Allies, time to wake up!

My American, EU, UK, Aussie, Kiwi, Canadian friends are one of the few reasons I believe the world desperately needs western values overall, though not perfect but on the right track for sure. And also governance. We in Pakistan have a good guy (Imran Khan). We don’t know if the thugs around him will make him do any better. But many in Africa, South America and Asia have no such hope

Even if you disagree on your political opinion you must be cognizant of the universal truth I speak here for you know if you know me at all that I’m neither a liar nor a hypocrite. And I have the best intent for humanity not any race faith nation etc crap

James Kushner was with me in an Uber driven by an Afghani in NYC and the driver readily endorsed my views of having a western controlled state as these byte sized nations have helluva terrible leaders all around, in fact all the US taxpayer money that went to Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya should have logically resulted in expanded US territory with its benefits (and flaws) for no point going half-hearted to war and giving birth to byproducts like ISIS (as happened in Libya post Qaddafi, the lesser evil so to speak compared to ISIS)

Except a few countries that have stable law and order, and happy citizens and expats most of the world is truly in dire need of action, the UN has been a joke, so has been Interpol and NATO, a more aggressive, coherent LOCAL strategy was and is required, but then in the absence of action by the ALLIES we have, CHINESE NEOCOLONIALISM in the offing!

Hear my call before China takes and keeps the cake. The window of opportunity for the West is only a few years if you ask me. Waste it hating each other or unite as ALLIES and fight the bigger evil. China and human rights are as far apart as you are close

Humanity is dead. Nationalism. Faith and hate rule the world.

It is sad, impossible to have a civil discussion these days. It has almost become universal. Social media has destroyed good manners.

All that remain are warlords and cheapskates.

Men with brawns but no brains and certainly no humanity.

Men who are good at blaming any side.

Men who are pro nationalism but not universality of the human race as I see it, the whole world.

Men who can blame other men only because of a faith they obeyed in love of their parents.

Men who jealously guard a flag but throw humanity in to the gutter

It is universal and it is shameful for all humans including those reading it

I pity us humans. Dogs and cats are better then us. Atleast they don’t need a label to feel secure about themselves

CrystalHeart Kazmi


‘The Generals’: Don’t give Pakistan to Grave Caretakers! Bring Imran Khan instead

‘The Generals’: Don’t give Pakistan to Grave Caretakers! Bring Imran Khan instead

On recent rumors of formation of a Caretaker Government before Elections 2018, let me challenge and expose some fallacies and conspiracies here for those in you who actually USE some part of their brains.

I would like to attend the Corps Commanders Conference, also have a chat with DGs of Military Intelligence & Operations & ISI on what they’re upto these days. WHAT? I am a civilian and hence out of bounds of this highly confidential discussion, and I’m certainly not competent for the same or am I?

But come discord with politicians, thousands of “bloody” civilians line up to persuade the Army High Command of their suitability to run “civil affairs,” on WHAT basis? Some say “Owais Ghani is a good man to become the Prime Minister” – well I, then, am good enough to attend all top secret Army meetings too!

The fact of the matter, which most Pakistanis ignore, is that in 70+ years politicians + bureaucrats + judges + police ALL of whom have been (mostly) “bloody civilians” have given us NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH. Only added to our debts, lied to us, hid behind the constitution or “democracy” and fooled the international community with treasonous intents, the latest of which was displayed by ex PM Mian Nawaz Sharif giving a field day to the Indian & world media against Pakistan.

In contrast the only stable arm of state in 70+ years is the Army, even in terms military budgets vs arch rival India, Pakistan spends $9bn vs India’s $55bn! at 1/5th of the budget we offer a nuclear deterrent, a world class intelligence agency and a very well organized team. The army administration of officers or sepoys cantonments or residences is par excellence. It is the SAME Pakistan though, quite shockingly, when one visits army facilities vs civilian facilities. In army facilities, law & order, health, education, everything is as good as can be expected, it is the exact opposite in civilian setup run education, health, cities and so forth.

I have therefore thoughtfully concluded that the Army is indeed the best institution to be given 100%, full and wholesome command of the nation.

However, the pseudo intellectuals of Pakistan have been consistently conniving with gullible army personnel right from the time of Ayub Khan (Bhutto was invented then), to Zia (Nawaz and Altaf were created), Musharaf (Chaudhry’s were empowered and NRO debacle) till today where the Army top brass is SOMEHOW convinced to launch a (grave) Caretaker government comprising PPP or other so called “clean” stalwarts.

What the army does not realize is that we need either of two things:

  • There is only one man in our specked history who risked his marriage, wealth even life for us, none other than Imran Khan. If a caretaker setup is planned make him head it. For no less than 10 years. And I promise you Nirvana. Don’t listen to the pundits, do the right thing. In all likelihood the rigged and tribal election system of Pakistan will deny him power and the man is getting old. He doesn’t have much time if we wish to use him
  • If somehow this is unacceptable for lame constitutional or political reasons then simply run Pakistan from the GHQ. Log, stock and barrel. Forget about all else this alone if done for the next 10 years will catapult us in every sense imaginable

But a caretaker under Owais Ghani or similar will be the same as Musharraf getting Choudhrys back in the day ending with an NRO.

It is ok to make mistakes only stupid to repeat them. I hope the Generals would display a broader understanding of dynamics then graveyard caretaker setups

Tyranny of the Sindhi Waderas, poor man’s sister abducted

اس وڈیو کو دیکھیں اور شرم کریں ھماری نام نہاد آزادی پر جہاں سندھ میں نئ نویلی دلھن دن دھارے وڈئرے اٹھا کے لے جاتے ہیں. آرمی چیف اور چیف جسٹس کو فوری طور پر ایکشن لینا چاہئے

A young girl was picked from her marriage by Sindhi Waderas and is perhaps still alive and raped by them. This video is matter of shame for every 🇵🇰. Army Chief and SC Chief Justice should take immediate action

Crystal Kazmi

A poor woman’s cry for her brother!

ایک غریب لڑکی کی فریاد ہر پاکستانی تک پوھنچائیں

آرمی چیف، سپریم کورٹ چیف جسٹس، DG رینجرز اور CC کراچی، ایک یتیم لڑکی کی فریاد رمضان کے مہینے سے پہلے اس کو اسکا بھائی واپس زندہ دلاتے ہیں، انشا الله

Attention Army & Court’s reputation at stake: Urgent ACTION requested from Chief Justice, COAS, Corps Commander Karachi & DG Rangers

1 This video was sent by Mr Ashu (+92 311 2388176) on 13th of May, 2018 to a whatsapp group that I was a part of and hence widely circulating
2 Of a girl from Karachi who claims her younger brother 18/19 year old boy NIC 42201-3418264-7, (it is not clear whether last 5 digits are 82647 or 82847) fathers name: Mohammad Hussain, DoB is coming as 01/01/(year has thumb of person holding ID copy)
3 He had a fight with someone in his area who threatened him with dire consequences
4 That night the Rangers picked up the boy, misbehaved with his mother, and he’s missing since then
5 The lady has visited Rangers & Police, no avail, as customary in Pakistan the poor don’t get justice
6 I appeal to the H’able CJ, COAS, CC Khi & DG Rangers to address this issue in utmost urgency, honesty and sincerity

Best regards

Crystal Heart Kazmi (Imran Owais Kazmi)
Whatsapp +923205345555 Email

RETURN TO ABRAHAMONICS – when Fascism becomes a norm, the good must rise!

Þ If you knew what I wanted was what you have

Þ And if you knew I was willing to give you all I had for it

Þ Would you still bomb me or make a wall between you and me?

Þ Then come home and give me the home I desired?

When Fascism becomes a norm, the good must rise!

I would like to address my dear brothers and sisters in America. I am yours and you, are mine, for a reason. I think like you, egalitarian, tolerant, positive (win/win) achievement oriented, honest, caring for those who need care, and honorable.

Yet your governments, not just Trump, but those before, and before, and before – for a long, long time, have only feigned allegiance to what are truly American values and in fact veered further and further away from an America reframed by Abraham Lincoln into whatever it is today. Their pursuit to meddle in affairs of almost all nations of the world – sadly with a covert interest to sell arms or amass energy resource through the overt instruments of warfare, rhetoric, hatred all embodied in excellent (convincing perhaps is a better word) statesmanship that was displayed by successive Heads of this great nation, continuing till today. They may come from the movies, or the army, or may have studied law, or simply swindled their way “up there” but all of them have had one thing in common: they never had the best interest of the American people at heart.

Why so? One may ask, on the face of it they address issues that “seem” to matter, they claim ever so often to “fix things internally’ and in no time internal turns to anywhere the wind blows, to favor a few selfish then the egalitarian principles and values of the founding fathers that has literally made a joke of America the world over. Invasions that freed people to face even greater chaos, a half-hearted attempt then a long term “stay back and fix things before we leave” approach.

Do not get me wrong, I am not promoting an inward focused America as some in leadership sell you the idea, where “America First” becomes a catchy slogan to hit semi-literate masses for votes, but America never comes first for them, only their own selves and those who catapulted them, often way beyond their highest level of incompetence. If America indeed came first, one would see an increase in American participation in the world where poverty, illiteracy, autocracy and fascism are a norm. America was always perceived the savior it always shied away from, for purely selfish reasons.

Because American values of acceptance and free expression transcend any boundary, physical or mental, racial or ethnic, religious or scientific – and establishes the right of a man or woman to say what they want to say and not be persecuted for it, to aim for the stars and be punished for trampling over another’s rights, however small in comparison, a system with a value set of societal thinking rarely witnessed elsewhere outside the borders of North America.

The result is obvious, a happy pot-pourri or the often overused term “melting pot” of umpteen cultures and sub cultures, where the American accent, jokes, idioms, phrases, lifestyles, taunts and a “way of life” sort of “harmonize” all sub cultures living IN America literally representing the whole wide world, you name any culture or ethnicity that is NOT in America – and yet not immersed in a sort of “globalized, internalized American values and lifestyle?”

This powerful aura, influence, whatever you call it, brings, generally, the best out of people as individuals or a team. And “people” here ironically includes a subset of the ENTIRE world we live in.

Couple this with generally good labor laws and practices, equality built into a value and legal system and an overall welfare state (leave healthcare aside for a moment) and America has become a powerful supercharged magnet that the whole world, even it’s proclaimed enemies are attracted to!

This explains why if a survey was done of who wishes to migrate to the US from all over the third world, I’d say 70% of the world we live in would opt to live in America then where they’re born, where their families, friends, culture, even assets!

Such blind ambition or desperation, desire to move to America resulted in illegal immigrants that become the song and dance of lesser men seeking power, to appeal to a class of voters who do not understand the big picture, they are shown why they are jobless at the cost of someone who illegally crossed borders and “took their job” – convincing as the argument seems the more convincing backdrop of how essential much better an American life is in comparison to a “non American” life (count out Canada, EU, UK, NZ and Australia, maybe Singapore, Japan and South Korea and perhaps the oil rich Gulf nations too) for the rest – America is a dream come true!

None of the modern day American politicians, writers, anchors, write or speak about this phenomenon!

Of why when atleast 70% of planet earth yearns for American values, lifestyle and institutions are they denied the same? Even an honest attempt is not made to understand, assess and perhaps act upon this desire? A global social media survey of “who wants to live in America” can perhaps be the first step in the right direction.

Yet, conveniently ignored, the desires and aspirations of 70% of planet earth and replaced with the “priorities of a few” naturalized or born Americans, regardless of how they “made it” there – whether as colonists, or slaves or illegal converted to legal migrants. They watch how despondent lives are back at their ancestral home nations and almost criminally and apathetically turn a blind eye. At most, a non-profit sending aid to the AIDS ridden. That is NOT the answer! The answer is ownership and change!

This selfishness on the part of American intelligentsia appalls me. An average European will not take more than a few minutes to resonate with my views, perhaps because they are, in essence, the real founders of America and as the saying goes you don’t teach your dad how to …. so the Europeans in terms of value set are ahead of America from any criteria or standard imaginable. Had the Europeans been as adventurous as the Americans are I’m pretty sure what I write above would have to some extent been implemented already.

Yet the world yearns for America! And American “ruling elites” yearn to keep power and keep on (mis)educating their masses on the stark naked reality obvious perhaps even to a blind man. That the whole world wants America, its lifestyle, values and institutions.

America need not look inwards nor wage useless wars. America only needs perfect a code of conduct for the whole world, which she has successfully implemented at home, with obvious improvements needed in a flat simplified taxation system, healthcare that rewards a healthy lifestyle and foreign policy that integrates then disintegrates the world we live in.

I’ve been writing about it for donkey’s years (see KodeofKonduct) where I tried to sell a global model for dominance that syncs and rhymes with the needs of the world. For instance, instead of stopping a Mexican at the border with a stupendous wall, one is perhaps better off creating more jobs for Americans (ideally Mexican – Americans) as invaders for the GOOD of Mexico, annexing it as US territory and giving Mexicans exactly what they toil so hard for right at home! American values, justice and environment!

But unless the PEOPLE of America SEE THROUGH THIS FARCE and RAISE their PENS AND VOICES to take loving ownership of the world, whichever way makes sense to them, we will continue to have more of the same.

So rise, Americans, rise, rise for freedom – your own and the worlds, use your subsets of nationals all over the world to give hope to the hopeless!

Above all get GOOD people you have aplenty in mainstream politics, only THEN will you make a difference that you must before all that remains are tears on the grave of Abraham Lincoln, mine and yours.

I hope American and global media spreads my message for lasting global peace as above.


The irony of it all

Indians and Pakistanis lived together for a thousand years then came the British slave masters for 90 years fought off together by Muslims and Hindus of India. Only to live separately break off brother from brother. Worse. Make each other fill with hate for none but each other. While they’re exactly the same in terms of culture and values even

Why else would an Indian Hindu family running a small restaurant in Austria give shelter and job to and illegal Pakistani boy from Gujrat? Thousands of such examples

And both sides have fine ladies and gentlemen in uniform as army officers and sepoys. Still following British training mostly still immune to the corruption, abuse of power and rhetoric filled democracy preachers in politicians, leaders, bureaucrats looting these great people dry as their people run abroad as cheap labor to feed families at home abused by their own leaders and public servants

Both sides have amazing Hindus and amazing Muslims, they also have awful ones of all kinds 🙂 what we need is a secular approach to thrive then one based on faith, as again, ironically, 40% of India is Muslim and Pakistan is currently full swing ahead on secularism! Yet the animosity and hatred!!!

Indians and Pakistanis share the same jokes love each other’s movies and music, actors and actresses, models and artists, yet forced to live in hate. What is needed are the two great armies to join hands and rid these Nations of demonic governments and so called public servants, police and judiciary and give them America or any decent country at home…

Ironically unfair or Unfairly ironic. I’d let you weep, and decide

Saving the Constitution OR saving Pakistan?

My dream for Pakistan is justice and a stable economy, great terms with our neighbors and the world community based on SOUND GOVERNANCE that is secular and progressive in nature
It is an open secret that Pakistan’s paid media, shitellectuals, democracy naming looters, rapists, murderers, cheats and some scared but good officers find the Holy Grail in the Constitution of Pakistan
A constitution nevertheless we never made but was created by the British and simply adapted (you know the “Islamic” bits and all) – in all fairness it’s not a bad document if one studies it
Practically speaking, the academic acumen of the constitution is another story. For example, none of the requirements for fighting elections, conducting elections, good governance, so on and so forth CLEARLY described in the constitution are being followed
For example, a CRIMINAL CALLED NAWAZ SHARIF who was ousted by the Supreme Courts is still looming at large, enjoying state protocol and what not, ANOTHER CRIMINAL ASIF ZARDARI and his son are fighting elections, implicated in frauds since 1988, and the murder of his not so beloved wife, Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan’s first female Prime Minister, not to mention her brother Murtaza Bhutto and has forced his daughter, the truly intellectual of sound mind and heart, Fatima Bhutto instead crowned his Zardari children with the Bhutto title
These are just the head honchos, if Donald Trump is questioning America’s 33 bn dollars it certainly wasn’t these two alone, the web runs deeper and filthier – any Pakistani will tell you from firsthand experience that the majority of bureaucracy (government officers), police, judiciary and politicians is corrupt to the core, with a few exceptions only. The cricketer turned politician, Imran Khan, ultimately succumbed to this mafia and ended up picking the ‘divorced wives’ of the two primary political Mafiosos – to what avail? Destruction of his own credibility and political chances
The situation is dire in Pakistan, 250 million people have no hope as I have outlined clearly in – they are NOT at fault for usurping Trump’s 33 billion dollars OR that of USAID or other donors, in fact if the same money was given directly to the people the Taliban and other US haters would be proudly displaying the star spangled banner! The fault lay with America and international donors of working with the WRONG PARTNERS
The wealth of the nation usurped by the few has spiraled mass poverty and hopelessness, and in times like these the Mullah’s reign supreme for when life loses importance death is the only thing viable to look forward to – whether for 70 virgins or whatever rhetoric the Mullah can come up with, the reason is not religious, it is purely economic, why so these conservative people work as bouncers or cabbies all over the world and never complain?
Religion, whether Islam or any other have both good and may I say “not so good” aspects to them, my solution is explained in KoK or Kode of Konduct at to harmonize hate tendencies in ANY faith
Politicians and the Government of Pakistan is a can of worms, they are leeches who have sucked the blood, repute, and even HOPE from our people
In these dire circumstances, our ex brothers Indians – fellow slaves to the British pre ’47 instead of empathizing use it as an opportunity to take uncalled for digs at us, blaming the only DECENT institution of Pakistan Army for our ills
The Army, torn between protecting its repute after Musharaf misadventures of NRO and what not are walking a tight rope, finding solace in “protecting the constitution” for the prime aim of protecting their own repute
The time has come, now, to choose, the nation or the constitution?
The constitution will give us more of the same bigotry, lawlessness, poverty and terrorism we’ve head and the nation needs a STABLE group to govern and fix its ills, none better than the Army as per their excellent track record of maintaining Cantonments and military arsenal in a professional environment where team rather than individual decisions are taken by generally honest and patriotic people
This is exactly what the nation needs right now! As for foreign powers will someone please tell them to look around the MANY places (without taking names) all over the world which still have “Kings” etc that the West has lovey dovey terms with? Why not fix THEM first where they keep quiet due business interests? Why single us poor people out for imposing democracy when they know well enough votes are bought, coerced and only a select exploiter class even has the resources to contest elections?
If the war on terror is to succeed Pakistan must be made internally strong with ruthless accountability of the bad guys through Military Courts as none other have todate delivered justice – without justice terrorists and poverty will remain best friends with ominous results to Pakistan and the world community
A sound technocrat government backed by an Army establishment ENSURING ACCOUNTABILITY of all corrupt criminals who have looted not just American money but also OUR money is the answer, spare NO ONE, whether a retired General or a Politician, be ruthless
That will pave the way for a strong Pakistan governed with liberal values using the argument that were Islam SO important for an average Pakistani why do they migrate to non Muslim countries?
The answer is no different from why a MEXICAN or a Filipino or an African migrates, things back home are unbearable
Let Pakistan Army take the tough call of saving the nation then democracy, and let the world community, including the Indians who share our culture and values support us
For together we win, together we lose…
And even if NO ONE does let the Pakistan Army realize that the window of opportunity is small, we have invested decades in US “terms” with no gains, the Chinese will be worse Masters, be your OWN masters is what I say based on the SAME principles that made AMERICA a great nation, first amendment, justice, equality, and humanitarian approach (on the positive side) – bragging about their negative side will do us no good, learn from the goodness, even if it be in your enemy! For in the long run there are no enemies, as the ultimate truth of universality and humanity cannot be hidden from the worst of haters
We are ONE as a human race and we need to focus on the HUMANS in our lands then rhetoric and false flag constitutions
MY DEAR MEN IN UNIFORM: Deliver the people with justice and economic well being and the world will be your oyster
Crystal Heart Kazmi