in jails and criminals sit in parliaments, in short) which are distant dreams if at all a possibility.

Jinnah must be turning in his grave, this is not what he negotiated Pakistan for!

Where Pakistanis went (very) wrong?

Since the Pakistanis never really fought for freedom, they simply became a “brown” extension of the British Raj. A terrible extension to be precise. Many Pakistanis live in urban myths, an average Pakistani will tell you:

  • Pakistan was created by God (the British created it)
  • The whole world is against Pakistan (Pakistanis are their own worst enemies)
  • We are the citadel of Islam (with umpteen sects, cultures, languages, religion is a different adaptation in different parts of the country, often at loggerheads with each other) – yet there are animated even violent debates and crimes committed to prove religious dogmas notwithstanding the example of “if it looks like duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it IS a duck!” yet the ducks of Pakistan are often not even accepted as ducks because of narrow interpretations of faith and hypocrisies in condoning another sect with largely similar beliefs as they happen to be in larger numbers! Convenient hypocrisy!
  • A dangerously dysfunctional obsession with Islam. Pakistanis indulge their time in vilifying different sects of Islam. Some aren’t even allowed to call themselves Muslims. The narratives on Islam are never ending and as divergent as the country itself. While the common man is given dreams of Sharia, his children sending precious foreign exchange back home work in the MidEast or West often as labor, taxi drivers transporting all including drunkards and as bouncers in bars. Their income however begotten is happily enjoyed at home, however the hypocrisy and double standards start when wine and massage parlors, the two main ingredients of tourism in addition to natural beauty, heritage and adventure sport are completely amiss for tourists in Pakistan while available in ample and cheap supply to locals! Yet when confronted, the so called “good and pure Muslims” have no argument, no rationale and no alibi for the obvious, so they resort to blame, abuse and slander, things we’ve hence become immune to, if this is the price of speaking the truth so be it!
  • Nuclear power, a myth going around all strata of society, with little, if any, cognizance of the fact that warfare is economic today. Look at Japan, a nation smothered by the Americans in WW2, or China, a nation once ridiculed for “cheap quality products”, or South Korea, a country people didn’t even know existed today spearheading Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Daewoo and more. Look at the Americans as they sanction Huawei, an act 1,000 times stronger than 30 days of conventional warfare success against China. Except China, the rest are non nuclear, and yet very strong economically and their nationals enjoy respect all over the world. It is good to have nukes, but they’re not enough, and they’re like a high maintenance girlfriend, to keep your nukes prim and proper you need a lot of cash at hand and in the bank, from delivery mechanism to enrichment, it’s all about money! So going ballistic on being a “nuclear power” is an ill placed sense of pride in isolation
  • An uncomfortably exploitative and twisted aristocratic civil services, political structure and public sector firms. These are the ill-begotten sons of the Colonial Empire, who have moved ahead to a lean and mean, accountable and servant leadership style back in England, EU, US, Australia and NZ, however ex colonies such as India, Pakistan, African nations, South America are still plagued with their Master-Slave leadership style and governance structure. Ironic as it may seem almost 80 years post colonization most of the ex slaves still think, act, feel and behave like slaves, freedom is not easy for people who, from a young age, are taught to BLINDLY SUBMIT to authority, without questioning the moral, ethical or even legal legitimacy of the same! Hence the rich and powerful of Pakistan be they criminals, fraudsters, even hate mongers and inspiration of terror groups get respect and obedience from a masses who have never really risen or stood up for what is right!

The way out for Pakistan

Pakistan needs to take hard decisions that we as Progressive Pakistanis support and insist on implementation, but for that we first need the educated and enlightened to join our ranks, our aims are as follows:

  • Separate religion from the state – let the state focus on crimes then ensuring the implementation of a Holy Book. Let the Holy Book be respected and adhered to at an individual level and the state to ensure RESPECT for all faiths through softer mechanisms then the current harsher blasphemy law measures
  • Focus on tourism – that’s Pakistan’s LOWEST hanging fruit! But Pakistanis do not realize that while alcohol and massage parlors / sex shops are wide spread all over Pakistan covertly – their overt absence drives away tourism that we could catch due cheaper airfare to India, Sri Lanka, Far East and Mid East. Our leadership needs to educate the masses that their greed and satiation for worldly goods goes hand in hand with the model of governance the countries they immigrate to practice! One can write a book on what needs to be done in the tourism sector but suffice to say key reforms as above will atleast motivate foreigners to travel to Pakistan with much needed Dollars and Euros as of today
  • Law and order – except Ayub Khan, none of the Pakistani leaders took this aspect seriously. A nation where one feels insecure, unsafe and exploited by the powerful because police is generally corrupt and the justice system is antiquated, complex and unfriendly not to mention unfair – for if one evaluates the inmates of jails in Pakistan a larger majority of them will be personal and political victims. Investors, local or foreign do not touch you unless you can show them transparent and professionally run police and justice system. One can see or to see how retired armed forces personnel can quickly, efficiently and professionally bring about this much needed change!
  • Low cost governance – had there been a disaster and 90% of the Government and it’s arms were destroyed, the masses of Pakistan will feel no difference – because the Government of Pakistan exists to serve Government servants, their friends, families and acquaintances then whatever the truth is
  • Low taxation – For years we’ve propagated a flat VAT like 10% tax on all goods created and sold, this will result in local and foreign investments leading to jobs, treasury increase and a healthy, positive environment then one where blasphemy and “who can be called a Muslim” or “the world is out to get us” sort of cliched and rhetorical discussions are replaced with just ONE word: WORK! Increase the tax base, use the reformed police & judiciary to enforce execution. With a 200 mn plus population, if enforced we will be able to comfortably meet our international lenders’ obligations. In order to make this happen the government must substantially reduce governance expenditure by 90% at least. Cut down bureaucracy completely and replace with decent retired army officers or professionals form all walks of life, post this the government needs to go to the IMF and ask for a 2-5 years interest break exemption, thereafter a rebooted, refreshed and productive economy will benefit all. As of right now, a regressive investment climate and high taxation coupled with spiraling inflation and a deflating currency is pushing the Government towards a total financial collapse
  • Pay for imports with Pak Rs – currencies build value when they are traded, Pak Rs is not traded, only exchanged for Dollars or another currency of repute. However, reality is different, 200 million people use this financial instrument (Pak Rupee) – it can be used in Pakistan to buy any of our produce! Hence import firms should be offered Rupee instead of $s, we’ll win some, we’ll lose many, no worries – over time the Rupee will become important to the whole world. The government can also offer foreigners local rights when making investment, securing them and driving our currency up
  • One window foreign (or local) investment facilitation – taxes, order, visas, process, fun – these are bottlenecks to investment. We’ve covered flat 10% taxes and retired army officers based police above. What remains are difficult as hell to acquire visas to a country no one really wants to visit! and the antiquated, bureaucratic process full of red tape that literally drives investors away, add to that investors want to have fun! They socialize in bars not like Pakistanis who have bars in F7 Islamabad or Defence Lahore or Karachi or so on all over the place! To top it all off, a one window low cost and simplified business setup is our dire need to increase FDI (foreign direct investment)

We will thus be closer to Mr Jinnah’s progressive vision for Pakistan, at long last!

4th Gen Warfare, and Pakistan :)


The illiteracy behind Pakistan and “FIFTH” (actually 4th) Generation Warfare by CrystalHeart,

Every now and then I receive a forward highlighting the “threat of 5th Generation Warfare against Pakistan and it’s military” – sadly, often retired men in uniform also forward such articles. But why sadly?
Because people are not even clear on the GENERATION’S of warfare!

The first step to wiping illiteracy is… duh! knowledge! So please spare a few minutes and learn the “generations of warfare” at It details that organized armies to protect the nation state with basic arms was the first generation advancing to sophisticated weaponry till the third generation and psychological warfare in the 4th Generation. The Fifth Generation of Warfare is characterized by terrorism and a will to fight knowing that the fighter will lose and hence a level of motivation akin to terrorists as described in

Therefore if you see another forward of FIFTH generation warfare against Pakistan or it’s military please do educate the sender of their (obvious) illiteracy.

Fourth Generation Warfare is defined as (from wiki): Fourth generation warfare is defined as conflicts which involve the following elements:

1 Are complex and long term

2 Terrorism (tactic)

3 A non-national or transnational base – highly decentralized

4 A direct attack on the enemy’s core ideals

5 Highly sophisticated psychological warfare, especially through media manipulation and lawfare

6 All available pressures are used – political, economic, social and military

7 Occurs in low intensity conflict, involving actors from all networks

8 Non-combatants are tactical dilemmas

9 Lack of hierarchy

10 Small in size, spread out network of communication and financial support

11 Use of insurgency and guerrilla tactics

Numbers 4-6 sums it up rather clearly, 4th generation warfare, in simplest terms, is an attack on your ideals and values, whatever you believe in is subtly challenged through the media using “state and non state actors” – state could be people within the government itself, “paid moles” and non state can include NGOs, movements like MQM, BLA and PTM among others.

But what is the AIM of 4th Generation Warfare in Pakistan, and who is it against?

Attack the ideals of the Pakistani people

Pakistani people have had few ideals, first and foremost has been a love affair with the million strong, mostly Colonial organized systems Army which has evolved since 1947 into a sophisticated force that has think tanks, foresight, weaponry, global politico – military alliances and a subtle influence in the region. Above all, the army, as might be accepted by it’s enemies within Pakistan, is the only well organized and functioning body amongst a plethora of corruption ridden, inefficient and ineffective government institutions. The army stands out and stands apart and one proof is how it is relied upon by the oil rich MidEast to help them in their time of need, even the Americans relied upon Pakistan army back in the 70s/80s against Russia and post 9/11 in the War against Terror. So despite all allegations of corruption and abuse of power against Pakistan army by “state and non state actors” there is ample evidence that it is valued locally and globally due its’ pure professional competence and strategic approach.

The first attack is on destroying the bond between the people of Pakistan and their beloved army. For that Altaf was bought over by RAW, ultimately an attempt failed. Then BLA was beefed up, mostly failed, as of recent, PTM, not much of traction again in the masses. Yet the enemy persists because, duh! it IS 4th Gen Warfare! It’s not a game of Pac Man (for those of you from that era :))

Now the second aim of 4th Gen Warfare is to disillusion the people. Imran Khan was a ray of hope for the people. Even though I have criticized him openly but to be fair and honest, he was and is not a bad man. One can question his competence or choice of people but not his intent. Yet less than 10 months in power and the critics tongues a wagging at him for the crimes of his predecessors that he dethroned (though not completely) – both Nawaz and Asif Zardari of PMLN and PPP! The men is not getting a fair chance from the media and EVEN the people themselves (truth be told!)

Third aim of 4th Gen Warfare is to destroy Pakistan economically. Back in the late 70s we hardly had any “debt” – a progressive and growing nation where alcohol and night clubs were en vogue we were thrown 100 years back with a force of mercenary Taliban JUST to ward off Russia in the interest of our once upon a time BFF! Lo and behold, the monster then created turned into Uncle Frankenstein and (we are told!) unleashed 9/11! So the barrels and muzzles turned on the “creation of 20 years ago” and the same Pakistan Army who supported via Taliban to scare off the Russians was now asked to decimate the Taliban!

As General Tariq Khan will tell you if you ever meet or listen to him, stories of how he drove off Taliban and later Gen Raheel Sharif and Gen Qamar Bajwa followed the same path and for the most part successfully “deterrorized” Pakistan – yet, and YET! Pakistan Army is expected by proponents of 4th Gen Warfare to “do more” 🙂 Ironical, or in bad taste, I’d let you, the reader, decide! In fact, it’s just warfare as usual! SADLY so because Pakistan Army, and trust me, I know it VERY WELL, is perhaps MORE SECULAR than American or Israeli or Indian Army. Pakistan Army is NOT promoting Islam, it is promoting egalitarianism and good relations, peace and an end to conflicts as is obvious from its overt and covert actions.

MQM is over, BLA and PTM are embers of a fading mischievous fire, for Pakistan Army wasn’t created with Islamic ideals, it was created by and with WESTERN ideals of a progressive, egalitarian and refined team of gentlemen (and some ladies!) who are now, as they say, teaching their teachers a good lesson!The Achilles heel, for there is always one, is the economy, the writer has written extensively on reforms thereof at and is inspired by the simplicity of early Islamic and modern Western rulers – they share a lot in common in how they did (or do) establish(ed) a welfare state. The West is way ahead of the world in taking care of it’s citizens today, so were the early Muslim rulers. Within these ideals of simple and low cost egalitarian governance lies salvation for Pakistan

I TRULY HOPE the enemies of Pakistan Army would realize that this is not a force worth making an enemy of, it’s a force that aims to unite, then divide, the world in peace and tolerance. #UnityFaithDiscipline

IMF and Me

IMF and me

A letter to Imran Khan and leaders of Pakistan by CrystalHeart

I am a Pakistani, I belong to the middle class, end of month is always a tough time. I drive a very old car and think a hundred times before buying even furniture. I use old second hand mobile phones and cut costs everywhere I can.

I am not the only one. Approximately *245 million or 98% of Pakistanis* have worse lives when mine!

My question is: *did I or rather we, the people of Pakistan take loans from IMF?* Was our *will* involved? Did our leaders ask us even *once* what we wanted? How many people of Pindi asked for *Metrobus* at a cost of Rs 500,000 debt per resident of Pindi? So on for other cities Sir. And other *useless moneymaking projects* that made you and your friends super rich(er).

When we asked you, the government, for roads, hospitals, railroads, buses and civic facilities *did we ask you to spend 90% more that too mostly on your kickbacks?*

You *couldn’t* even give us a *fair police or justice* system what to speak of the rest!

Yet *you used us* as your cover. The worst of democracy is better than the best of dictatorship, said our ex PM Abbasi on ARY a few minutes earlier. *Mr ex PM*, we, the people of Pakistan go to the Middle East hellish hot climate under no democracy or the colds of Europe or America’s looking for money to feed our families back home in Pakistan. *We don’t care what system we have in Pakistan*. We don’t care what the constitution of Pakistan says. Because *none of what it says* is implemented even 0.01% except *whatever suits you to loot us further*!

If an Army General took over Pakistan tomorrow and gave us *good governance*, we the people would actually be happy! *IF* the General is wise enough to solve our problems which sadly hasn’t been the case, though better then your so called democracy. A lesser of two evils if you ask the *people on the streets, not in drawing rooms*!

I ask you to go to the IMF on my / our behalf and apologize to them. *Please tell them their money was stolen by you*, the politicians, the government and it’s incapable corrupt institutions. Tell them we, the 98% or 245 million people of Pakistanis have or had nothing to do with your debts! So *catch the bad guys don’t kill us for their sins*!

And we demand from you, before we literally hold you by your neck, to *reduce government spending to as little as possible*. No ACs for you, no staff to give you tea or hold your bags, no flights, no perks, no cars, no fuel. Cut your staff by 90% for why should *we* be the only ones who *live with less*?

Fact is *a collapse of the government would make no difference to the masses* of Pakistan, because it never really existed except as Masters ruling over us as their slaves.

The writer is an activist, deeply disturbed at a (the people) silence which he compares to the silence of the lambs…

All we need is UnityFaithDiscipline as our founder said.

Status Quo @ Pakistan viz IMF

As a Pakistani I TOTALLY understand and feel the people’s anger and frustration, yes we all were desperate for change and ALL SAID AND DONE I give KUDOS to PTI for THREE achievements

1 Annihilation of “saand” (Altaf Hussain)
2 Annihilation of “siri paye” (NS)
3 Annihilation of “Mr 10%” (AZ)

Now these THREE are if you ask me achievements worth their weight in GOLD alone

The problem is the West wants to keep us ENSLAVED that is why they during Zia’s time gave us the “loan bait” which is now asking us for a proverbial “pound of flesh”

Asad and Imran and all of them are not bad people, they mean well for Pakistan, and they love it atleast as much as any of us do

The problem is the debt trap, to get out of it we need the best brains

Ahmedi Atif Mian was a good guy, but hey, he was “Ahmedi” end of story 🙂

That’s the problem, as professionals you all appreciate the “right man or woman for the right job” concept – this is where Kaptaan is failing

I WISH we had PRESIDENTIAL system like the US and IK could pick and choose the BEST people and fix this mess, I guess the Army’s on it, they WILL make it happen Insha Allah

I trust the Army, they brought IK in they WILL fix the mess, as no one owns Pak like they do, Salute the Generals! We just talk, they do it

So while I may be cynical at times in the larger scheme of things I am pretty cool, we’re in safe hands as in the GHQ

Why Asad Umar’s resignation is quite worrisome, not just for PTI, but for Pakistan

CrystalHeart Kazmi +971 55 8094119

Lost: Naya Pakistan

The Narrative

Everyone is labelling Asad Umar’s exit from PTI as the failure of 3, Asad for his incompetence that he accepted in a live program, Imran Khan for having been completely clueless about the economy (and governance in general) and finally the people who voted them in for not questioning them any earlier. The old-new incumbent Hafeez Sheikh is no stranger to finance, IMF and the Ministry, he’s not exactly Purana Pakistan as he held his guts against Asif Zardari.

What really happened?

Asad was never cut out for the job, despite his formidable private sector achievements, as this Dawn News article does a scathing assessment of his. Nevertheless, as expected, he remained loyal to his boss after the firing incident and cause of “Naya Pakistan” even though it seems to be slowly receding back to it.

If not worse

Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan, while he inherited a financial mess as described in an in-depth CSIS article, could have been averted. I wrote about it in and asking for triple action to meet the crisis: 1) reduce government (not spending alone, that too, and for everywhere our budget is spent!) on a “call centre/app” model 2) reduce taxes to a flat 10% sales tax only and enforce like hell using a retired army sepoys and officers constituted force and 3) have the b—s to negotiate with the IMF using the rationale of Odious Debt.

But in the words of White Doug from the movie Hangover 1 “that ain’t happenin” – Khan, egoistic and clueless, is our worst bet at this moment. His blue eyed Finance Minister or Chief Ministers of the largest province of Punjab followed by KPK are under heavy criticism anyway. Internationally speaking, the state of women in Pakistan as of late has been nothing to write home about. A Canadian Pakistani woman’s saga of abuse while she (Assma Gulati) was chased and harassed in an Uber is doing social media and so is that of a young girl Lila molested by the crowd including security at Lahore’s Solis festival. Both women faced backlash from a regressive society for which 3 years ago I’d launched AuratKiAwaz.

Naya Pakistan, literally, is nowhere in sight! The little achievements in foreign relations due Khan Saheb’s charisma or even ethical compromises aren’t going to last and undo his weak planning and weaker choice of people.

So who is Pakistan’s best bet given the status quo?

Anyone who raises their voice for barebones government, reduced spending in governance across the board, flat taxes and an emphatic Odious debt based debate with IMF and other lenders to buy time to turn the economy around.

Can the Army do it?

Technically – yes! Practically – no. Had they wanted to they had ample opportunities post Musharaf but resisted the urge, learning from mistakes. Civilians love the army, and when the same army comes into politics or governance to save the people, it is unsettling to those who cannot digest progress from the platter of an autocrat though they would happily suffer the abuse of a “jamhoory” leader.

What will happen now?

This too shall pass! But losing his first proper wicket that too of a strike batsman has put Imran Khan on the backfoot. Some say he too shall soon resign. given the Abraaj Capital fraud case against ex BCCI Arif Naqvi in the US, some say the “hundreds of millions of dollars” financed PTI. If true, it would mean the very end of our nation as we know it, reputationally

What can we do about it?

Hold Imran accountable, ask him to fight the IMF for Odious debt, reduce taxation to a flat 10%, allow old used cars imports, involve army to fix police, liberalize the environment to attract tourism, more at GadhaParty and WomenAreVotes

But it looks like our civil and military leaders are undecided in the face of extremely simple challenges, if only approached rationally and logically then under pressure of those who’ve never had our best interest at heart…

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