What if your worst fears were true?

I base my parchments (writings) on more than hearsay, research and a little more than jazzy, fleeting analysis too. If you’ve heard the sound of trumpets in a New York, or even, Warsaw bar, you probably know what an 11 piece band sounds like. It’s far from a monotone. Rolling Stones sang “you can’t always get what you want” – but if you try sometime, you get what you need.
So what do you need? Predictability in the least! And perhaps a decent life, good money, vacations, fun (whatever your perception of it), taken care of health, education, retirement, responsibilities – good job or stable business.
No matter where you are, unless you belong to that tiny class of super-rich, you can kiss your needs, and dreams goodbye if the events of the last 20 years are anything to theorize on.
Why so bleak an outlook? Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and the movie / TV houses are ever so full of info and entertainment, yet what dominates our mind share, is that bomb blast, or knife attack somewhere, what goes on behind it? Random? Or “radical Islam” as some would have you believe (if you’re not already sold on it, most likely scenario anyway), or greed?
Most in my small circle who could be labelled intelligent would vouch for greed, they see the world as a tool in the hands of a few, bankers, industrialists, military men, politicians, and men of faith, who collude to create a world they benefit from, richer, more powerful, while the George Orwell styled “1984” proles and the middle classes struggle to make sense of the information presented to their senses, ultimately to drown in either hatred as suicide bombers or in temporary substance ecstasy that “switches off” ugly reality even for a night… tomorrow you go back to work, a new day, with everything so familiar, mundane, and hopeless, as it was yesterday.
Let’s take a look at the map, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen (even Turkey to an extent and Qatar – the latest addition) – home to terror if you see ANY media. But were most of them knife wielding, hateful, spiteful bunch of people who would love to “kill a non Muslim” for 70 virgins, or less?
Take a look at just a few of them in the 60s, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, were not very different from what we see of New York, London, or Paris today. What took them sooooooooooo back in time? Greed? Faith? Internal forces? Or External? To what avail. If greed reigned supreme, these were markets for a lot, weren’t they? From all sorts of drinks to detergents. Greed, in its purest forms would have preserved them, and Yemen, Qatar and so many others.
Greed isn’t driving world, much as you would like to be made believe.
It’s faith that’s at the core of our problems.
And it’s not just Islam. If you lump the Abrahamic religions together, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, do a bit of reading, they’re not too different, bound by the string of the same “God / Yahweh / Allah” the differences are in semantics, linguistics, constructs, characters, some events, some disputed, most agreed upon. Thus deep down, all Abrahamic religions and their followers seek supremacy, “victory” over the other, be it intellectual or physical, or both. ISIS may be a crude way of looking at it, but there are parallels around, often in the seats of power. The overt pitch is “peace, love and harmony” the covert is simple: “we are the chosen ones” the Jewish put it best “gentiles” says so much about the rest of us, in just one word! Wait, I’m not excluding the Hindus and Buddhists and others from the list, the quest for supremacy is as old as humanity itself.
To put it simply, hatred and religions, rather obviously, go together, and all religions are equal parties to it. But no, you tell me, Islam is at the forefront of all terror, so media proves to you, again and again. Go back to Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, fairly liberal countries in the 60s where wine and women flowed freely from a bottle to a glass or from one bedroom to another. What led to the rise of Islam compliant with a Shariah explained in depth by Dr Yusuf Qardawi, an Egyptian scholar back in 1960? Was it a rise of ultra-Muslim forces and school of thought among a people who’d been colonized for centuries by the Europeans and had happily molded themselves into that way of life and school of thought to a large extent?
Today, I think Islam is cornered because Muslims are easy preys to manipulation from the others who are now bent upon using Muslims to kill Muslims, the war on terror has taken a new form – from the US avenging 9/11 with its forces, to Muslim countries “fighting” so called “hardline” elements inside, most of whom were funded and supported by guess who? A little course in history helps sometimes. Unless one wants to blindly follow the media. It appears a mass of Muslim population is being pitted against their governments on the one hand and individuals / groups of Muslim nations against each other. But where and WHAT are the fault lines so easily being exploited?
“Moderate” vs “Islam”
Moderates as they are called are ridiculed by the book of most Muslim scholars and clerics. In terms of school of thought they are closest to the “West” – the ones, on the other hand who follow “Islam” are more towards Dr Qardawi’s diktats’ and draw clear lines, as defined, or interpreted in their perception of the faith, often at right angles to the West. Hence the discord and conflict, that is being happily exploited by some to sell more arms to both parties and in the process benefit financially and from THEIR faith perspective as well! Remember what I told you about Abrahamic faiths?
What do I think?
I am a self-confessed “moderate” wary of faith on all sides of the fence, mine and others. Every passing day, every passing event confirms to me that people of “faith” on all sides are overtly and covertly planning to malign and harm the other, in a no holds barred, no limits fashion. Every time there is a bomb blast, or a killing somewhere in the world, my mind races to this theory. The term “accidents” is now replaced with “terrorism” or sabotage. Hatred is in the air no matter which world leader you listen to, on the face of it, it’s economic, on the inside, faith is STILL a key driver.
Nothing has changed over thousands of years of human history, it is we who are stupid and gullible, we theorize on economic drivers behind world events – almost completely unaware of the Biblical, Quranic and The Old Testament aspects to the turn of events, the few, wise ones, among us do pay heed and they know what I’m talking about, the concept of Greater Israel, Messiah or Moschiah – the rise and fall of nations and faiths, the parallel lens of religion is not only observing but controlling the flow of changes too. It is apparent that the driving religions in the world today are Judaism and Christianity, whilst Islam and Muslims are the manipulated pawns on the chessboard of world affairs. This manipulation is at a personal and even governmental level. The brainwashing through media is so intense that an average Muslim has a very confused self-identity between liberalism and conservatism, torn between two lovers, the Mullah and the Media, the former is gradually closing in. And the result is not just the imminent fall of Islam which to some may result in a perceived reduction of terrorism ironically with roots in poverty and injustice in most Muslim countries, however, more worrying to me, is the rise of the neo Judao-Christian alliance that is heralded to some extent in Mr Trump’s demeanor that will push us back centuries – while the Muslims regroup in an age old Sharia ensemble to follow suit, and fight!
This is my worst fear, and it should be yours too, because it is VERY real.
Do we still have a ray of hope?
The only glimmer of hope are the science based Atheists, not the religion hating ones, just the scientifically inclined Atheists, with them lies the key to a brighter future for humanity. Strange as it may sound, I practice my own version of Islam which has much in common with Atheism, and much less with the Mullah 🙂 I have defined it in KodeOfKonduct on BlahBlah.info where I propagate equality of all humans, respect for law (mostly as in the EU/US/Aus/NZ/CA West in general) differentiate between crimes and non-punishable sins. This is where there is hope for the “believing” humankind to get out of any superiority complex and get in to a “respect all” complex, so to speak. The Atheists come close. Though ironically I find the Abrahamic religions rendition of the human past and predictions of the future, evolution, childbirth, weather phenomenon, even explanations of perhaps past nuclear or similar explosions.
Supposedly, if religions were indeed based in verifiable truth, could one dispute that the Creator would be the same entity regardless of which faith is “correct”? And were this the case, why on Earth (or Mars) would this Creator want it’s creations to fight or annihilate each other? This basic, simple fact makes no sense to the “believing kind” is in itself a proof to me of their below dinosaurian intellect.
I hope the intelligent among the Atheists, of whom I find many, would one day prove religion scientifically and logically to those who believe. Until then, get ready to kill or die for faith 🙂 rationality hardly exists, emotions, egos, pride, “faith”, and “conviction” reign supreme.
Before you criticize just reflect on the meaninglessness and yet the meaningfulness of my brief treatise, it makes perfect sense, if you only open up your senses.
Crystal Heart Kazmi is a writer, blogger, speaker on peace & anti-terrorism and an avid believer on the “good” of / in humanity – he can be reached on crystal.kazmi@gmail.com

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