Abused woman Zahrah needs POLICE help!

Need police help for Zahra right now

Most urgent and important. Zahra
+923335602034 three children kidnapped by her husband last night she is distraught beyond descript. A maid of Shahnaz Minallah who has yet to do her bit to help her as usual in our rich society where you talk of problems but never solve them

A real case needs attention. This lady, Zahra, works for a dear friends mother. Her husband has taken her 500,000 RS and is enjoying life on her expense with a second wife as he divorced her since she asked for a separate house only.

She works as a maid leaving a 2 year old child at home. The inhuman husband does NOTHING rents her 500,000 RS taken car on rent and does constant court cases against her, pays lawyers her and her brothers he harasses. He’s fighting for custody of her 3 children to keep with second wife while she toils day and night to feed them.

Her parents are dead she has 3 kids youngest is 2 and a bloody evil husband.

This is harassment of the highest order. Men like these should be castrated and jailed not let loose to do this. Help her out with legal help and from sensitive agencies so she can get justice as there is no justice for the poor in Pakistan. I was not mad to start leadershipchallengeblog.wordpress.com here is a live example of injustice

She is afraid as he’s constantly harassing her younger brother and calling all family on loose pretexts to police station several times a week

Is this fair? Can you sleep tonight without using a single of your influential contact to help this poor lady?

Her name Zahra Khatoon 03335602034

Her brother you can help and guide him Syed Zulfiqar Bukhari 03316777724

Her animal ex husband harassing and tormenting her. Syed Zulqarnain 03005088284

Please do whatever you can. Forward so the horrible animal is finally controlled let PTI or some human rights group or NGO take up her case

I will be personally obliged

Please use last two messages and share on social media anywhere and everywhere so this animal is punished and this woman gets justice

As Muslims or even HUMANS in this holy month this is the LEAST we can do please

Lawyer or agencies to help her out. Please. Thanks


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