A Pakistani’s Open Letter to PM Narendra Modi

My mother, Atiya, (left) of Indira Gandhi, my father, Owais, far left second row
My mother late Prof Dr Atiya Khalil Arab / Begum Atiya Owais (left)

Open letter online http://tinyurl.com/PMModiCHK

Your Excellency, Mr Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India

New Delhi, India

Offer of mediation on Indo-Pak-Kashmir conflict by a well-meaning Pakistani, self-proclaimed PEACE MINISTER OF PAKISTAN

Your Excellency, Mr Modi,

Salam / Namaste,

You will not believe me, or maybe you will, after all politicians generally have a very good feeling of what the “masses” think like. I find the people of India AND Pakistan extremely SIMILAR in a rather BAD way! There are SO MANY hypocrites who believe in so many levels of differentiation that ULTIMATELY they seek happiness OUTSIDE India and Pakistan!!! Ask your NRI’s to RETURN PERMANENTLY to India (or the same of Pakistanis to go back to their motherland) and I ASSURE you 99.99% will outright reject the notion! And yet they ALL speak and write columns on patriotism and what is “best” for their country! The sad and ugly truth is that our people haven’t done much with their freedom since 1947, much like the Africans and other ex colonies of the English, French or others. In the realization of this truth is the beginning of a peaceful solution to India & Pakistan. They lack tolerance as evident in the rise of both Hindu and Islamic fundamentalism that I’ve addressed at tinyurl.com/kodeofkonduct

I write to you as nothing really seems to be working between Pakistan and India except increasing tensions with the Kashmiris paying for the sins of both.

Sir, in the comity of world leaders you occupy a special space, one of respect all over the world, you have worked hard for it. Your second term is a proof of your popularity at home as well.

Now, I understand you must be a very busy man so I’ll get straight to the point, if you see the attached pictures, they are of my late mother and father with Indira Gandhi in the early 80s at the Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi, while I’ve never stepped foot in India, my parents were born there and migrated like millions did from both sides on which Salman Khan recently did an epic movie called “Bharat” – the story is old and known to many, what is NOT known to many are the following facts:

I am the self-proclaimed Pakistani “Minister of Peace” founder of GadhaParty.com and WomenAreVotes.com that will inspire any in the poor nations of the world and women alike one day

Indians and Pakistanis abroad are often the best of friends and immediately get along, similar language and culture, I have seen Indians and Pakistanis supporting each other even breaking the law to do so in EU and elsewhere! Such bonding is impossible to imagine in today’s “war fever” however, Sir, I have seen it with my own eyes and can share exact details and locations if required India is home to almost as many Muslims as reside in Pakistan, not all of them are unhappy with India, you must be doing some things right to keep them happy!

The Muslims of India are mostly converts from Hinduism, it is the same story of other religions throughout history, as a Muslim I apologize to every Indian and yourself for the forced conversion and high handedness of the Muslims who conquered India a thousand years back, I also apologize for the terrible self-centered governance of the “Moguls” who built more tombs and had more mistresses than welfare of the people, in my opinion. I personally believe the British did us all a HUGE favor by freeing us from their oppression, teaching us table manners, English and if I may say “humanity” for that is what lacked in the region before the British came here, again it is my opinion and you are free to disagree Sir

My late father was an ICS (Indian Civil Services) Officer under the British in undivided India from the 1930s and left in the late 50s to Pakistan, he lamented this division as in his words the British when dividing India made a prophecy that rings true till this day that “the people of India (and Pakistan) are excellent subordinates but inconsiderate leaders” –now please do not take it personally, neither yourself nor Imran Khan on our side are inconsiderate leaders, but if you see our history in general (both India and Pakistan post partition), our civil services and especially our police, they have been far from fair. The people rotting away in jails in India or Pakistan are mostly innocent and sadly those who SHOULD be in jail are roaming scot free! I am sure, to a certain extent you might agree with me

Now while democracy thrived and feudalism died in India post partition Pakistan had a different story, you may find it hard to believe Sir but I am a fan of all militaries all over the world, I have dear friends in Pakistan Army and know some of the Indian ones via Facebook, my contention has always been that both Indian and Pakistani governments or armies do NOT have roots in Hinduism or Islam, rather the laid out charted out manuals left by the British, and thank God for that!

Indian Army has MANY loyal Muslim soldiers ready to kill their enemies at the command of their commanders and the EXACT same situation exists in Pakistan where Hindu soldiers are loyal to Pakistan! And both are given fair and equal treatment on both sides. Hence it is evident that religion as a basis of differentiation has a weak correlation between India and Pakistan. After all, please do tell me Sir WHY do almost ALL Muslim nations barring a few support India than Pakistan? Does it not tell you that the terms India and Pakistan have are NOT based on religion? For were that so the entire Muslim “Ummah” would be untied against India today but we see the opposite! It is not a diplomatic “win” of India simply the broadmindedness of all parties concerned. And now, you may not believe me, but I find Pakistani Army extremely rational, logical and pro peace. I do not think the Indian Army is very different either. So where is the problem?

Sir, again, in my opinion, you are perhaps unknowingly kindling a fire that can one day burn your own home as it did ours. To appease the Americans in order to drive the Russians out of Afghanistan, back in the 70s we nourished Taliban, ultimately our Army had to fight and kills them as we’d created a Frankenstein! Now draw parallels with India of today, you, perhaps inadvertently, gave rise to Hindu Nationalism in a country (India) which was erstwhile FAR MORE SECULAR than Pakistan! In doing so, and the recent highly questionable moves in Kashmir that the Indian Courts are also challenging, besides the world community to some extent, you are turning the tide EXACTLY like WE in Pakistan did back in the 80s! We suffered 20 years to get rid of that extreme fanatic mindset! As a BROTHER and a FRIEND I tell you Sir, India will be hurt much more than Pakistan was because of Taliban. Sir, you ARE a secular nation, such extreme fundamentalists asking people to chant “Jai Shri Ram” (or kill them otherwise), cutting tongues of Muslims, raping young or old Muslim girls or women is NOT the Indian fabric as India or the WHOLE WORLD knows it Sir!

My dream and YOUR dream and OUR dream should be a SECULAR, progressive India & Pakistan where like EU we can all have open borders, travel and work freely! Increase tourism and be a combined global military and economic force, include Nepal, Afghanistan and Bangladesh to the belt too! And use our armies and elite intelligence agencies on BOTH sides to work TOGETHER against crime

If you have concerns with Pakistan, allow me to help, let me play a mediator, consider me 50% Indian and 50% Pakistani, after all my parents belonged to Allahabad and Bhopal in India! And still have a lot of family there but since I do not feel ‘welcome’ in India I’ve literally traveled the WHOLE world (North America, EU, Far East etc), ate and drank with Indians abroad but have the unmet dream of driving from Lahore to Kerala, and the way things are even if I did I’ll perhaps never make it in one piece. Not only that, I am a disciple and friend of YOUR friend Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of the Art of Living, go ahead and call him, ask him “who is this Imran Owais Kazmi / CrystalHeart guy” and he and his team, Rugmani, Prabharker in India, Aniket in New York, Poonam in LA will all apprise you who I am and what I stand for

Lastly PLEASE, you and I, and 1.6 billion people in India and Pakistan, speak a similar language or variations, have a very similar culture and have COEXISTED for THOUSANDS of years happily (in the balance) – please do NOT make the mistake our Muslim ancestors did today is my humble brotherly and friendly advice to you sir of dividing us again on religious lines

We have more common friends than enemies Modi Saheb, let us build on those bonds! My thoughts on Kashmir are simple, let them be sir, we should give up ours, you give up yours and let them decide their fate like an independent self-respecting people, again you may not agree, but it is my humble suggestion and as I understand also the alma mater of UN resolutions and agreements between India and Pakistan todate. In ANY CASE if India and Pakistan reach LASTING PEACE and open their borders WHAT DIFFERENCE WILL IT MAKE! We will all be able to go anywhere we like from Afghanistan to Bengal via Kashmir, Nepal and India (so I dream!) – however, I would love to hear your views too and see where we can have a combined meeting of minds (you and your Pakistani counterparts) – A LASTING PEACE plan for Kashmir should be based on their independence from EITHER Pakistan OR India into a separate homeland governed by NATO and UNGOMAP in a secular environment

Sir, let us please work towards PEACE than PIECES of each other – consider me a catalyst, the guy who knows Imran Khan and our fine people as well as yours, through yourself, allow this “Minister of Peace” an audience, let’s have a candid talk and end on the Beatle’s line of “let’s make love not war” – I am pretty sure we will, though not literally

As of now, both sides are full of anger, both sides are nuclear warfare capable, I pray to Allah or Bhagwan or Jesus or Yahweh or Buddha or to Captain Spock, whoever you believe in, to give sense to leaders of both nations, I am at the service of both countries as an AMBASSADOR / MINISTER OF PEACE should you allow me the honor and pleasure – PLEASE DO NOT LET THE WORLD DIVIDE US BROTHERS IN ARMS, one winning is not another losing, it is BOTH losing! Think about it sir!

I am reachable on +971 50 5849562 should anyone from your team wish to setup a call or an appointment with yourself, let us turn these testing times to an opportunity for creating peace for a lifetime! As neighbors who share so much! Same language, culture and so much more!

Best regards and have a great day,

CrystalHeart Kazmi

Chief Thinking Officer at CRSCube(dot)com

Chief Operating Officer InTouch

Cell / Whatsapp +971 50 5849562


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