The irony of it all

Indians and Pakistanis lived together for a thousand years then came the British slave masters for 90 years fought off together by Muslims and Hindus of India. Only to live separately break off brother from brother. Worse. Make each other fill with hate for none but each other. While they’re exactly the same in terms of culture and values even

Why else would an Indian Hindu family running a small restaurant in Austria give shelter and job to and illegal Pakistani boy from Gujrat? Thousands of such examples

And both sides have fine ladies and gentlemen in uniform as army officers and sepoys. Still following British training mostly still immune to the corruption, abuse of power and rhetoric filled democracy preachers in politicians, leaders, bureaucrats looting these great people dry as their people run abroad as cheap labor to feed families at home abused by their own leaders and public servants

Both sides have amazing Hindus and amazing Muslims, they also have awful ones of all kinds 🙂 what we need is a secular approach to thrive then one based on faith, as again, ironically, 40% of India is Muslim and Pakistan is currently full swing ahead on secularism! Yet the animosity and hatred!!!

Indians and Pakistanis share the same jokes love each other’s movies and music, actors and actresses, models and artists, yet forced to live in hate. What is needed are the two great armies to join hands and rid these Nations of demonic governments and so called public servants, police and judiciary and give them America or any decent country at home…

Ironically unfair or Unfairly ironic. I’d let you weep, and decide


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