Selection NOT Election!

IF Pakistan is to GROW, we need SELECTION, NOT ELECTION!

Attention Pakistanis and World Media

Call for street PROTEST to ask Army to immediately take over on behalf of all patriotic Pakistanis. Notification for the press

After yesterday’s court decision on JT, Hudaiba it is abundantly clear to apprehesive patriots that NAB and SC are united under ex PM. The JIT drama was just to keep us calm & hopeful of an end to this miserable democracy that has robbed us of our national, individual wealth, justice, law, safety, economy, future and even our dignity at home or abroad

15 million dollar proven under oath confession of Ishaq Dar in 2000 ignored by the courts is clear proof of their complicity with the powers that be. Can’t be more obvious even to the blind

I implore and request all Pakistanis to plan physical protests at any level and alert media for coverage and whatsapp your progress or challenges to +923205345555

Do this before you are ashamed of being called a Pakistani. It is our nation. I have stood up for it, done press conferences and launched groups and parties but without your involvement we shall remain slaves to this system, and wish one day to be slaves of the British or others again, which inevitably is happening with growing Chinese influence in the guise of CPEC

It is now upto Pakistan Army to only own themselves OR the entire nation. Stark and naked reality on our face

Throw away these slave masters breeding poverty, joke of justice and terrorism to the jails they belong

Let us rise and implore our patriotic army sacrificing our sons to sacrifice our better deserving politicians instead

Crystal Kazmi

By Maj Mumtaz Bashir a good friend and soldier, my reply below his statement

Mumtaz Bashir: Why ask the Army to do it……the people have elected these corrupt leaders, it is now up to them to save their country from total economic collapse at their hands. Why can’t the masses understand that these leaders are looting the nation’s wealth and transferring abroad. How could Nawaz Sharif, Zardari, Ishaq Dar and others buy properties worth billions in Dubai and London. It is crystal clear to anyone with little bit of common sense.

My reply

Sir masses aren’t like you or me they’re illiterate slaves no brains nor intellect unfit to choose Leaders hence thrusting democracy on them is a recipe for failure. Autocracy in Gulf nations has immensely developed them and won Global approval. Their masses are no different than ours

Please apportion blame on the Army leadership for not understanding the simple fact stated above. Under Army we need smart technocrats that’s it

Try talking to your driver on the points you mention above. Or your Cook or a laborer. They’re hand to mouth destitute slaves. No brains to understand what’s happening to them hence no blame to them either. Blame the Army for knowing fully well why democracy in this situation can never work yet supporting it

It takes courage to accept weaknesses and cruelty to blame the poor


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