A poor woman’s cry for her brother!

ایک غریب لڑکی کی فریاد ہر پاکستانی تک پوھنچائیں

آرمی چیف، سپریم کورٹ چیف جسٹس، DG رینجرز اور CC کراچی، ایک یتیم لڑکی کی فریاد رمضان کے مہینے سے پہلے اس کو اسکا بھائی واپس زندہ دلاتے ہیں، انشا الله

Attention Army & Court’s reputation at stake: Urgent ACTION requested from Chief Justice, COAS, Corps Commander Karachi & DG Rangers

1 This video was sent by Mr Ashu (+92 311 2388176) on 13th of May, 2018 to a whatsapp group that I was a part of and hence widely circulating
2 Of a girl from Karachi who claims her younger brother 18/19 year old boy NIC 42201-3418264-7, (it is not clear whether last 5 digits are 82647 or 82847) fathers name: Mohammad Hussain, DoB is coming as 01/01/(year has thumb of person holding ID copy)
3 He had a fight with someone in his area who threatened him with dire consequences
4 That night the Rangers picked up the boy, misbehaved with his mother, and he’s missing since then
5 The lady has visited Rangers & Police, no avail, as customary in Pakistan the poor don’t get justice
6 I appeal to the H’able CJ, COAS, CC Khi & DG Rangers to address this issue in utmost urgency, honesty and sincerity

Best regards

Crystal Heart Kazmi (Imran Owais Kazmi)
Whatsapp +923205345555 Email crystal.kazmi@gmail.com


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