What makes TLP (Tehreek Labaik Pakistan) different from PTM, BLA, MQM and other anti-state actors?

By CrystalHeart, BlahBlah.info +92 320 5345555

To the naked eye, Khadim Rizvi’s abusive tirade against the government and the army is a clear sign of his being anti Pakistan, to the wary, it is only the tip of the iceberg.

If one sees their pamphlets and videos that I have often shared, few things are pretty clear. First off, PTM, BLA and MQM had obvious funding of Indian RAW and perhaps others too, “my lips are sealed” for the reader can certainly read between the lines. Their aim was division and destruction of Pakistan and a civil war or hatred as a means to that end.

TLP is different, they started off on matters of faith, it is true that the elites of Pakistan and the middle classes comprising no more than 2-5% of the total population depending on city or locality have zero interest in Pakistan’s “Islamic” heritage, for all they care (and I do, unfortunately, belong to that category) Pakistan should have bars and massage parlors and complete religious freedom. In short, disowning the two nation theory and Pakistan’s founding principles and rationale. For them “progress” and “material well being” be it in the form of “foreign” investments, dam(n)s or other “tools of Western progress” are the sole aim for Pakistan. Blasphemy and Hudood have no place in their Pakistan, nor do mosques with blaring sermons, and please do excuse the “jihad” or “Islamic heritage” rhetoric – this then is the TWO DIVIDES of Pakistan.

This is where TLP likes stand up and question through the moral compass of the masses just what and where is it that we are headed as a nation?

I may not agree with them say for 80% of their demands, maybe you, an English reading / speaking person may not either, but does that change the FACT that 98% of Pakistan thinks at polar opposites to where you and I stand?

Now, truth be told, the 2% elites and middle classes with their government and army are no joke! It isn’t humanly possible, or so it appears, for the 98% to enforce their will on them. And then to add to Sun-Tzu like rhetoric or George Orwell’s for that matter, the leaders speaking of an “Islamic Caliph based democracy” and “Musafir Khanas” and “Murghi Schemes” are all to endear the 98% to their covert agenda of de Islamisation and de radicalisation of Pakistan. Honestly had I been in government I would have not been very different BUT on one count. I would have been COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT with the PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN – the 98% and told them that “guys, this is it, keep Islam in your homes for Islam cannot feed you or clothe you and your families, we need Western concepts and a way of life to do all that as you can see in other so called brotherly Muslim countries too, progress, capitalism and religious de escalation seem to go hand in hand in today’s world” – the people would have killed me or loved me, I couldn’t say so as I never was in that position that Imran Khan is today!

Now Imran Khan and his government is playing on a very fine line, if I were you I would not openly lie to 250 million people, I will tell it like it is to them, let the people decide if they are ready to pay the price of progress with their faith, and if they are, let them! You, Sir are a facilitator, you are the conduit through which the will and desires of people are to be met. But to impose your agenda and giving it the impression of being the will of the people whether you speak of Caliphs or Musafir Khanas is no more for the intelligent then throwing dust in their eyes.

TLP is simply a sensor, a data gathering point which is telling you that people aren’t quite “ready” for your radical progressive moves that put Islam – their r’aison d’etre, in the back seat. You need to build confidence of the masses that the path you have chosen may not be Islamic but will certainly give them good jobs, more money, better cars and a better standard of living, and then, let THEM decide and your job will become a lot easier.

I could see the slaves of Pharaohs’ in the shape of the masses of Pakistan, please do not demean and ridicule them with your state machinery and (mis)information campaigns, treat them like RESPECTABLE people and share with them your ideals and plans WITHOUT any fear or apprehension. They trust you and you alone can help them swallow the bitter pill of leaving their religion aside for the sake of material progress. That is the ultimate aim, let that be known, understood, agreed with and followed Sir! Don’t play more games, please or the outcome may be far worse then you envision or what your advisors tell you!

The writer is the founder of GadhaParty.com and WomenAreVotes.com focusing on the abused and the poor be they women or the masses.

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