Saving the Constitution OR saving Pakistan?

My dream for Pakistan is justice and a stable economy, great terms with our neighbors and the world community based on SOUND GOVERNANCE that is secular and progressive in nature
It is an open secret that Pakistan’s paid media, shitellectuals, democracy naming looters, rapists, murderers, cheats and some scared but good officers find the Holy Grail in the Constitution of Pakistan
A constitution nevertheless we never made but was created by the British and simply adapted (you know the “Islamic” bits and all) – in all fairness it’s not a bad document if one studies it
Practically speaking, the academic acumen of the constitution is another story. For example, none of the requirements for fighting elections, conducting elections, good governance, so on and so forth CLEARLY described in the constitution are being followed
For example, a CRIMINAL CALLED NAWAZ SHARIF who was ousted by the Supreme Courts is still looming at large, enjoying state protocol and what not, ANOTHER CRIMINAL ASIF ZARDARI and his son are fighting elections, implicated in frauds since 1988, and the murder of his not so beloved wife, Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan’s first female Prime Minister, not to mention her brother Murtaza Bhutto and has forced his daughter, the truly intellectual of sound mind and heart, Fatima Bhutto instead crowned his Zardari children with the Bhutto title
These are just the head honchos, if Donald Trump is questioning America’s 33 bn dollars it certainly wasn’t these two alone, the web runs deeper and filthier – any Pakistani will tell you from firsthand experience that the majority of bureaucracy (government officers), police, judiciary and politicians is corrupt to the core, with a few exceptions only. The cricketer turned politician, Imran Khan, ultimately succumbed to this mafia and ended up picking the ‘divorced wives’ of the two primary political Mafiosos – to what avail? Destruction of his own credibility and political chances
The situation is dire in Pakistan, 250 million people have no hope as I have outlined clearly in – they are NOT at fault for usurping Trump’s 33 billion dollars OR that of USAID or other donors, in fact if the same money was given directly to the people the Taliban and other US haters would be proudly displaying the star spangled banner! The fault lay with America and international donors of working with the WRONG PARTNERS
The wealth of the nation usurped by the few has spiraled mass poverty and hopelessness, and in times like these the Mullah’s reign supreme for when life loses importance death is the only thing viable to look forward to – whether for 70 virgins or whatever rhetoric the Mullah can come up with, the reason is not religious, it is purely economic, why so these conservative people work as bouncers or cabbies all over the world and never complain?
Religion, whether Islam or any other have both good and may I say “not so good” aspects to them, my solution is explained in KoK or Kode of Konduct at to harmonize hate tendencies in ANY faith
Politicians and the Government of Pakistan is a can of worms, they are leeches who have sucked the blood, repute, and even HOPE from our people
In these dire circumstances, our ex brothers Indians – fellow slaves to the British pre ’47 instead of empathizing use it as an opportunity to take uncalled for digs at us, blaming the only DECENT institution of Pakistan Army for our ills
The Army, torn between protecting its repute after Musharaf misadventures of NRO and what not are walking a tight rope, finding solace in “protecting the constitution” for the prime aim of protecting their own repute
The time has come, now, to choose, the nation or the constitution?
The constitution will give us more of the same bigotry, lawlessness, poverty and terrorism we’ve head and the nation needs a STABLE group to govern and fix its ills, none better than the Army as per their excellent track record of maintaining Cantonments and military arsenal in a professional environment where team rather than individual decisions are taken by generally honest and patriotic people
This is exactly what the nation needs right now! As for foreign powers will someone please tell them to look around the MANY places (without taking names) all over the world which still have “Kings” etc that the West has lovey dovey terms with? Why not fix THEM first where they keep quiet due business interests? Why single us poor people out for imposing democracy when they know well enough votes are bought, coerced and only a select exploiter class even has the resources to contest elections?
If the war on terror is to succeed Pakistan must be made internally strong with ruthless accountability of the bad guys through Military Courts as none other have todate delivered justice – without justice terrorists and poverty will remain best friends with ominous results to Pakistan and the world community
A sound technocrat government backed by an Army establishment ENSURING ACCOUNTABILITY of all corrupt criminals who have looted not just American money but also OUR money is the answer, spare NO ONE, whether a retired General or a Politician, be ruthless
That will pave the way for a strong Pakistan governed with liberal values using the argument that were Islam SO important for an average Pakistani why do they migrate to non Muslim countries?
The answer is no different from why a MEXICAN or a Filipino or an African migrates, things back home are unbearable
Let Pakistan Army take the tough call of saving the nation then democracy, and let the world community, including the Indians who share our culture and values support us
For together we win, together we lose…
And even if NO ONE does let the Pakistan Army realize that the window of opportunity is small, we have invested decades in US “terms” with no gains, the Chinese will be worse Masters, be your OWN masters is what I say based on the SAME principles that made AMERICA a great nation, first amendment, justice, equality, and humanitarian approach (on the positive side) – bragging about their negative side will do us no good, learn from the goodness, even if it be in your enemy! For in the long run there are no enemies, as the ultimate truth of universality and humanity cannot be hidden from the worst of haters
We are ONE as a human race and we need to focus on the HUMANS in our lands then rhetoric and false flag constitutions
MY DEAR MEN IN UNIFORM: Deliver the people with justice and economic well being and the world will be your oyster
Crystal Heart Kazmi

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