‘The Generals’: Don’t give Pakistan to Grave Caretakers! Bring Imran Khan instead

‘The Generals’: Don’t give Pakistan to Grave Caretakers! Bring Imran Khan instead

On recent rumors of formation of a Caretaker Government before Elections 2018, let me challenge and expose some fallacies and conspiracies here for those in you who actually USE some part of their brains.

I would like to attend the Corps Commanders Conference, also have a chat with DGs of Military Intelligence & Operations & ISI on what they’re upto these days. WHAT? I am a civilian and hence out of bounds of this highly confidential discussion, and I’m certainly not competent for the same or am I?

But come discord with politicians, thousands of “bloody” civilians line up to persuade the Army High Command of their suitability to run “civil affairs,” on WHAT basis? Some say “Owais Ghani is a good man to become the Prime Minister” – well I, then, am good enough to attend all top secret Army meetings too!

The fact of the matter, which most Pakistanis ignore, is that in 70+ years politicians + bureaucrats + judges + police ALL of whom have been (mostly) “bloody civilians” have given us NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH. Only added to our debts, lied to us, hid behind the constitution or “democracy” and fooled the international community with treasonous intents, the latest of which was displayed by ex PM Mian Nawaz Sharif giving a field day to the Indian & world media against Pakistan.

In contrast the only stable arm of state in 70+ years is the Army, even in terms military budgets vs arch rival India, Pakistan spends $9bn vs India’s $55bn! at 1/5th of the budget we offer a nuclear deterrent, a world class intelligence agency and a very well organized team. The army administration of officers or sepoys cantonments or residences is par excellence. It is the SAME Pakistan though, quite shockingly, when one visits army facilities vs civilian facilities. In army facilities, law & order, health, education, everything is as good as can be expected, it is the exact opposite in civilian setup run education, health, cities and so forth.

I have therefore thoughtfully concluded that the Army is indeed the best institution to be given 100%, full and wholesome command of the nation.

However, the pseudo intellectuals of Pakistan have been consistently conniving with gullible army personnel right from the time of Ayub Khan (Bhutto was invented then), to Zia (Nawaz and Altaf were created), Musharaf (Chaudhry’s were empowered and NRO debacle) till today where the Army top brass is SOMEHOW convinced to launch a (grave) Caretaker government comprising PPP or other so called “clean” stalwarts.

What the army does not realize is that we need either of two things:

  • There is only one man in our specked history who risked his marriage, wealth even life for us, none other than Imran Khan. If a caretaker setup is planned make him head it. For no less than 10 years. And I promise you Nirvana. Don’t listen to the pundits, do the right thing. In all likelihood the rigged and tribal election system of Pakistan will deny him power and the man is getting old. He doesn’t have much time if we wish to use him
  • If somehow this is unacceptable for lame constitutional or political reasons then simply run Pakistan from the GHQ. Log, stock and barrel. Forget about all else this alone if done for the next 10 years will catapult us in every sense imaginable

But a caretaker under Owais Ghani or similar will be the same as Musharraf getting Choudhrys back in the day ending with an NRO.

It is ok to make mistakes only stupid to repeat them. I hope the Generals would display a broader understanding of dynamics then graveyard caretaker setups


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