Why I LOVE the “West?”

I love America above all, my heart and soul is as American as can be! and if you look at the people of EU, US, Australia, NZ and Canada they have so much in common compared to the “rest of the world!”
1 They have a better HUMAN SOFTWARE VERSION then the rest of us – need I explain? look at freedom of speech, lack of bias on gender, race, faith, orientation (in general)
2 An overall SCIENTIFIC, LOGIC and RATIONALITY based approach to solving problems then one based (only) on faith (it is fine in conjunction with humanity), race, and other biases
They are happy people!

Breaking the Pakistani General’s “silence of the lambs”

We live in an age with many stereotypes, speaking of governance, democracy is a holy grail for humanity to aspire to. But is it everywhere, in equal measure and with corresponding success?

I believe the time has come for the veterans, the retired soldiers of Pakistan, the sons of the soil, the sons of the motherland to stand up and stand tall like a wall against corrupt democracy as I explain in great detail below

Research based look at Corruption, Dynasties and Democracy in the developing world

Democracies in the developing world are no more than corruption ridden oligarchies run by dynasties deeply entrenched not just in politics but also other critical state institutions to ensure a crab like hold on it’s victim, the helpless people, or public of the so called “democratic state” by the West…

One needs look no further than World Economic Forum reports on much of the world with democracy, reeking of corruption, dynasty politics

The article: Corruption: Myths and Realities in a Developing Country Context by Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is an eye opener for proponents of “Western democracy” in the developing world, where anywhere between 20-30% of the GDP goes to corruption! Political corruption, particularly relating to political party finance and to campaign finance, is increasingly becoming the major challenge in developing countries. Running a multiparty democracy is becoming an increasingly difficult and expensive business. (As a rough guide, Transparency International reported that in 1999 democratic elections in South Africa, political parties spent between US$ 40-67 million. My guess is that political parties in the previous and last elections in Nigeria spent hundreds of millions of dollars on State and Federal elections to fund processes and results that the large majority of people in and out of the country deemed to be substandard). The issue is: in a poor country that adopts democracy especially of the American variety, where do resources to finance campaigns and political parties come from? Further in the article Corruption by Anup Shah he succinctly explains “Corruption affects the poorest the most, in rich or poor nations, though all elements of society are affected in some way as corruption undermines political development, democracy, economic development, the environment, people’s health and more.

Of dynasties. A Stanford paper titled Political Dynasties and the Quality of Government summarized in the developing world “…dynastic politicians spend more resources, specially in investment in urban infrastructure, health and sanitation. However, we do not find improvements in economic growth and changes in the quality of public services” –  in an in depth article on corruption in the Philippines quoted “An AIM study on the 15th Congress found that dynastic jurisdictions are associated with lower standards of living, lower human development, and higher levels of deprivation.” Ronald Mendoza wrote in Dynasties in democracies: The political side of inequalitythe mirror image of income inequality in the political sphere: political dynasties. The rise of elected officials with extensive familial links to present and previous politicians in power signals a growing inequality in access to power and political influence. That, in turn, could also affect the persistence and prevalence of social and economic divides.” And then, Dawn published Zahid Hussain’s article on political dynasties in Pakistan concluding, or foretelling, whichever way one looks at it “DESPITE huge political and social changes that have occurred over the last 60 years, electoral politics in Pakistan has remained largely a family enterprise. A limited number of families continue to dominate Pakistan’s legislatures, turning them into oligarchies.

What does democracy mean to the masses in a third world country?

Massive poverty perpetuated by never ending, complex, almost indestructible corruption run by dynasties or collusion of oligarchies. The masses have no hope, except migration to greener pastures in the West, MidEast, where there lives are no better in relative terms yet significantly better financially than their home countries. Atleast they have a job with enough savings to feed their families “back home” wherever that might be, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Africa, Philippines, South America, Tunisia etc or in short, 80% of planet earth!

The status quo in Pakistan

Speaking of my home country, Pakistan, the situation is no different, except we have a ray of hope. The British left us in 1947, and left us a working model of an Army, bureaucracy, and governance. It was not the best as modern science and politics tells us, but it was certainly good enough to breed a fine, nuclear capable, army that acts as as a strong deterrent to lustful neighbors on all sides. Yet all OTHER institutions (except the Army) turned to dust in real terms, Eiffel Towers of expenses with hardly any return to the exchequer, except sustenance of a democratic “system” as elaborately described above. In this scenario rose an inspirational sportsman turned politician, Imran Khan, who toiled day and night to create a close to Western model of development democracy focusing on healthcare, education and a corruption free society, yet his critics downplay his potential to rise given a compromised team from the same, corrupt, parties he intends to oust

The “Generals”

In 1958, ’77 and ’99 respectively there were 3 military coups as explained in detail in this Wikipedia article. General Iskandar Mirza, Ayub Khan, Zia Ul Haq and Pervez Musharaf ruled Pakistan for almost half of it’s “free” life. Yet they were unable to bring systemic, sustainable changes – an aspect the brainy General Ashfaq Pervez Kyani talks about i.e. the plausibility of change must be assessed in its sustainability. A yardstick all four failed in. And command returned to the corrupt politicians described in great detail above

In my personal endeavors, although for the nation, not myself, to bring about the “best of breed”, sustainable and ethical personnel based change in Pakistan I interacted with all strata of society, the “common man” at the lowest level, the working classes, the bureaucrats, the politicians, and finally a lot of fine men in and out of uniform

My learning was that the wisest and most mature needless to say patriotic among all I interacted with personally, were the Generals and other veterans. Always open to understand, learn and see the situation from different angles, I understood why reaching the pulpit of “General Officer” is apparently quite difficult for even an officer with an otherwise excellent track record. The finesse and maturity were just a small aspect if one looks at the broader knowledge of the internal and external landscape far beyond the expectations of a man in uniform. The lower ranks correspondingly rose in expression and action orientation compared to the calm and quiet Generals (with the exception of the unusually candid Pervez Musharaf and Gen Tariq Khan to a smaller extent), they have no equivalent, as I see it, in the civilian populace

The silence of the Generals

Whether one looks at Ashfaq Kyani, or Raheel Sharif or the incumbent “QJB” as popularly known in his circles, one realizes the meticulous attention to using the fewest possible words to express their opinions, in the dire circumstances that silence was not enough, except when army specific matters were informed. There is a history behind this, with more to it then the training requirements of a General Officer

What keeps them reserved is the consistent, persistent and vilifying campaign against the army by some of the self confessed “liberals”, mostly cronies and paid serfs of the forces of democratic oligarchies as explained earlier, the Officers realize the motivation of a million strong army banks upon one loose word that escapes between their lips, and how that single word can be played with by the oligarchs. Thus a clear loyalty to the institution of the army exists, and it is not necessarily a bad thing, as the flight attendant’s pre flight drill goes “please wear your own (oxygen) mask before helping others” and is perfectly exercised in this case by the Generals

What is perturbing though is the post LPR silence of the Generals, once retired, they have every right to speak and OWN PAKISTAN POLITICALLY, I personally conveyed them the message, on behalf of the people of Pakistan, to organize their old friends, mates and comrades into a formidable team to fight against the rather obviously malignant misnomer so called democratic front

One such General, is GTK – General Tariq Khan, an avid, refreshingly honest, though slightly cynical writer and more of an intellectual, far beyond his anti Taliban drives and the US Legion of Merit awards and accolades in his kitty, not to mention his collection of guns and golf clubs! One of his more recent posts can be read at tinyurl.com/GTKhan where he laments in no uncertain terms

are we satisfied with what we have, a finance minister who cannot sign his own cheques and is an absconder, the Chairman of the National Bank who was previously the manager of an Old Home in London, a corrupt SECP, a dysfunctional FBR, a manipulated EC, an influenced NAB – is this what democracy means where a disqualified person can summon a cabinet to London and appear in court with pomp and panoply as if he is a king?

The trouble or rather the opportunity is, GTK is not alone, there are similar officers with intellect and a desire to see change, but they are not united under one umbrella, a very long list of names of veterans I’ve personally interacted with, all gems that need to unite for the nation in my opinion as a strong political force, ideally with MINIMAL or none civilians in their ranks, this is important as in all 4 cases of Army rule in the past, it was mostly civilians who let the Generals down

What do these men of honor need to do?

Team up, rally behind someone like GTK (General Tariq Khan) and “do their thing” it could be a pressure group for good governance, or simply launch a political platform that challenges the Goliath of filth and gore, the so called democratic scum of Pakistan. Bring us home good governance, lesser “government employees and ministries,” low flat taxes that lessen the burden on the common man and also attracts investors, establish rule of law with their retired comrades log, stock and barrel, a fair election (SMS / electronic) election mechanism with higher weighted votes for educated voters, ensure moderation in our dealings viz faith to increase tourism and also reduce violence; and above all give people hope that they have as of now lost, like a bird about to be devoured by a beast they too see the animal marching to their carcass in 2018 elections

Will the General and their mates listen to my and like minded civilians’ humble advice? Time will tell, or the brain drain and oppression will continue, for how long must we the people suffer this incompetent, corrupt and useless version of democracy from our perspective?

PAI: Old Wine or Lessons from the past?

PAI: Musharafization Part 2, Old Wine or Lessons from the past?

By Crystal Heart Kazmi – BlahBlah.info

Pakistan Awami Ittehad, a “grand alliance” of 23 mostly nameless, faceless and inconsequential parties has been announced by General Pervez Musharraf

I have been his supporter and five years back the international media published many articles I’d written on him, the days I was at his media office in Dubai at tinyurl.com/caseformush – I admired him for his candidness and upfront demeanor, and despised him for his almost foolish foresight. He was / is a good man who has done some good things, still feels the pain of his nation, however, without the ability to put his talent to practical use. Perhaps his interest in the finer things in life, if you catch my drift, or his weakness for praise by sycophants, many a times long after he was dethroned and there were court cases on him, he wasn’t even able to fly back, yet his staff and friends in Dubai referred to him, must to my bewilderment, as “President Sahab” – buttered him up, gardened his ego to bear the fruits of his distraction, he could have, still can, keep away from the people who got him into the mess he is in today, if he wishes to leave a final, perhaps positive mark as his legacy

Post honest and constructive criticism, I admire his move to create a party at the grand age of 74 where he otherwise could enjoy his passions, fine drinks and golf and tasteful company abound in his external abodes. Yet he chose to rise for the nation, and that act alone deserves mine and an average Pakistan’s salute to him

He has laid the right framework (see S1) by announcing the alliance, the members therein are immaterial, to me, he is rather openly baiting several forces, Imran Khan, MQM, Chaudhrys and others to join him. His overtures aren’t welcomed by the existing bunch led by Khwaja Saad Rafique who (see S2) who are clearly apprehensive and have gone to the extent of “declaring” PAI a failure while their own Lion in deep legal mess seems to mean nothing to them

There are already cracks in the alliance (see S3) where some are denying the alliance or drifting away, such news doesn’t bode well for the General or his initiative, yet one must appreciate his will and desire to stand up against all odds

Musharaf, despite all his weaknesses, is a fighter till his last breath or drop of blood in him. It’s scared the competition. And that means, if nothing else, that PTI, PAT, Chaudhrys, MQM, PSP and perhaps even the dying PPP should atleast LINK up with PAI. Even if PTI and PAT team up with PAI I think it would be a strong contender to ensure removal of the existing forces of corruption in the guise of democracy

It is also true that were a poll conducted among the masses they would certainly indicate a favorable bias and perception of Musharaf even today. And the international media just loved him in yesteryears

Where Imran Khan falters, Musharaf picks up be it international or local opinions, it is a difficult match but one that cannot be considered impossible

I think he could learn a lot from the humorously named taunt on fake democracy and ill served government to the people of Pakistan at gadhaparty.com – unless he speaks about absolute lack of justice for the common man, heavy indirect taxes to support a useless rusted government machinery and policies to either ally with the US or / and China then two hoots to what we, Pakistanis, want – should be a never wrecker for his haters

Exactly what he needs to do to rock the boat of self serving democracy towards a long overdue Western model of democracy that our people sorely need and deserve!

Will he learn, or will he lament? Time will tell…


The Way Forward for Pakistanis (& Muslims)

Message to all Pakistanis
Crystal BlahBlah.info
My dear brothers and sisters, time is running out for your nation as well as your faith, as global superpowers call Islam a cancer in the bodies of 1.7 billion Muslims (see S1) – this is just one angle! On the face of it Western nations, specially the US have a “consultative” relationship with Muslim nations, on the inside, they fear Muslims, if united, will bring a new world order as per Henry Kissinger’s article (see S2). This double edged approach of the West leaves us with few choices if we wish to survive!
There are two ways out of this, complete submission to the West or complete submission to Allah, there is no third way if anyone lives in the delusion that there is…
The way of Allah to me which is PEACEFUL UNION OF ALL MANKIND should be the preferred way, that way is simple for all to understand since the dawn of time not just the dawn of Islam. That way, incidentally and ironically, is also followed by the West and all developed nations of the world when they provide justice, equality, welfare and human rights overall to their citizens. Few among the Muslims nations even come close! That to me should be the STARTING point of an internal diagnosis in the Muslim world, a clear, honest and step by step benchmarking of their state organs, values, laws and implementation with the “best of breed” in the West
Unless we understand where are the gaps, we certainly cannot mend or fix any! And if you ask me, we KNOW where the gaps are but are just too complacent to address them, we need justice, equality, welfare, simple laws and economic policies (better than the West, nothing’s stopping us!) and a focus on the humanitarian aspect of Islam that we, ourselves, have forgotten away from the rituals we seem to be deeply and dangerously involved in leading to infighting and self destruction. If anyone asks me, as a starting point all Muslim scholars should study the rise of Islam and order all sects created after the death of the Prophet as not the “core Muslim faith” (since one can see the designs of Iran which are equally re-pungent as the proponents of the NWO), that will atleast help us realize that the Shia sect and others are as different from Islam then other faiths, focusing on world domination then peaceful union. Unity cannot be achieved when belief systems are as divergent as we see today in the Muslim world
I urge you, brothers and sisters, to spread this awareness to all Pakistanis you know, let us first clean our own mess and get to a position of intellectual equality which will ultimately assure our survival and hopefully, growth
Do YOUR part please! Go deeper!
S1 edition.cnn.com/2016/11/22/politics/kfile-michael-flynn-august-speech/index.html
S2 blogofthebeardedone.wordpress.com/2016/01/01/kissinger-on-the-rise-of-islam/

Global Substance Abuse Day

GSAD – today, November 9, 2017, is Global Substance Abuse Day
Let us remember all the loved ones lost, be they parents or children, due to substance abuse, whether due cancer or complications due to smoking, alcohol or drugs
No one can bring them back, you can hang a parents’ picture but you won’t be able to hug them, to feel them, you can cry on your teenager who died in a crash while high, but your tears won’t bring them back to you
What is worse, is for those of us still alive and seeing their loved ones giving way to their desires and commit slow, methodical, suicide, often pretending that “all is well” – till it is too late and you either have a few last moments left with them and sometimes just their bodies to bury
How can you help those still alive value the meaning of being alive in a healthy and positive way?
I believe love is the only ammo available to us to stop those in haste to reach the “other side”
Show your love to those you love, let them FEEL it, BE with them when they near their addiction and replace it with a POSITIVE alternate, sports, a nice movie, a walk in the park, feeding birds, just dancing in the streets, or praying, playing a fun game, whatever that helps them pass those “moments of weakness” – and if you can’t then do not hesitate to call for help, be it medical, rehab or even spiritual, don’t let them suffer in silence or perceived happiness and lose precious years ahead of them!
I know, because, I too, have suffered and I watch some suffer… And I know, that you too, have the ability to help someone today, go ahead and do it
Love can cure what rehab or medicines cannot, love is what we’re made of
Crystal Kazmi blahblah.info

A madman or the face of the future? You decide!

Crystal Heart Kazmi, a Brief Profile
BlahBlah.info, AE-US-PK, Whatsapp +971 55 8094119
Skype Imran.Kazmi@outlook.com crystal.kazmi@gmail.com
The universe is united in love and symbiotic coexistence; it is we humans who are the misfits in this scheme of things as abusers of life in all its forms. It is we who need to unlearn concepts of competitiveness, superiority, blind pursuit of material and a myopic inward focus on tribe, country, race, ethnicity, faith, sect and so forth, then a unifying belief in humanity that transcends all such man made labels
Why am I “like this?”
Often people ask me “What is wrong with you?” “Why can’t you be normal like the rest of us?” “why are you thinking of the world and humanity when your own existence is perilous?” “Why can’t you be loyal to the smallest subset that the rest of us are: family, sect, faith, ethnicity, nation and so forth” “Why do you trust people blindly, knowing full well that most aren’t worthy of the same as verified by your own personal experiences?” “Why can’t you focus on making money and having a good life that the rest of us have anyway?” “Why don’t you realize, and accept, that the very human tendencies you wish to change in humanity, are deeply ingrained, hardwired and almost impossible to change except for a few who sought or perchance gained enlightenment?”
The answers to these questions can be observed in my early childhood and how I evolved then into who I am today, a utopian fool to some, an idealist with a cause to others and simply “Walter Mitty” to others
I was born as Imran Owais Kazmi, in a city of Pakistan called Karachi, on August 5, 1970. I grew up playing cricket, reading about nuclear physics (my passion till today), astronomy, astrology and savored all I could from the British Council, where my late dad, S M Owais, who was a senior government officer who later translated the Quran and was respected globally including by the late Madame Indira Gandhi, was adamant we enroll in. My late mother, Dr Atiya Khalil Arab, was a professor, scholar, writer and poet of global repute too who taught me humanity in its purest and simplest form that transcends any and all religions, doctrines, dogmas and philosophies. Her pure, unconditional love for humanity, not just her immediate or extended family, or her many friends, ranging from heads of states to cleaning ladies, was a great influence on me. Later on I studied in public schools with amazing teachers, wanted to pursue Engineering but Mathematics was a weakness and hence I settled for Business Administration at a place called the IBA in Karachi, Pakistan, in those days and perhaps even today, a fine school for learning how to climb the corporate ladder quickly
I loitered around the corporate world, saw its hypocrisies, all the tall words, corporate values, vision, mission, organizational culture, and how a few individuals excelling in manipulation, not necessarily competent, could swing the entire organization their way, abuse the hard working majority, whether blue or white collar
Back in ’93 right after the MBA/BBA from IBA in Marketing & Finance, I started working for British American Tobacco’s subsidiary in Pakistan (PTC) organizing sports and merchandising shops adorning cigarette promotions – it was a fun job and a really professional team overall, Motorola JV (Mobilink) where I played with GSM technology as it was launched in the world and formalized International Roaming Agreements with Mobile Network Operators Worldwide besides some research and marketing / channel planning. My next move was a German firm BASF’s pharma wing called Knoll where I was more like an internal consultant adding value as a trainer, in product management, distribution, sales and IT. Thereafter in ’99 I started my own firm called Synergize which evolved over the years to Strategy2Action and CRSCube.com today – the “Human Capital Architect” I called myself, working on positive attitude for the corporate sector, free for those who couldn’t afford me (still do as per tinyurl.com/strategie2action) – I launched Nokia’s distributor Axiom’s operations in Pakistan later in ’99 and worked hard with the then Government of General Pervez Mushraff to clean up the mobile phone imports and taxation mess which resulted in a gain of USD 1 bn for the Government of Pakistan. Again came back to my consulting business, specialized in the balanced business score card and enhanced it at CRSCube.com – my one stop for all corporate excellence initiatives and assisted USD 2 mn a day revenue oil marketing giant PSO besides the largest public sector bank in Pakistan, NBP. Came to Dubai, UAE where I trained channel partners for Nokia on technology and new handsets promo material, assisted a Nokia software partner Psiloc in their MENA operations, consulted MidEast governments on technology and HR – besides trained tons of multinational, public and private sector clients on soft skills through the years. As of the last few years, diverted my attention to social media education on using women as a formidable force to change the world at womenarevotes.com – combating religious hatred at tinyurl.com/kodeofkonduct – arousing the people of Pakistan to claim their rights at gadhaparty.com and tinyurl.com/changepakistan – dreamt of a school to eradicate poverty and terrorism in one go at learningpays.wordpress.com – my life revolves around world peace and harmony, my writings and ravings for the world to see are at blahblah.info
Years along, I realized beyond doubt, the term EQ (or emotional intelligence) in the corporate sector translates to how much of a square faced abuser can one become, there are different variations of Harvey Weinstein’s everywhere, some abuse women, some make lives miserable for subordinates, some squeeze suppliers like a wrenched lemon and even some who become the reason for existence for Erin Brockovich types. Suffice to say when I created CRSCube.com it was with a heavy heart, not so much for “getting rich quick” but to help the corporate Pharaoh’s who nabbed on the dark sides of capitalism and communism the real meaning of corporate nirvana. Few takers though but then I never put in my best to promote it, which I now seriously consider, reignite the flame of corporate success that will invite individual successes the world over
I have learnt, practically, that while there is no God whom we could see with our naked eyes, however we can see, feel, hear and experience love from all around us, humans, animals or even plants. The universe is united in harmony except us humans. We are the impediment to this planet, and ourselves. And yet we have the potential to cure what we created ourselves, if only we refer to the idealism, love, trust and hope inside each one of us
Join me in my struggle to make this world a better place whether for the corporate sector at CRSCube.com – for women at womenarevotes.com and for the poor at gadhaparty.com – we all deserve a better deal, let us all be a part of the solution for humanity!

QJB to do or not to do?

General Qamar Javed Bajwa
to watch or to kick?
General Qamar Javed Bajwa, popularly known as “QJB” among friends, is a man of tall stature, physically and in terms of his character and integrity. A deep Scorpion (Nov 11, 1960) reminding me of Winston Churchill and Gen McArthur, two great statesmen and a course changing General of WW-II.
His close friends vouch for his integrity, right from the time that the traitors within and the anti peace elements in Indian leadership (their ruling mafia, brothers in arms to ours both abusing their masses in the name of democracy) fooled and brainwashed many (even I fell for it in the early days and only until my friends confronted and opened my eyes did I understand the “design of things”) using religion as a tool; as lately reflected by son in law of the traitor politician, shamelessly, a retired veteran, Captain Safdar.
The “design of things” was to attack his credibility and hence further hurt the morale and strength of the Army that has been en vogue soon after the misadventures and false promises of Gen Pervez Musharaf more or less reached their logical end in 2007 with his insult to injury to the Pakistani people with the infamous “NRO” that allowed the corrupt scum he booted out in ’99 to return as Kings and Exploiters right inside the National Assembly, ruining our fate with meticulous coordination even if sworn enemies to the public (Nawaz and Zardari). Democracy, as Zardari proclaimed then, is the best revenge.
Army has been blamed for “interference” none, though, have had the courage or “balls” so to speak, to speak of the limitless corruption and abuse of power being carried out in the name of democracy in Pakistan – the only faint hope was Imran Khan who having teamed up with the same looter cloud in the guise of his saviors has succumbed as the NA120 Kulsum Nawaz win clearly demonstrated that he’s lost credibility and also the sheer POWER of money as I am told Rs 5,000 – 10,000 (USD 50-100) were paid by the winners to buy the voters, a paltry sum to regain their lost glory in the Supreme Court and a blank cheque for more corruption that will earn them lifelong dividends from such “investments”.
Not a SINGLE institution of the nation, sans Army, is functioning as it SHOULD be. Poverty, suicides, lawlessness, trashy foreign image are all the order of the day. It is an OPEN SECRET that the masses of Pakistan have ALWAYS preferred the Army as their saviors then the looter mafia in the guise of democracy, or else Raheel Sharif posters wouldn’t have adorned our streets in the hope that he will deliver us from the CURSE of democracy!
QJB and the Army have a choice. They can watch the game reach its logical end, the crowning of either the PPP Thug Zardari or the PMLN Dacoit Nawaz.
Or he can use the power vested in him under the SAME constitution abused by the so called democrats to once and for all do what Musharaf claimed but never did, with an honest Caretaker cabinet mandated by the Courts to achieve SPECIFIC aims for the people of Pakistan then democratic “talk” that leads only to them becoming more rich and powerful at the expense of a failing state.
1 Reduce taxes to 10% and require Government to function in that revenue cutting down all useless ministries, abolishing the post of “President” which is of no use anyway
2 Abolish provinces that are seats of power to the elites plus division rhetoric and divide nation into 5000 small towns each having their own budget and City Chief who is elected and decides their course of action
3 Let the PEOPLE decide whether they want Liberal (like 90% of GCC) or Conservative (like Saudi) Islam by holding referendum to that effect in every city as in point 2 above, those who want hijab and all let them have it, those who want bars and masseurs please don’t stop them either! Let Allah be the judge the state only should enforce laws like the West does, so drunk driving or abuse of any human or animal in any form or manner be punishable, not all “sins” let them be decided on the day of judgement by the One who made those rules!
4 In an environment where the police and judiciary are literally slaves to the democratic mafia it makes PERFECT SENSE to give these two organs to retired veterans log, stock and barrel, under the command of the COAS – without justice NO NATION in the world has developed FORGET CPEC we can get 100 times CPEC investments from all over the world if the above are followed
5 A great foreign image with low taxes, justice, law & order, a mix of liberalism to attract tourists and above all policies that are “live and let live” with the world community that can ONLY happen when we the people LIVE through this
QJB, my parting advice: carpe diem, seize the day while you still can. The absence of which will result in NEUTRALIZATION of Pakistan Army, the ultimate goal of the enemies of state standing tall in the Parliament, deserving a good bed space in our jails filled with more innocent people then criminals like them, Sir.
Pakistan Paindabad
Crystal Heart Kazmi