The price of speaking the truth!

My answer to those Muslims (like most I know, my misfortune perhaps) hating Ahmedis or Non Muslims in general or vice versa:

Don’t hate anyone for their faith. They’re simply obeying their parents. Also the same God you believe in made them too. If He loves you why would hate them? Maybe He wants you to approach humanity with love then the hatred you so often display

Let go of hate. I don’t promise you heaven or hell but peace on Earth, logically speaking

Also the latest smear campaign against me is that I’m accepting money from

(They missed Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists and Cannibals I guess that’ll be part 2 most praising me I mean hating, I believe are in the last category anyway)

To speak in their favor!!!

Now for the last 16 years no one had paid me a DIME for writing anything on social media

If indeed you think my words are so amazing ❤️ then send me a private message and I’ll forward my bank details hahahaha

The problem is quite simple and straightforward. I always speak my mind. And my mind tells me that my Muslim ‘brothers and sisters’ are overly negative when it comes to other faiths and unfair in my view. I make it known. And receive life threats, abuses and awesome hatred in return. So far without any profit 👹but like I said do feel free to express your appreciation monetarily. I will use it to take my good friends Tariq Khan Farooq H Malik Javaid Dara Akhtar Janjua Kicki Johnson Thérèse Lepage Lachapelle-Bhatnagar Theresa Curnow James Kushner Suzanne Sheppard K Jo Kj Kirkland Michael Angelo Tata Michael Bouldin Brian Kilty Edward Jones John Longman Shahid Ayaz Shahid Latif and Shah Alam Douglas Wakefield apologies if missed any dear ones on a DEEP OCEAN CRUISE. So Godspeed with the good work!


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