CONFIDENTIAL/TOP SECRET :) Imran Khan’s New Pakistan Match Winning Strategy

Imran Khan’s New Pakistan Match Winning Strategy
It took me time, I had my doubts, lots of them, I was aghast at his lineup of thugs from other parties, and then Reham cried corruption inside the party, my antennas were up, concerned, how a good man who has literally given the best years of his life to the country, first, as a sportsman, second, as a philanthropist and finally as a struggling leader put all his efforts in peril with the wrong team?
Salute IK, you left nothing to chance brother, Mr Prime Minister, you played this like a Champ, and here’s what you have done, to ANYONE criticising his choice of CM Punjab or etc etc here’s what the REAL IK PLAN is as much as I have deciphered, through the following checks and balances
Theme: Play to win
For decades he worked with honest people, Dr Arif Alvi and Asad Umer types, to what avail? He barely got KPK in the last (rigged) elections. 2018 was the “Finals” – he HAD to win, there was no option, and with all the Patwaris, Jyalas bought over system he had to have a SIMILAR team to beat them AT their game. He has won the first round, he’s PM, but the game is far from over, the aim is NEW PAKISTAN and the people are OLD PAKISTAN, so how will he tackle them?
1 Allies that matter
CHECK NO 1: Army is the only patriotic body in Pakistan, with 100% covert support to IK via Supreme Court & NAB empowerment besides help in deal making where it mattered – the Army has done us proud, without ever overtly entering the scene it has, literally, “changed the scene”! Bravo soldiers, had YOU not planned and helped IK we would have another Sharif or Bhutto and a nation at the brink of financial death and collapse otherwise
Any PTI or other politician who tries to act high headed will have to face the wrath of our diehard soldiers through NAB and SC
2 MediaWatch
CHECK NO 2: Musharaf let the cat out of the bag, opened the Media Dragon on the people of Pakistan, open media, we never imagined in PTV days was ours to keep! Some like Amir Liaqat and Hamid Mir went too far but for the most we had “REVELATIONS” 24/7, this media data storm gradually deseated the corrupt lot of politicians from the people’s mind, and will not stop at that
Any politician who plays to personal choices then Naya Pakistan will be attacked viciously by the media, like the Karachi case of Dr Imran Ali Shah, justice was swiftly served
3 Frenemies!
CHECK NO 3: PPP and PMLN much as they hate IK and PTI will leave NO STONE UNTURNED to dethrone his team, any minor mistake will be highlighted, Media and Regulators (SC and NAB) will highlight and take action, guess who is laughing all the way to Naya Pakistan? Yeah IK 🙂 “The Boss”
4 The WALL of Insafian PARTNERS
CHECK NO 4: An idealistic bundle of supporters who were insulted as “youthias” by many (in fact I recently discovered it was an insult myself due its connotation and had hence freely used the term unknowingly) anyway the INSAFIANS are the REAL REASON the Army, SC, NAB and Media are with IK, THEY gave him power WAY before anyone else accepted his mettle in politics. Insafians are ordinary and extraordinary Pakistanis, like me, and most of our educated class, who desperately wanted change, for them IK was a symbol of hope, they gave Imran Khan ALL they had – my own personal friends I proudly mention here, young or old, Ahsan Aslam, Suhail Zubaid, Tahira Khattak, Atif I. Malik, Shahnaz Minallah, Ayesha Ali Bhutta, Ayesha Zee Khan, Mir Fahad Jamali, Mian Zulqarnain Aamir, Shahid Rehman, Farooq H Malik, Usman Shaukat Eshai, Yasir Awan Pti, Imran Khan Yousafzai Pti, PTi Nawan Kot Shareef, Baltistani Pti, Shahid Ghafari Pti, Fazal Alim Khan Pti, Akhtar Janjua, Mohsin Hassan Akhtar, Zkk Khattak Zareen, Aubaid Abbasi, Amjad Mahmood, Saima Amjad, Mumtaz Bashir, Javaid Dara, my fellow IBA graduates, Jahangir, Faran, Rasha and countless others, many of whom I sometimes offended due my undiplomatic overtures 🙂
These Insafians are not a joke, they are educated, “armed and lethal” if, suppose the three Checkpoints above fail somehow, namely no action is taken on mainstream or social media reports by IK, SC, NAB, then the Insafians will rise to settle the score
The Insafians have proved that Imran Khan has millions of Xerox copies all over Pakistan and in expats abroad
We will not let him sell short on his dream, which was ours too, that is why we never just blindly supported him, just joined hands as partners
These four fool proof backup systems of checks and balances will ensure that PTI will not be misused, abused or hijacked by self serving guys Imran rode on, they have actually made the biggest mistake of their lives by joining PTI, they will have to WORK now and there will be no reward except appreciation by the people! For they wouldn’t know the value of it, for it is the biggest reward of all, appreciation of people has established Imran Khan as a leader in the hearts of his followers, positional authority of PM or not is meaningless in comparison
So ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy your coffee or drink of choice, #ImranKhan is hard at work making Naya Pakistan for you, better still, work with his team anyway you could and make PK a role model for the whole world
CrystalHeart (Imran) Kazmi, writer,

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