#Trump and #Indians


Mr Anwar Raza has invited me and my friends who side with the Pakistan Army to a LIVE DEBATE please see
https://www.facebook.com/anwar.raza.71619/posts/1992233647769228 – his post is appallingly full of hate and haters where rhetoric is QUICKLY converted to hate and personal attacks, ALMOST like a HATE FACTORY

HE CLAIMS: “I challenge any supporter of Pak Army to debate with me live on Trumps tweet in English/Urdu.” Anwar Raza

101 – my skype id is imran.kazmi@outlook.com please come there Anwar

1 You posted / referred to this https://fas.org/sgp/crs/row/pakaid.pdf

2 Quite eye opening, ESF is almost twice military aid and it’s not going to Pak Army

3 You may happily bunch the Army and Civil Govt into ONE, I do not, I understand that the two are as far as can be and that has resulted in a lot of anamolies, I am certain, without need of any debate that ESF MUST have been misappropriated by guess who? Our dear politicians! That the US administration deals with gleefully!

4 Excluding the above and reimbursements out of the link you posted, FMF which could be directly related to the Army is USD 4bn out of USD 33bn or hardly 12% now how much of that was used for WHAT including “purchase of US made weapons” hahah I don’t know buddy, would you?

5 The bottom line is PURELY on the basis of the sketchy document you posted it is apparent that the majority of the aid US has been giving Pakistan is being misappropriated by Pakistani POLITICIANS, hence they are the COMMON ENEMIES of all Pakistanis as well as good Americans who want peace and progress, our democracy is a scumbag of looters on BOTH sides of the border, to me, our armies MUST realize that our common enemies are not terrorists or haters but the PEOPLE giving BIRTH to them, OUR POLITICAL AND BUREAUCRACY LEADERS! Have you seen Indian movies like Newton, Rang de Basanti, Rajneeti? You think Bollywood is full of idiots who have 1 million times MORE DEPTH than you have or ever COULD have? (apparently though hopefully I may be wrong!)

Now I am READY for a LIVE debate with this douchebag on imran.kazmi@outlook.com who else is? Lets OPEN his hate filled eyes and mouth with logic and love 

Bollywood has openly embraced Pakistan so have our artists, Nusrat / Rahat, Atif Aslam, Maira Khan, the list is endless, Indians FIGHT for Pakistan as well we KNOW that, a few ganda andas don’t matter as them but their HATE needs to be addressed that is MY point, they must KNOW that WE KNOW who they are and what they represent: ISOLATED hate which does NOT represent their great nation, India, which belongs to us as much as we belong to them, in LOVE then hate that they revel in otherwise

And some of them tell me that Pakistan Army did this or that against Bengali women, well if I get down to THEIR level I TOO can talk about Indian Army rapes of Kashmiri women or merciless killing there Irfan Ashraf and Arsalan Ayaz can educate them on that well enough I am sure! Besides Raja Qaiser Zulqarnain and Tariq Khan Shahid Rehman Shahid Ayaz who are intellectuals and intelligent people then cheapskate blamers I see here, good for a beer or chai ka cup only, no more

But I do NOT blame Indian Army or Indian Leadership, WHY SHOULD I WHEN MY OWN HOUSE IS IN A MESS? And that is EXACTLY what Anwar Raza and his cheapskate friends should THINK about, that IS INDIA GREAT? with all the RAPES, and HATE, and VIOLENT HINDUSTIVA RISE and CORRUPTION that has spiralled poverty?

Is it NOT time for BOTH nations to INTROSPECT THAT THIS IS NOT WHAT THEIR FOUNDERS HAD IN MIND??? WILL A DAY COME THAT OUR PEOPLE WILL REGRET FREEDOM FROM THE BRITS IN 1947? I SEE IT COMING and I ALERT my own government and army to the dangers of hate and corruption

Does Anwar Raza too or all is lovey dovey in India for him and his friends as he has American beer?

REALITY CHECK is what is required and also ACCEPTANCE of the fact that our DNA is the SAME, we share the same jokes, cultures, dramas, movies, books, the same thought process – HATE is and SHOULD NOT be a part of our thought process

I respect Indian Army in general as much as I respect Pakistan Army as I BELIEVE BOTH OF THEM are the LEGITIMATE sons of the British with British then Hindu/Muslim values IN GENERAL and am SURE there are MANY exceptions to that too as my learned friends here like Raja Qaiser Zulqarnain and Major Kulwant Singh among others can opine

Two wrongs never made a right

An eye for an eye would make us ALL go blind

And blaming one brother doesn’t increase the longevity of another

Because we share the SAME VALUES AND CULTURE our ENEMIES are not each other but those ENJOYING OUR FIGHT – what hate Anwar Raza and his friends spill here

The day they realize this I am their brother as they are mine, but will they? or just keep repeating their rhetoric against Islam, Pakistan, our Army and our values… that is the question, and I sadly know the answer though I wish I didn’t

On the inept response of GoP on Trump allegations

…where instead of providing facts and figures rhetoric and empty threats of new partners floated oblivious to the fact that in today’s interdependent world national interests force enemies to work together and the weaker party invariably loses out ie is in the equation of superpowers. The answer is simple, ruthless accountability at home to regain money and respect, NAB and SC have failed to do it for obvious legialator influence. Army is so far the only independent player unbiased and generally honest and with integrity however sadly internally focused on its own then national survival at a junction like this. This clearly explains the status quo and challenge. Will the army take it or feed Pakistan to the dogs of democracy???



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