Return of Fanaticism!

We are seeing the return of a FANATIC version of Islam recently, specially, in Pakistan.

As per my analysis, Islam is not the problem, Muslims ARE, and the reasons are clearly explained in this video in Urdu, which are a product of WRONG ISLAM promoted for centuries by the Mullah’s till today and Clerics to gain power and differentiate from non Muslims, they preached intolerance, hatred for non Muslims and even Muslims, all lead to persecution of minorities and intolerance on the slightest perception of “insult” to the Prophet – a Prophet who never took anything on his ego to my knowledge and always believed in forgiveness, he fought fewer wars then the peace treaties he entered into.

In Taif he was heckled and made so much fun of and insulted that even the angels asked on behalf of Allah to punish them, but he refused! A woman used to put thorns in his way, EVERY DAY, his feet will get blisters, never complained, one day there were no thorns, he asked why and was told the woman was sick, he went up to ask her how she was? Impressed by his conduct, simplicity and pure love she embraced Islam. The way Muslims are today I doubt we need an enemy, we are our worst enemy ourselves.

The West practically embraces more of Islamic values then most Muslim nations, the West offers equal opportunity, freedom of speech, and tolerance. We, on the other hand are promoting hatred in the anme of Islam, this to me, is not the way of Muhammad SAWS, he was a fine, loving, witty and humorous man, he doesn’t deserve his name and that of the faith he propagated maligned as of now.

My dream is to set up mosques with OneIslam as the core aligning people to KodeOfKonduct in link below that promoted “love, live and let live” then “hate, kill and go to (supposed) heaven” philosophy as prevailing right now.

Educated Muslims and non Muslims need to rise and take ownership of Islam BACK from the demented people spreading hatred and poison in the minds of ordinary Muslims, preach them love for HUMANITY, ALL are children of Adam and Eve, people adopt beliefs 99.99% based on their parents faith as a gesture of love. We have no justification to hate people. Yes if someone declares a war on you, your FIRST response will be to try to cool them down and remove any barriers to communication and misunderstandings, I bet 99% it has and will work and the 1% of the time that someone blindly attacks you please do defend yourself! But that doesn’t mean being on the offensive, ridiculing, hating and living in a superiority complex!

Muslims today exploit Muslims, whereas Christians in the West give Muslims equal opportunity. Muslim women are exploited by Muslims all over the world, we have little interest in education, progress, science, only speak of cliches like Ashiq e Rasool (lover of Prophet) and “Ahmedi/Kafir” (non Muslim labels) rather than the path of progress.

Teach young or old Muslims that almost 80% of Judaism and Christianity is saying the SAME thing as you are atleast 50% of other faiths are speaking the SAME general truths we are, WHY FOCUS ON DIFFERENCES? Plus Muslim societies need JUSTICE and EQUALITY and above all focus on economic and scientific pursuits, then focusing on NEGATIVES only.

I hope GOOD Muslims will step forward to support me in this initiative OR we will go back to the dark ages, all our army’s sacrifices against Taliban will go to WASTE as its all coming BACK, with a VENGEANCE.

Love all humanity and I’m sure whoever whichever’s God’s up there will be happy with you,

CrystalHeart Kazmi
+1 929 302 6969 Whatsapp +971 55 8094119


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