Aung San Suu Kyi

Her Excellency, Aung San Suu Kyi

Prime Minister / State Councillor of Myanmar

CC Htin Kyaw, President of Myanmar

Dear Ms Kyi

I have had the pleasure of knowing you in absentia, mainly through your troubles and pains that have been in the news for long. I understand you are a Theravada Buddhist, and believe, among other things in the following four levels of supramundane wisdom:

  1. Stream-Enterers: Those who have destroyed the first three fetters (false view of Self, doubt, and clinging to rites and rituals);[web 14][web 15]
  2. Once-Returners: Those who have destroyed the first three fetters and have lessened the fetters of lust and hatred;
  3. Non-Returners: Those who have destroyed the five lower fetters, which bind beings to the world of the senses;[89]
  4. Arahants: Those who have reached Enlightenment—realized Nirvana, and have reached the quality of deathlessness—are free from all the fermentations of defilement. Their ignorance, craving and attachments have ended

I understand your life has been full of pain, and that nearing old age, you have an opportunity to serve your people and the world at large.

I am from Pakistan, a Muslim, however, with keen interest and devotion to studying other faiths and customs, admire Buddhism and Zen teachings for their focus on inner peace and tranquility that transcends like a cloud cover on a beautiful forest in a valley.

My countrymen are perturbed and disturbed on the treatment of Rohingya Muslims in your nation as covered in many news items,

  1. CNN says 30,000 Rohingyas trapped without food
  2. The Guardian (UK) writes your government has blocked all aid to Rohingyas
  3. The Daily Mail writes on the Bangladeshis turning the Rohingyas away

Now, my people, the Pakistanis, are an amazing lot I must say! When the Arabs disowned Palestine in the Israel – Palestine conflict of decades, Pakistani people went out on the street to protest, when Babri Mosque in India was being demolished, it was Pakistanis who cried and shouted in pain, for Kashmir, every now and then we have rallies and speeches, and seminars, and when Rohingyas suffered in your country, yesterday or today, the Pakistanis stood side by side with them.

It is another story that the SAME Pakistanis make NO NOISE on the most corrupt, inept, dishonest and criminal rulers for 70 years! Maybe someone should tell them the phrase “charity begins at home”? Were it not for a madman called Imran Khan, good looking sportsman and philanthropist who shook the corridors of power, none would have given a damn.

It is easy, for an average Pakistani, to make a “bad guy” of you (Myanmar for Rohingyas) or Israel (for mistreating Palestinians) or India (for not giving the Kashmiris their “rights”) but certainly far more difficult to stage ONE protest against corruption and killing of their own people in their own lands that I often speak about at (GadhaParty) the suffering of men, women, children, the 98% poor seemingly make NO DIFFERENCE to an average, patriotic, devout Muslim Pakistani in the hands of mostly fellow Muslims at home, but you, Madam, a Buddhist, or Modi, a Hindu, or Benjamin Netanyahu, a Jewish fellow must be taken to task for their “crimes against humanity” whilst the crimes of our own against own are not deserving of any attention.

Because we Pakistanis do NOT consider our own suffering people as “humans”.

Yes, the Rohingyas are human, so are the Kashmiris, or the Palestinians, but the poor suffering and dying namelessly in Lahore or Karachi or the streets of Pindi are not deserving of our attention. No Madam, they are not humans.

Thus hypocrisy is our forte.

But is it yours too Ms Kyi? as the second line of your faith description proclaims:

Once-Returners: Those who have destroyed the first three fetters and have lessened the fetters of lust and hatred

Now I assume (without the usual connotation thereof) that you, Ms Kyi are above hate.

And if it is so then perhaps don’t you think you and your government need a rethink on how barbarically, inhumanly and savagely you are handling the Rohingyas? Certainly not at all aligned with YOUR faith, forget about ours (as claimed) or theirs?

I do hope you, Ms Kyi, will rise above self, doubt, rites & rituals and lessened lust and hate… and treat the Rohingyas as your own

I hope you, and the world will get my message, my Pakistani friends are indeed imperfect and put to fault for not putting their own house in order, but that does not, in any way absolve you, or Israel or India of furthering hate either. True you may not be satisfied with the behaviour of your “subjects” but to submit them to inhumane treatment and torture, that, too is not entirely humane.

Or is it, Your Excellency, Aung San Suu Kyi???


Crystal Kazmi +1 516 986 5055 / +92 320 534 5555


L’idéaliste doit souffrir

L’idéaliste doit souffrir
Mal compris. Principalement par mon propre peuple. Je suis un idéaliste. Un utopique, qui croit avec ou sans religion organisée, nous pouvons tous être heureux ensemble. Tout comme l’UE, les États-Unis, le Canada, l’Australie, la Nouvelle-Zélande, entre autres.
Cependant, depuis que je suis né au Pakistan, et que je vis maintenant dans le Golfe, je trouve peu, le cas échéant, qui sont même en mesure de comprendre ce que je suis. Il est tragique, si vous voyez mes œuvres, que ce soit, de la musique ou des films, ou des articles sur la paix et la lutte contre le terrorisme, ou KoK (Code de conduite), une formule unique pour contrôler les tendances violentes inhérentes à toutes les religions organisées. Ou même ma tentative de démolir toutes les armées du mot et, au lieu de cela, avoir une seule force de police globale dans le monde entier avec des lois locales variant selon les goûts locaux.
Je peux affirmer en toute sécurité qu’il y en a peu qui sont dérangés. La plupart vivraient et mourraient comme des animaux. Au moins, les animaux sont meilleurs parce qu’ils ne se discriminent pas ou ne se déteste pas en fonction de leur couleur ou de leurs croyances.
Peut-être qu’un jour, un jour, longtemps après ma mort, ils feront des monuments de moi, des sculptures, et j’écris des livres sur ma folie comme le “Ludwig Mad” de l’Allemagne qui a construit des châteaux admirables à ce jour, mais il a été tué (se suicidait malicieusement par ses tueurs) pour “dépenser trop”
Un jour, mes écrits sur vont réveiller notre monde à ce qui est vraiment important, que la religion, la race, la couleur ou la rhétorique basée sur l’argent, toujours aussi commune aujourd’hui.
Misunderstood. Mainly by my own people. I am an idealist. A utopian, who believes with or without organized religion, we can all be happy together. Like the EU, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, among others.
However, since I was born in Pakistan, and now live in the Gulf, I find few, if any, who are even able to understand what I am. It is tragic, if you see my works, whether it is music or films, or articles on peace and the fight against terrorism, or KoK (Code of Conduct), a unique formula for controlling violent tendencies inherent in all organized religions. Or even my attempt to demolish all the armies of the world and, instead, have a single global police force all over the world with global laws varying according to local tastes.
I can safely say that there are few that are disturbed. Most would live and die like animals. At least, animals are better because they do not discriminate or dislike themselves according to their color or beliefs.
Maybe one day, some day, long after my death, they will make monuments of me, sculptures, and write books on my madness like “King Mad Ludwig” of Germany who built castles admired to this day, but he was killed (suicide claimed maliciously by his killers) for “spending too much” on Castles that have many times over paid their cost spent by Ludwig even in today’s currency.
One day, my writings on will awaken our world to what is really important, than religion, race, color or rhetoric based on money, still en vogue today .

Where is the Pakistani War on Terror headed?

By Crystal Kazmi

While Pakistani politicians bicker and whine over corruption, busy making heroes of criminals in pompous motorcades then tears of shame, the very day a young Major with a lovely family lost his life protecting our freedom, in a murky war on terror that no one, least of all us Pakistanis are far from winning.

We are told, time and again of our advances in the war on terror, the sacrifices of our men in uniform besides we often firsthand witness the effects of terror as bomb blasts and killing even in schools besides cities and towns and villages, and this has been going on since 9/11 on our soil too.

This war which we are optimistically told we are winning; the US administration right from Bush’s time has weighed in pragmatically and considered it a long haul. Our official version is always fluid. We are made to believe we are somehow winning this war. And then all of a sudden there’s an event which confirms it ain’t over at all.

So why this disconnect? Given the fact that our army has men and women of honor who unlike their civil brethren display a lot of integrity, ethics and forthright communication? Where is the gap?

Pretty simple if you ask me. This war on terror was a myth in the 60s 70s 80s 90s, in fact some of the people we fight and kill today were our army reservists in some form or manner. So why and how we reached a state of internal bleeding?

In the 70s when USSR eyed Afghanistan; in apprehension we jumped into the conflict with Americans by enabling, arming, training their youthful commanders and force using Islam as the excuse.

Yes you heard me right. Islam was the excuse to fight a Godless communist army and this idea was propagated by the Americans and easily bought by our army brass. After all dollars were flowing in. Zia had newly taken charge of the nation and Afghan refugees flowed in equal or larger proportion to the aid, most of which was embezzled as documented by many journalists and reports, as is the custom anyway in third world countries where corruption is the primary killer and all else pale in comparison.

The Taliban, then heroes to our army and the Americans, Gen Hamid Gul and others patrons and guides, were the hallmark of an Islamic Afghanistan and Pakistan fully endorsed and supported by the Americans, because it suited them. Ronald Reagan called the Taliban Commanders to the White House in the 80s and likened them to the founding fathers of America!

The Russians ran away, and the American swiftly changed heart. Islam was no longer required nor the Taliban. Zia was duly eliminated with the US ambassador to allay any conspiracy theorists, in my opinion and I may be wrong, but seems rather likely. The new government and liberal Gen Aslam Baig towed the line and the beginning of government and state liberalization or rather undoing of Talibanization process was initiated which continues to this day. But the Taliban were left orphans in this process. Like a Hollywood flick their founders declared them absconders and terrorists!

The situation was compounded with our enemies on both sides of the border taking colossal advantage of this policy shift by creating their own factions in the disowned Taliban and even lookalikes serving their purpose. 9/11 on US soil embroiled us deeper as now the Taliban were official US enemies! Hired Indian or Afghani or even other mercenaries posing as Taliban.

But back then in the aftermath of 9/11 Musharaf was clearly told to choose sides, or suffer consequences otherwise. Now an older, wiser less womanizing less drinking, more mature, less publicity seeking General (like Raheel Sharif) might have reacted with wisdom then a knee jerk of absolute submission that Musharaf did, even then to never fully win US trust! To what avail I ask in hindsight Musharaf acts benefited anyone including himself? The web is full of US Gov doubting and ridiculing Musharaf. A man who was more loyal than the King and yet never accepted or recognized in spirit by their Lordships!

It is true that Americans make excellent girlfriends, but the Chinese make excellent wives. Something later generations of Generals quickly learned aka CPEC and Chinese civil and military cooperation that is unprecedented in any other country.

However the ongoing war on terror seems to grow then diffuse as one would logically expect and it is very worrying for signals strategic perceptions and planning lapses. I miss SunTzu in times like these, for I see a war minus the art thereof 🙂

Today, Major Shahid Rehman conveyed the martyrdom of Maj Ali among others. A young officer with a young and beautiful family am sure looking forward to a bright future together. Now drowned in tears and an irreparable human loss. I’m sure the other side also suffers loses and pain. It is human to feel and our enemies are no less or more human then we are. What differs are our values and perceptions.

Hence as a trainer, public speaker and motivational guru for decades I thought to myself why must this story have the same twists of pain and suffering on both sides essentially brothers in arms killing each other and sadly rejoicing at the same? Today Major Ali tomorrow someone else, why and for how long? And to what avail?

If only our government and army understand that the war we fight against our own was never our own. Not then. Not now and certainly not in the future.

Every country has rogue elements that are a shame for them inside or out. Like perhaps these people are for us I mean today for they were heroes in 80s 🙂 the infamous KKK in America has brutally murdered innocent civilians for decades but never has the US army attacked them. They’re probably a lot worse than the Taliban if not on an equal footing.

In India the extremists kill Muslims and others like vegetables and yet the Indian army takes no action against them though ever ready to kill some Wani in Kashmir fighting for his freedom from decades of oppression and state terrorism! Yet our government policy is of love toward India as Jindal and even Modi are given honor and respect on a red carpet whereas they flow red blood of Kashmiri and other Muslims in India at will!

My point is simple. Hate begets hate. And hating your siblings isn’t in your best interest.

In my humble but considered opinion, this war on terror will not end in 2018 or 19 or 25 maybe beyond our lifetime i.e. Assuming our enemies on both sides constantly scheming to lynch us like cow vigilantes and Rohingyas on their side or Kashmir aren’t successful in disintegrating or breaking us up.

The threat is real, unlike the rhetoric of confidence we are made to hear.

High time our army and military strategists come up with a Plan B to fight terror. More by bringing those who have hope of reformation to the negotiating table. Tell them that the foundation of Islam is not hate as taught to them by our and CIA trainers like Dr Thomas Gouttierre, which was essentially unIslamic and focused on building hatred to fight and win against the Russians.

An alternate and plausible view may also be the systematic degenerative approach to Islam by the West using the scum of the land Taliban likes as role models (Isis, Al Qaeda, a long list) and ultimately attack the faith and its followers full force by discrediting what they believe in with ample media proof. A quick review of online literature and comments on Islam and Muslims by Western public certainly isn’t a flattering experience if you catch my drift.

And much as I propose peace, I also advise merciless killing of those who don’t wish to understand a clear and simple message of peace that Islam or even common sense dictates be understood and complied with amongst our ill informed Taliban or other internal enemies. To that extent we need Major Ali and others to fight and protect our freedom but no more, no less.

A rethink on the war on terror is essential even imperative need of the hour as we speak or countless more Major Ali’s not to mention damage to the other side who despite being enemies are also humans shall continue. To no avail and more likely disadvantage to both sides and the Muslim populace in the balance.

Think before you reminisce the days leading to 1857. A word to the wise…….

The FINE PRINT in Ayesha Gulali’s allegations on Imran Khan Niazi

On January 2, 1915, Theodore MacManus wrote the “Penalty of Leadership” for his client, Cadillac, without mentioning the name even once, ultimately adopted by many including Elvis Presley and others for its finesse, class and honesty. I will quote only two sentences from it to set the stage

“The leader is assailed because he is a leader, and the effort to equal him is merely added proof of that leadership. FAILING to equal or to excel, the follower seeks to depreciate and to DESTROY — but only confirms once more the SUPERIORITY of that which he strives to supplant.”

Let’s get the facts here, I am an advocate of women’s rights to the extent that last year I formed a party for women in Pakistan which was covered by DawnTV, SamaaTV and some others – so, when I say I fight for women’s honor, respect and equal place in society, I mean it. I fought for Reham Khan when PTI stalwarts said lewd things on her, I fought for Asia Bibi, the convict of “blasphemy” one cannot be sure if it was such or her denial of favor to some? I cried for Riley Ann Sawyers in the US also known as “Baby Grace” murdered at 2-1/2 by her step dad in front of her mother, I fought for an Indian Child with an abnormal head who needed surgery done. There are countless examples of my commitment to women without any bias or discrimination of any sort.

However, Ayesha Gulali’s case has so many inconsistencies that a man of even a little sanity would find it hard to justify her claims. Why, for example, does it take a seemingly “bold & beautiful” woman, empowered by her parents, as she claims, and a sister playing a rather “Western” game in similar attire in a highly conservative area, someone vocal since teenage – why such a confident lady, who assuredly must have faced, handled, rejected, managed sexual or flirtatious advances from men – took 4 YEARS to disclose her grievance with Imran Khan within DAYS of the DISQUALIFICATION of the SITTING PRIME MINISTER OF PAKISTAN, Mian Nawaz Sharif on the basis of a case filed BY Imran Khan Niazi against him severely upsetting the balance of feudal + technocratic + corruption power equation of Pakistan and in the process hurting people with stakes on no less than 80% of the wealth of the country, whether stashed in here or outside!!! This “coincidence” of her revelation’s timing raises more than an eyebrow, it actually opens up a can of worms.

That can of worms opened by Ayesha Gulali, who speaks of unverified, undisclosed “harassment” messages to her, spills the beans on the conspirators apparently using her to achieve their ends: DISCREDIT & DESTROY IMRAN KHAN NIAZI. The words of Theodore MacManus from “The Penalty of Leadership” ring once again in my ears.

One cannot help but wonder that a man, who even nearing 70 has more female fan following then men a third of his age, would find reason to leave aside a tough life and send lewd messages that he knows very well could be used against him? Who has a BEAUTIFUL & STILL COMMITTED / LOYAL EX WIFE in the UK who is leaving NO STONE unturned to support him? For no rhyme or reason? Or because he’s a pervert? It makes no sense for Imran Khan Niazi to stoop low to get women, for women have laid in his feet from his adolescence, logically it’s nonsense EVEN THEN, if Ms Gulali were speaking the truth with a massive press conference few days after Nawaz’ being booted out of the PM house, WHAT ON EARTH STOPPED THE WOMAN from sharing SCREEN SHOTS of Imran’s messages? Instead of going to PMLN paid Geo Anchor Hamid Mir and showing him “privately” while all her allegations were made publicly!!! These aren’t mere inconsistencies, they are clear signs of a false flag operation by PMLN and their brothers in arms PPP, both of whom face clear extinction and more likely leadership doing jail time… their elder bro Altaf already in trouble, it’s their turn that they wish to avoid, by hook or by crook… the latter seizing the day for them, experience one might say comes in handy in times like these!

Democracy, sadly, for Pakistan, has never borne it’s desired outcomes as it has in the West – US, EU, Australia, Canada and so forth; it has, instead, bred a dark alliance, a collusion of criminals, thugs, killers, looters, rapists, the scum of the land, who have by hook and crook held on to power unless booted out by the Generals and in whatever time they’ve had, severely hurt the nation financially, in terms of repute and post 2007 even internationally. Few amongst you may have forgotten “MemoGate” and “DawnLeaks” – not to mention, secret meetings with persona non gratas in exceptional circumstances (Jindal)

Ayesha Gulali’s allegations are not even a problem, the are the symptoms, of a seething with anger, in fear of displacement establishment who want their enemies smothered, from the “new” Prime Minister (old wine in a new bottle) insistence of repealing Article 62, hence ensuring corruption “is how we win” as the Americans spoke in the movie “Syriana” to having Imran Khan dead at ANY cost, but cannot, for fear of raising a million Imran Khan’s from his ashes, so they seek, as Mr MacManus wrote more than a 100 years ago, to destroy him.

To them, and to you, MacManus’s last line contains my prediction: THAT WHICH DESERVES TO LIVE, LIVES

The ball has been set rolling, Nawaz Sharif is now a criminal in the eyes of the highest court of Pakistan after due consideration and process, his entire family is in hot waters as a menial but important sample of their corruption and foreign remittance has been uncovered. So are his Cabinet members.

Yet, one thing that I cannot fathom, is the Honorable Courts assumption that a “non Sadiq and Amin” Prime Minister’s Cabinet cannot be full of angels. His flouting the courts decision through a public mockery of motorcade, rather a preemptive election drive, and utter ridicule of the Courts’ decision publicly by stating “the decision was taken beforehand” should propel the Courts to seek whichever Institution they trust (and one could think of only one) amongst those in hand of the corrupt, to step forward and remove this Kangaroo Court Government, under the Supreme Court explicit directive without much further adieu.

Or pave the way for chaos, civil war and blame games the likes of which one doesn’t see in soap operas.

A populace of 200 million underfed, uneducated, terror and hate ridden, poor and unjustly treated people deserve better as I’d outlined in

Who, then amongst the Courts, or our safeguarding Institutions will step forward to protect the nation? Ayesha Gulali may very well be the tip of the iceberg…

(the writer leads a nomadic existence in words and person in different parts of the world from Pakistan to MidEast to the US)

Wooing Pk from the “Asian Siren” :)

A tongue in cheek note to our friends at the White House 🙂
While reading Anwar Iqbal’s article on the changing nature of US involvement in Afghanistan I couldn’t help but reflect on the following:
1 Paid writers like Anwer Iqbal, as one can see from his other propaganda articles furthering US interests at do well to serve American interests in their words, well done, Uncle Sam should be loving you!
2 I absolutely LOVE the way the US State Department aka “friends in Langley” work so hard to express themselves, take for example the following paragraph:
“We have made it very clear that we expect they [Pakistan] will cooperate with us, particularly against the Haqqani network and against terrorist organisations,” he said at a July 4 news briefing in Kabul. “If they don’t change their behaviour, maybe we should change our behaviour towards Pakistan as a nation.” Since then, Congress has adopted several measures binding US civil and military assistance to Pakistan to the severing of its alleged links to the Haqqani network. Some of these measures also require Pakistan to prevent militants from using its soil for launching attacks into neighbouring countries and to release Dr Shakil Afridi, who helped the CIA trace Osama bin Laden at a compound in Abbottabad.”
So BEAUTIFULLY written isn’t it? Even a LAYMAN in Texas can get it in TEN SECONDS right? Assumptions galore here as follows:
2a) Implies that the Government of Pakistan is supporting the Haqqani Network (a pro Sharia militant organization the likes of whom are quite busy planning and actually killing Pakistani troops, who in turn have, for a decade plus, been pounding them with bombs) all this is in the news nothing new here, so why this flagrant lie against the Pakistan Army and Government? Must be a deeper reason
2b) Clear CowBoy styled “warning” to Pakistan to “change their approach (If they don’t change their behaviour, maybe we should change our behaviour towards Pakistan as a nation)” – wait a minute, we’ve always been in BED with the US from before I was even born! Our top positions in all institutions have a fairly unreasonable element of US “say” in them! Even then, the warnings? To what avail?
2c) “Some of these measures also require Pakistan to prevent militants from using its soil for launching attacks into neighbouring countries” – read 2b above and then, laugh at this statement
2d) “release Dr Shakil Afridi, who helped the CIA trace Osama bin Laden at a compound in Abbottabad” to those who don’t – the Pakistan military was pretty well coordinated in the operation, it appears another decoy from the real purpose
Like a jilted girlfriend, the US is wary of Pakistan’s deepening oral and back door ties with China 🙂 (CPEC) – now trust me if you may, I am EQUALLY wary of the Chinese, and our ex (US) would do better by wooing us with roses, then guns 🙂
You’re quite smart Uncle Sam, but do know this: we’re neither stupid nor were we born yesterday, being a loudmouth ain’t the best way to resolve things, getting across in a productive and congenial way definitely is!
Like, for example, if the US helps us build better governance, law enforcement and economic development efforts then don’t you think the new girlfriend would feel insecure? The Asian Siren i.e. 🙂
Come on Uncle Sam, show me some brains, we’re bored with your brawns and threats, that go in and out often as they say “much ado for nothing” just evaluate your great orchestra performance in Afghanistan and Iraq!
Diplomacy is an art, dealing at a global level, one would do well to learn from how the British ruled the world for centuries. Perhaps a superpower or two can learn from them? After all they are “ancestors” to many 🙂
Think on the following lines my loveliest Uncle Sam, and you’ll do yourself and the rest of the world a huge favor, PLUS solve a lot of your unending problems with the rest of us too… Humanity’s core issues resolved