Imran’s Century

It’s a century! 105 days of Imran Khan (CrystalHeart

Leader’s come and leaders go. Some spend years, some even decades, but no one counts 100 days of a leader, unless they’re unbearable, or euphoric.

Imran Khan, the newest, freshest and perhaps most loved leader of Pakistan was never one out of sight of controversy, whether in cricket or with women and later in politics. He promised a lot for the first 100 days, some tried to hold him to his word to the letter, but many settled for the fact that for the first time the run rate of the nation was going up.

He is perhaps the most respectable beggar in recent history, the more he begs for his nation’s plight of untold, unwanted loans gone the way of corruption by his many predecessors, the more he is endeared to the people who brought him in, which was a vast majority unlike the case of his critic, President Donald Trump who had to rely on age old Electoral College.

At his very start Imran set the tone of leadership by leaving the “White House” of the Prime Minister of Pakistan and settling into a modest three bedroom house with just 2 assistants, compared to hundreds as customary in Pakistani leaders history. He proved religious tolerance by taking on religious thugs on the front foot, upholding the Supreme Court’s decision of freeing an innocent Christian women Asia Bibi held captive for years. He showed the middle finger to all thugs and encroachers, big or small. Right from day 1 he won the hearts of Indian Cricketers, his former foes in cricket and those of the marginalised Sikh community of India.

He is not perfect, his decisions have flaws, his team has flaws, what the heck, the world has flaws too!

But none can deny a simple fact: Imran rules hearts, while other leaders rule just lands. He’s not just a leader of Pakistan, Imran Khan is an inspiration to all existing or wannabe leaders of the world.

His legacy will live way beyond his brief years of governance. Wish him well by living his spirit of fighting AGAINST corrupt and abusive tyrants, fighting FOR the poor and helpless and above all upholding the rule of law.

The writer is a proud acquaintance of Imran Khan and his friends & family, and delighted that at long last his country is, finally, in safe, well deserving hands.

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