The deeper issue behind Geert Wilders and the Danish Cartoons Competition Conundrum 

Crystal Heart Kazmi Imran Owais Kazmi

What if people were perfectly logical and rational?

Since we all know that they’re not for the most part of humanity, my thoughts are worth reading and propagating

On the face of it Mr Wilders was exercising his freedom of speech. Angering most of the 1.7 billion Muslims on the planet ultimately forcing him to not risk Dutch and others in his effort to prove his stance against Islam

But is it really so?

Aren’t all scriptures sort of promoting some form of violence? And at the same time ample amounts of good human values? Wouldn’t it be correct to state that ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ when it comes to assessing religious texts

A hardcore fundamentalist anywhere in the world adhering to any faith will find reason to hate, demean, ridicule or even kill at the slightest instance. Whilst a loving human being no matter WHAT label or faith will find reasons to accept and love his or her fellow human beings

Again, will it not be right to state that religious views and convictions are an expression of pure love one holds for ones parents, unless of course you turn to an atheist changing your faith!

This love of familial belief systems is automatic: adhered, followed, endorsed without question. No scientific or logical rationale to it except where fate and the laws of probability concurred to choose which faith household you popped out of your mamas womb. Simple as that!

I preach forgiveness and love for all humans on the above premise, that humanity never really got to examine what their parents believed in and simply became blind followers. Blind faith, rings a bell?

Human obsession with deities is classic. A larger then life human attributed to God with whatever relations that leaves followers in awe. All religions have such reverred figures. Atheists call them ‘adults with imaginary friends’ – I simply call them mirror images of their parents beliefs

Should we all give up faith or should we simply exercise respect for each other’s beliefs and Gods and Deities or reverred humans regardless of their faults we may know of (surprising how the logical mind jumps to the fore when it comes to analysing the ‘other guys’ faith) for our own remains strictly out of bounds. This was the reason I wrote where I addressed this upsetting topic with wit and perhaps my wee bit of intellect, or so I presumed

One should draw a line though. The definition of crimes in most countries is consistent as per the International Court of Jusice, and also basic concepts of Human Rights as defined by HRW and other reputable global organizations

If any doctrine or faith encourages crime or blatant violation of basic human rights with people actually COMPLAINING it would make sense to lend them a voice and a hand. But if people choose to follow any ideology no matter how repressive out of their own free will despite exposure to alternates, then, I would reckon their choices need to be accepted by respecting them. But remaining watchful and available if and when they seek help

The writer believes utopia and unicorns exist in the same mind space we consciously choose to fill with hate giving airtime to hate mongers we should have simply ignored…

Love humanity, never a better faith!


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