Pakistani governments have taken not only America but their own people for a ride

America lost 33 billion, we the 250 million people of Pakistan lost our pride, respect and above all hope for any future

I, Imran Owais Kazmi aka Crystal Heart Kazmi solemnly invite Mr Trump to free us of this incompetent, in bed with all things bad including terrorists, government and administration by empowering good Pakistanis at home and abroad to take over the reigns of this hypocrite, lying, cheating government that has only gotten richer at your and our expense

We have no democracy in Pakistan Sir. Only buying and selling of votes of poor, illiterate voters who have no knowledge of are economically enslaved to have any real say. Democracy Sir is not for us with rampant corruption and proven election frauds

Successive US administrations have ignored the sentiments of Pakistani people and given weight to our corrupt and incompetent leaders. You Sir can change that!

Side with the people of Pakistan Mr Trump then our treacherous leaders and government. They are worthless scums who should be in jail for fraud, murders and any number of crimes imaginable against their own and the outside world

Empower the liberal, honest and competent in us and throw away the gang of looters in the guise of democrats, they are as much your enemies as they are ours only pretending to be friends and saviours to both the people of Pakistan and the US

We need tax reform, transparent and honest judiciary and police, liberal laws and social environment, economic opportunities, health and education. Only thus can we beat our common extremist and corrupt enemies

Take bold decisions that change our fate and improve your safety at the same time

Crystal Kazmi


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