IMPORTANT: I’m in New York till Oct 10, 2018 reachable +19293026969 thereafter +971558094119

I am a “mini UN” on my own, a one man show on the path to change the world, SDGs can empower both of us if you take the time and effort to see MY efforts you will perhaps have a mouth wide open, the people who developed SDGs and I have, in parallel to a large extent working on similar tracks, I am not showcasing all here just a fraction for you to “safely digest”

Speaker on peace and anti terrorism to NEW YORK CITY ROTARY CLUBS (ask John German or Helen Reisler about me) tinyurl.com/CHKRotary
WomenAreVotes.com read the WHOLE site, not a lot of info
GadhaParty.com an eye opener on good governance and poverty alleviation (similar changepakistannow.wordpress.com)
BlahBlah.info a mind opener
LearningPays.wordpress.com break off terror with education
imranokazmi.wordpress.com/mecompress-release one of your SDGs speaks of reducing traffic accident related deaths to zero, here’s how

There’s a lot LOT more to be discussed face to face, please FIND the time

CrystalHeart Kazmi
Chief Thinking Officer, http://www.CrsCube.com
Founder, http://www.WomenAreVotes.com
US +1 929 302 6969 Whatsapp AE +971 55 8094119
LinkedIn Profile at Linkedin.com/in/tranformator/
Blog BlahBlah.info

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