Allies, time to wake up!

My American, EU, UK, Aussie, Kiwi, Canadian friends are one of the few reasons I believe the world desperately needs western values overall, though not perfect but on the right track for sure. And also governance. We in Pakistan have a good guy (Imran Khan). We don’t know if the thugs around him will make him do any better. But many in Africa, South America and Asia have no such hope

Even if you disagree on your political opinion you must be cognizant of the universal truth I speak here for you know if you know me at all that I’m neither a liar nor a hypocrite. And I have the best intent for humanity not any race faith nation etc crap

James Kushner was with me in an Uber driven by an Afghani in NYC and the driver readily endorsed my views of having a western controlled state as these byte sized nations have helluva terrible leaders all around, in fact all the US taxpayer money that went to Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya should have logically resulted in expanded US territory with its benefits (and flaws) for no point going half-hearted to war and giving birth to byproducts like ISIS (as happened in Libya post Qaddafi, the lesser evil so to speak compared to ISIS)

Except a few countries that have stable law and order, and happy citizens and expats most of the world is truly in dire need of action, the UN has been a joke, so has been Interpol and NATO, a more aggressive, coherent LOCAL strategy was and is required, but then in the absence of action by the ALLIES we have, CHINESE NEOCOLONIALISM in the offing!

Hear my call before China takes and keeps the cake. The window of opportunity for the West is only a few years if you ask me. Waste it hating each other or unite as ALLIES and fight the bigger evil. China and human rights are as far apart as you are close

Humanity is dead. Nationalism. Faith and hate rule the world.

It is sad, impossible to have a civil discussion these days. It has almost become universal. Social media has destroyed good manners.

All that remain are warlords and cheapskates.

Men with brawns but no brains and certainly no humanity.

Men who are good at blaming any side.

Men who are pro nationalism but not universality of the human race as I see it, the whole world.

Men who can blame other men only because of a faith they obeyed in love of their parents.

Men who jealously guard a flag but throw humanity in to the gutter

It is universal and it is shameful for all humans including those reading it

I pity us humans. Dogs and cats are better then us. Atleast they don’t need a label to feel secure about themselves

CrystalHeart Kazmi


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