My sister Naila Ansari (Jafri)

Naila Ansari (Jafri) is a veteran and an experienced saint-like drama writer from Pakistan who believes in being helpful then being competitive – an abundance mentality that has won her a name, accolades, awards and business despite no formal education in the field of drama writing

She has been writing since the early 1990s, the dawn of private TV channels in Pakistan, her first stint as a writer was with Combine, a firm owned by the legendary Ghazanfer Ali who directed the epic serial “Waris” – she wrote a set of unique and enticing short stories that were dramatized and telecast as “Mystery Theatre”

From then on there was no looking back, some of her more famous plays include Teri Raza, Istikhara, Naimat, Zard Bahar, Agar Tum Mil Jao and various others. Some of the channels that have played her dramas include ARY, Hum TV, NTM and others

Naila has also written documentaries and commercially oriented scripts, her flair for writing is a hard to find talent in today’s market of cliched and copy / paste writers

Naila is reachable on +92 321 4182049 and

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