Capital Talk: Jerusalem – heralding the rise of Crusades and Jihad!

Capital Talk: Jerusalem – heralding the rise of Crusades and Jihad!

by Crystal Kazmi

A few days back #45, PotUS, Donald Trump announced “Jerusalem as the capital of Israel” with a background explained by NYT (see #5 in the links below)

Marc Ginsberg, former US Ambassador & White House senior advisor on Middle East calls it “Donald Trump’s Jerusalem Crusade” (see link #8 below) – he knows the region and the conflict very well, and understands that brokering a deal between Israel and Palestinians is all but impossible, neither want a share of the pie (Jerusalem) it has to be an all or nothing acquisition. Deeply rooted in the prophecies and injunctions of the three “cousin books” leading to most of humanity’s hatred for each other, albeit I am sure, unintentionally, the scriptures of Jews, Christians and Muslims, held blindly close to heart by their followers

Under what authority did Trump make the announcement? Not a peacemaker, but indeed a Crusader would be a more befitting title perhaps? As the President of America he had no right to interfere in another sovereign nation (Israel or Palestine) affairs except perhaps as a mediator which as per New York Times and others has been the overt stated American position – but Mr Ginsberg as above has stated official failures too, and Mr Trump doesn’t like “losing” – even if it means the whole world loses!

By using a similar logic Mr Trump can declare Islamabad the capital of India or Moscow the capital of Poland, and maybe Toronto the capital of New York State 🙂 Thus the logical reaction of most observers and media was disgust at his apparent Crusadoholic far right religious appeasement for next US elections (making the Jews happy at the cost of Muslim unhappiness) no matter what happens practically, or not – if you read articles 1-3 & 5 in the links below CNN, VOX and the “Independent” you would agree that the rationale is deeper rooted and very dangerous for an already conflict ridden, hate filled world which I have proposed peaceful solutions to religious hate of thousands of years at link #6 below, this is regardless of the deal struck between the Saudi King and Mr Jared Kushner as Mr Ginsberg points to as well

The reaction of most Muslims is at #4 protesting peacefully or not and floating petitions to “reverse the decision” addressed to Mr Trump!!! such petitions somehow affirm the authority of Trump to declare something he NEVER had ANY authority to do so! Hence the people begging or protesting, asking Trump to “change the capital of Israel” are considering him their “Father Figure” which he’s not by being clearly partisan with Israel! or maybe themselves his subjects and slaves, a logical inference from the above argument! Such people indeed need to be confronted for their immaturity subtly supporting the legitimacy of an illegitimate extremely partisan assertion by Mr Trump

Anyone who reads this with a cool and calm head will realize the idiocy of asking an American President who has no official business in declaring capitals of other specially disputed states! I had given a funny answer to him on video focusing on the inner motivation of right wing appeasement give in link #7 below

However, the dangerous realization is the too close for comfort right wing inclination of an apparently once upon a time super liberal himself US President. It’s a queasy feeling, as Muslims’ we’ve had our unfair share of hardliners in Taliban and Al Qaeda and have been fighting them tooth and nail to diffuse and incapacitate them often with the help of the “West” – so in a long time the world witnessed Muslim and Christian leaders united in addressing terrorism of an Islamic kind, however the current turn of events shows that while the West neutralized Islamic hardliners with the help of Muslim governments, it seems to have every intention to fuel the same at home or abroad by empowering the hardliners in Christians and Jews!

That’s game, set and match for the next wave of Crusades and Jihads if you ask me. Unless the sane in the West realize, speak out and mellow down the insane in their ranks, much as we did after paying a heavy price. One thing I can assure, such overt right wing overtures will result in the reenactment of Jihadi Islam as the logical counter to the proposed Crusade preparations as apparent in such gaffes – angering 1.6 billion Muslims to react, to what avail? bloodshed?

Then, as we all bathe in each others blood, the supporters and proponents of Jihad and Crusades will hide behind religious texts

Forgetting Dire Straits’ Brothers’ in Arms and Sting’s Fragile, the world will see an unprecedented inhumanity and hatred that will only put the dark ages to shame, as now we’re simply more lethal!



Pakistan literally at the crossroads



Choose one system and stick to it

It’s not a joke my dear our sovereignty is clearly at great risk. For sake of Pakistan let us face the valid points in Iman Hazir video and also reject the invalid extremist and illogical responses made by below the belt extremist Shaheer Saalvi types and others circulating on the net. Let’s be clear he (Shaheer Salvi or the other guy) had NO argument against Iman Hazir except INSULTING HER AS A WOMAN, calling her and her mom a slut etc, the hallmark of eunuch like males of Pakistan.In short:

1 Iman Hazir video started this at

2 Response by illogical, slanderous, hardliner cheaposter Shaheer Salvi at and another fanatic one at

The background of below discourse at please do read, thanks

All his claims were 100% pure crap. If shown on international media he will hurry our recognition as a terrorist state. People like him need to be taken to courts with criminal charges of defamation and below the belt remarks like rate lage ga. As if we don’t have heera mandi right here huh? Maybe where he came from too

Speaking of the lady she validly pointed out a contradiction in army behavior of giving nazrana of shaheed like Maj Ishaq and others to fight extremist taliban on one hand and on the other a serving general giving thousands from his pocket to people who blocked roads ambulances put life to a standstill under WHAT LEGAL OR CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY? NONE

Their case was religion not the law of the land and if you or anyone agrees with them your fight should be an Islami Pakistan under Sharia not under British made laws conveniently mixed with Islam. But not the Sharia of the Prophet and Allah

So either struggle for a Pakistan under the system of Sharia or Caliphate as was the contention of outlawed and banned outfits like Hizb ul Tahrir all over the world or simply accept a tolerant westernized version of democracy and law as we have where ultimately Islam will take a major back seat. Proof. Army consistently killing Muslims under Sharia is not allowed!

So we Pakistanis need to come out of this double talk. Aik sans main musalman dosri main angrez. Waah

Either be true to Islam or learn to live like a good sleep under the mighty powerful West and even anti Islam China

Hypocrisy has its exact results on this nation clearly mentioned in Quran

My personal preference is moderation hence not Sharia as understood by clerics but a Western like system of welfare where religion becomes an individual than a state choice and is not enforced. Only the right to reasonably practice not the hijack version today against our current accepted constitution

So Iman Hazir has highlighted a valid point but I agree with you her intention is clearly malicious to defame us globally

We need to ask ourselves are we helping her and our enemies by missing the valid aspects of her argument ie our own confusion on which system to follow? West or Sharia

To that end the fault lies with us. She’s only exploiting a weakness the system and people behavior contradictory to the stated constitution of Pakistan by blocking roads and blackmailing government in the name of Islam

As educated, tolerant and intelligent people the time is now to support the truth then ritual Islam propagated by shamelessly abusive Maulvis like Khadim Rizvi and similar. This is the real battle for survival of Pakistan if you ask me

Internal enemies of Pakistan Army

Internal enemies of Pakistan Army – پاکستانی فوج کے اندرونی دشمن
Crystal Kazmi

As per evidence below, I have been requesting the Army top ranks to avoid brushing shoulders with the Government. Yesterday, what was a clear proof of the incompetence of the Government and a suicide note for Mian and his clan of looters has actually turned into a major embarrassment for the Army today as per IHC Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui after the Army’s successful efforts at getting a peaceful settlement!

How could you make a hero turn into a villain in a matter of hours? That is “Pakistani Politics” for the unwary, the straight soldiers sitting in the GHQ, who blindly trust and propel proxies like Sheikh Rasheed and Chaudhray Biradran (Shujaat and Pervez) loose on the media to express their views. ISPR mustn’t be so naive, or is it? Doesn’t the army realize the difference between a friend and a foe? While this realization is elementary and immediate in the case of Altaf Hussain and no margin is given to him, in fact even Musharaf is “jila watan” for WHAT fault? why then, are all “discounts” and “naram dili” and “muhibe watani” ideas applied to Nawaz and the gang? People at some point in time will be forced to think on ethnic lines, and that “point in time” is just round the corner

Today has been a historical day, Nawaz Sharif has successfully cornered, embarrassed and discredited the army wrongfully but effectively. I predicted the same, but the masoomeen didn’t bother. Even now the level of trust in this sham democracy and it’s proponents is extremely upsetting to say the least

The people of Pakistan deserve better, their love affair with the Army is being tested to its’ limits by crafty and conniving statecraft men. This is no time for the army, or anyone, to think on ethnic lines, it is time to think survival, an effective and independent army, followed by an effective and independent Pakistan

Or has the deal for Punjab Police extension been sealed? For what else can one assume given today could have justifiably been the last day for Nawaz and cronies, Army had to do nothing literally, just as they say “let nature take it’s course”…

Even Imran Khan and Dr Tahir Ul Qadri have never been given an iota of support being offered to Nawaz by the Army as “custodians of the constitution” then “custodians of the PEOPLE” forget Altaf and Musharaf! Why this bountiful love for the survival and repute of a criminal as declared by none else than the SC who is BENT UPON destroying the SAME Army that even to THIS day stands in HIS fraudulently “elected” government! People speak of ethnic divisions, of money, of power, of behind the door “deals” and all this ultimately tarnishes the Army’s image – they never had to interfere in Nawaz’s self inflicted wound on himself until just 18 hours back!

By bailing Nawaz out the Army has given life to the dying snake up it’s sleeve, it’s a fight for survival, either will survive, not both – the choice is either independence of the nation from sham dynastic corrupt to the core leaders or simply an extension of Punjab Police

What shall it be? Wait, I wish I had a weaker imagination…

Evidence continues at

Evidence to be considered by the Army and all those with a sane head

On November 26, 2017 I sent the following message by Whatsapp to my close friends and acquanitances “Altaf Hussain and other enemies of our nation hatching plot as per Altaf Hussain’s propaganda from his US wing and my voice message. Army must not fall in trap of MNS. Focus on State institution security only rest for pmln crimes let them suffer and pay the price. Save respect of army in eyes of the people please” and also a detailed article the day before

یہ ہے پاکستان

جہاں نا اہل ترین وزیر عازم کو ہر جانب سے پوری سپورٹ دی جاتی ہے، کیوں؟ کیا یہ اسکی ذات کا کمال ہے. تو پھر کون ہے وہ آخر؟ غلطیوں پے غلطیاں – پیسے وہ کھاۓ اور کھلاۓ یاروں دوستوں اور گھر والوں میں، عدالت سے نکالے جانے کے بعد بھی نہ اسکی عزت اور نہ ہی اسکی طاقت میں کمی. آخر کیوں؟ کوئی ہے جو اس بدمعاشی ہٹ دھرمی اور ذلالت کا جواب ویسے ہی دے جیسے الطاف حسسیں کو سرے عام دیا جاتا ہے. اس کو غدّار ماننا آسان ہے لیکن یہ نواز تو نوازا جا رہا ہے، کوئی حد نہیں اسکی طاقت کی، آج کے دور کا فروں ہے یہ اور ہم سب اسکے غلام، مزہ لیجیے اس کی غلامی کا… کچھ بھی ہو نواز بادشاہ رہے گا، اسکے چیلے PPP والے ابھی سے جمہوریت کو پٹری سے نہ اترنے کی باتیں کر رہے ہیں، اپنوں کی غلامی زندہ بعد، سلام ہے ان نہتے لوگوں جو اس ظلم کے خلاف سڑکوں پے نکلے ہیں

ایک گمنام محب وطن

IHC Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui remarks:

اسلام آباد ہائیکورٹ میں فیض آباد دھرنا کیس کی سماعت
ایجنسیوں کا دھرنے سے کوئی تعلق نہیں، نمائندہ آئی ایس آئی
آئین کے تحت فوج معاہدے میں کیسے ثالث بن سکتی ہے؟ جسٹس شوکت عزیز
فوج کا میجرجنرل کیسے ثالث بنا؟ جسٹس شوکت عزیز صدیقی
سازش کے تحت اسلام آباد پولیس اور انتظامیہ کو ناکام بنایا گیا، جسٹس شوکت عزیز
کیا آئین کے تحت آرمی چیف ایگزیکٹو سے الگ ہیں ؟ جسٹس شوکت عزیز صدیقی
قوم کے ساتھ کب تک تماشا لگا رہے گا؟ جسٹس شوکت عزیز صدیقی

فوج نے قانون توڑنے اور قانون نافذ کرنے والوں میں معاہدہ کرایا، جسٹس شوکت عزیز
اب تک کیا گیا نقصان ریاست کیوں برداشت کرے گی؟ جسٹس شوکت عزیز
یہاں ردالفساد اور ضرب عضب کہاں گیا؟ جسٹس شوکت عزیز صدیقی
انوشے رحمان کو بچانے کیلئے زاہد حامد کو قربانی کا بکرا بنایا جا رہا ہے، جسٹس شوکت عزیز
فوج اپنی حدود میں رہے، جسٹس شوکت عزیز صدیقی
جن فوجیوں کو سیاست کا شوق وہ ریٹائرڈ ہو کر سیاست کریں، جسٹس شوکت عزیز
مجھے پتہ ہے اس کے بعد میں لاپتہ افراد کی فہرست میں بھی آ سکتا ہوں، جسٹس شوکت عزیز
اسلام آباد ہائیکورٹ نے ختم نبوت کے معاملے نئی انکوائری کمیٹی بنانے کا حکم دے دیا
بیرسٹرظفراللہ 10 روز میں ختم نبوت میں ردوبدل کے ذمہ داروں کا تعین کریں، عدالت
عدلیہ میں اب جسٹس (ر) منیر کے پیروکار نہیں رہے، جسٹس شوکت عزیز
ایجنسیوں نے دھرنے کے ذریعے دارالخلافہ بند کرنے کی تیسری کوشش کی، جسٹس شوکت عزیز

And Saudi Crown Prince MBS Interview:

محمد بن سلمان کا صحافی کو انٹرویو دیتے ھوئے اھم انکشافات ۔۔۔

ان کہنا ہےکہ سعودی عرب میں ھمارے پچھلے چار بادشاہوں بڑی بڑی غلطیاں کیں ہیں۔جو آج سعودی عرب مشکلات کا شکار ھے۔
اب وقت ھے کہ ان مشکلات کو حل کیا جائے۔جو غلطیاں اور گناہ کیے اسے تسلیم کیا جائے۔
🔴صحافی : کیا وجہ ھے کہ سارے اختیارات اپنے کنڑول کر لیے؟
سعودی عرب میں مذہبی لابی مضبوط ہے جسے وہابیت ازم کہا جاتا ہے۔
اس وہابیت ازم نے سعودی عرب اور اسلام کو نقصانات سے دوچار کیا۔
🔴صحافی : آپ وہابیت ازم کی تاریخ کے بارے میں کیا جانتے ہیں؟
مجھے افسوس سے کہنا پڑتا ہے سعودی عرب کی تاریخ اٹھا کر دیکھ لیں۔آپکو سعودی عرب کی تاریخ پڑھ کر خوشی نہیں ھوگی۔اور نہ ہی امت مسلمہ کو فخر ہوگا۔
اللّٰہ کریم نے بادشاہی کی جو امانت عطا کی۔
ھم نے اس میں خیانت کی۔
ھم نے وہ سب کام کیے جو یہودیوں کے کام ہیں۔
ھماری سعودی عرب کی تاریخ اور موجودہ حالات دیکھ لیں۔ کوئی بھی سعود خاندان اسلام کا پیکر نہیں ہے۔
شراب نوشی, زنا, قتل و غارت, کرپشن سب کام اس خاندان نے کیے۔
ھم نے صرف اسلام کی باتیں کیں عمل نہيں کیا۔
وہابیت ازم کی بنیاد تاریخ بتاتی ہے کہ وہابیت کی بنیاد اللّٰہ و رسول ﷺ کے نام پر نہیں رکھی گئی نہ ہی اسلامی مقاصد تھے۔
بلکل اسکی بنیاد دہشت گردانہ کی صورت میں رکھی گئی تھی۔
جسے یہودیوں نے اپنے مقاصد کے لئیے استعمال کیا اور کر رہے ہیں۔
اسلام میں انتشار کی صورتحال پیدا کیں۔
جس دور میں وہابیت قائم ہوئی۔اس وقت کفار اسلام کی بڑھتی ھوئی مقبولیت اور طاقت سے
پریشانی سےدوچار تھے۔
یہودیوں نے اسلام کی طاقت کو توڑنے کیلیئے وہابیت ازم قائم کی۔
وہابیت ازم دوسری شکل میں خارجی ہیں۔
میں نے جب بھی سعودی عرب کی تاریخ پڑھی اور ریسرچ کی مجھے شرمندگی ھوئی۔
تب میں نے اللّٰہ سے مدد مانگی اور حقیقت کو سمجھنا چاہا۔
جو اللّٰہ نے میری مدد کی مجھے سمجھ عطا کی۔
🔴صحافی : موجودہ وقت میں وہابیت ازم کیا ہے؟
وہابیت رہشت و طاقت پر وجود میں آئی۔ وہابیت ازم نے اسلام کا نام استعمال کیا۔
وہابیت ازم اسلام نہيں ہے۔گمراہی کا راستہ ھے۔
وہابیت ازم نے ایسے کام کیے جو کفار نہیں کر سکتا تھا۔
وہابیت ازم کے وجود کے پیچھے کفار ہیں۔
وہابیت ازم کی تاریخ شاندار نہیں ۔وہابیت کہنے سے فخر نہیں شرمندگی ہوتی ہے۔
وہابیت ازم نے کفار کی بجائے مسلمانوں کے سر کاٹے۔
قرآن و احادیث کے خلاف فتوے جاری کیے۔
مسلمانوں میں انتشار پیدا کرنا اصل وجہ تھی۔
یہودیوں کے ناکام مقاصد کو وہابیت ازم نے پورا کیا۔
وہابیت ازم نے وہ کام کیے جسے اسلام نے حرام قرار دیا ھے۔
اسلام آج جو دہشتگردی کی وجہ سے بدنام ھے اسکی بنیاد وہابیت ازم نے رکھی۔
القاعدہ , الشباب , لشکرِ جھنگوی , جیشِ محمد, لشکرِ طیبہ اور بھی تنظیموں کی بنیاد جہاد کے نام پر رکھی گئی۔
جہاد نہیں فساد کیا جسے اب بھی اسرائیل و امریکی استعمال کر رہے ہیں۔
ان جماعتوں کو ھمارے پچھلے چار بادشاہوں نے ستر ہزار کروڑ ڈالر دئيے۔
وہابیت ازم کے فروغ کے لیے۔
ھمیں افسوس ھے اسامہ بن لادن , خافظ سعید جیسے جہاد کے نام پر دہشتگرد پیدا کیے۔
ایک وقت تھا جب خافظ سعید امریکہ, سعودی عرب آ کر انتشار کی تربیت حاصِل کرتا تھا۔
شراب نوشی اور سب برے کام کیے۔
سعودی عرب نے عیسائی اور ہندوؤں کے عبادت گاہیں بنائی۔ مکہ میں مندر بنائے ہندوؤں کو خوش کرنے کیلیئے عبادت بھی کی۔ جو میرے لیئے نہ قابلِ برداشت ھے۔
🔴صحافی : پاکستان کے بارے میں کیا خیالات ہیں؟
پاکستان ملک و قوم امن پسند ہے۔لیکن مذہبی و فرقہ وارانہ انتشار و فسادات وہابیت ازم لابی کا منصوبہ تھی۔
پاکستانی قوم زیادہ تر سادہ لوگ ہیں۔انہیں جس طرف لگا دو لگ جاتی ھے۔شعیہ سنی فسادات وہابیت ازم کا منصوبہ ھے۔ میں وہابیت ازم کا قائل نہيں ہوں۔
دیوبند وہابیت کی شاخ ہے۔ جسے مالی فنڈنگ سعودی عرب سے ہوتی ھے۔
وہابیت اور دیوبند ایک ہی ہیں۔
دیوبند کو بم دھماکوں کے لئے استعمال کیا جو پاکستان کی افواج اور انٹیلیجنس اجنسیاں جانتی ہیں۔
جو مجھے یہ بتاتے ھوئے دکھ ھو رہا ہے۔سچ یہی ھے۔
🔴صحافی : اب آپ کس طرح حالات بہتر کریں گے؟
وہابیت ازم نے اپنے علما بنائے ۔جن کا منصوبہ ھے مسلمانوں میں انتشار کو فروغ دینا۔
میں نے مدنی چینل دیکھا اور ریسرچ کی معلوم ھوا اسلام کیا ھے۔
وہابیت ازم نے جو شرک و بدعت کے فتویٰ جات جاری کیے وہ غلط ھیں۔
وہ لوگ خود شرک و بدعت کو ھم سے بہتر جانتے ہیں۔اس گناہ سے دور ہیں۔ھم نے مندر بنا کے دئيے اور پوجا بھی کی۔جو ک شرک ہے۔بھارت میں دیوبند ہندوؤں مندر جا کر پوجا کرتی ہے انکی رسومات ادا کرتی ہے۔
جو کہ حرام ھے شرک ھے۔رسول ﷺ کی تعلیمات کو چھوڑ دیا۔
وہابیت ازم نے غلط فتوے دیئے۔
درباروں پر جانا منع نہیں ہے۔
جو مسلمان درباروں پر جاتے ہیں انکی نیت و سوچ دربار کو خدا ماننا نہیں ہے۔
انکی نیت نیک اللّٰہ کے نیک بندوں کے پاس جانا اور فاتحہ خوانی کرنا ہے۔اللّٰہ کے نیک بندوں کے وسیلے سے ما نگنا ھے جو اللّٰہ ہی دیتا ہے۔
وہابیت ازم کے فتوے قرآن و حدیث کے خلاف ہیں۔
ہاں درباروں پر سجدہ کرنا شرک ہے۔
ختم دلانا, لنگر بانٹنا اللّٰہ کی راہ میں دینا ہے۔
اللّٰہ کا فرمان ھے اے لوگو !مجھ سے تجارت کرو میری راہ میں خرچ کرو۔یہ حرام نہیں ہے۔
سب سے بڑا فتویٰ کہ نبی زندہ نہیں ہیں استغفراللہ یہ غلط ھے قرآن میں ھے کہ انبیائے کرام اور شہدا زندہ ہیں۔
ظاہری اعتبار سے پردہ کر گئے جسے ہر ایک نے موت کا ذائقہ چکھنا ھے۔
روحانیت کے ساتھ انبیائے کرام, صحابہ کرام , شہداء , اولیا اللّٰہ اپنے اپنے مقام کے ساتھ زندہ ہیں۔
اس کو پرکھنے کے لئیے میں نے وہابیت ازم کی قبروں اور سنی عقائد کے لوگوں کی قبروں کو کھلوایا۔ اب سے لے کر سو سال پرانی۔۔۔میں خیریت میں کھو گیا۔ وہابیت ازم کے لوگوں کی ہڈیاں ملیں اور لاشیں ہی نہیں ملی۔
سنی عقائد والوں کی قبروں میں لوگ ایسے تھے جیسے ابھی دفنایا گیا ہو۔ چند ایک کی ہڈیاں ملیں باقی صحیح سلامت لوگ قبروں میں تھے ان سب کی وڈیوز ہیں ھمارے پاس۔
میلادالنبی ﷺ ماننا جائز ہے۔
وہابیت ازم نے قرآن سے وہی لیا جسے اپنے مقاصد کے لیئے غلط طریقے سے استعمال کیا جا سکے۔
وہابیت ازم کے پیچھے یہودی لابی ہے جو ریسرچ کر کے فتویٰ جاری کرنے کا حکم دیتی ہے۔
🔴صحافی : کیا آپ ان کے ساتھ ہیں یا خلاف ؟آپ نظریہ کیا ہے؟
میں انکے خلاف ھوں۔میں یہ کام کسی صورت برداشت نہیں کروں گا۔
کرپشن کرنے والوں کو گرفتار کیا ہےنرمی ہرگز نہیں دی جائے گی۔ ان سب کے کام غیر قانونی ہیں ۔یہ امیر ترین اور انکے رابطے اسرائیل و امریکا سے ہیں۔جو اسلام و سعودی عرب کو نقصان پہنچا رہے ہیں۔
وہابیت ازم نے یہودی منصوبے کہ تحت فتویٰ جاری کیا اور صحابہ کرام اور اہلبیت کی قبروں پر بلڈوزر چلائے۔ جو کہ یہ گستاخانہ کام ہیں۔
مسلمانوں کے جذبات کو مجروح کیا جو کہ غلط ہے۔
میں نے وہابیت ازم لابی کو ختم کرنے کے لیئے تمام اختیارات کنٹرول کئیے ۔یہ اسلام کے خلاف ہے۔
عورتوں کو انکے حقوق دئیے۔
میرا نظریہ اللّٰہ و رسولﷺ کی تعلیمات کا ہے۔
وہابیت ازم اسلام نہیں ہے۔
مجھے وہابیت ازم کے نام اور کام سے نفرت ہے۔
میں رسول ﷺ کی شان میں گستاخی برداشت نہیں کروں گا۔
رسولِ کریم کی شان اور اور تعلیمات ہی اسلام کا مرکز ہیں۔
ان کے بغیر دینِ اسلام نہیں۔
اللّٰہ کی طرف جانے والا راستہ اللّٰہ کی رسی ہدایت رسول ﷺ مرکز انکی تعلیمات ہیں۔
میں پاکستان کے علماء کرام سے متاثر ہوں۔
مجھے اسلام کی خوشبو پاکستان سے آتی ہے۔
میں اپنے گزرے بادشاہوں کے نقشے قدم پر نہیں چلوں گا۔
ہر برے کام کو ختم کروں گا۔
اسلام کا صحیح تصور رائج کرنا ہے۔
مرد و عورت کو یکسںاں حقوق دیئے جائیں گے۔
چاہے جو بھی ہو کوئی بھی سزا سے نہیں بچے گا۔
نظام کی بہتری کے لئیے ہر مثبت اقدامات کروں گا۔
اسلام زندہ باد۔۔۔

👁‍🗨اھم انکشافات کو زیادہ سے زیادہ شئیر کریں تاکہ لوگوں کو سچ معلوم ہو۔

Finally, the agreement between the Government and Leaders using the ArmyDharna Agreement Army

Warning for Pakistanis: Beware of revenge of Nawaz with his Qatar and Iran links to declare Pakistan a Terror State

Warning for Pakistanis: Beware of revenge of Nawaz with his Qatar and Iran links to declare Pakistan a Terror State

Today Pakistan has a complete media blackout, something that the worst of dictators (Musharaff, a so called “democratic dictator” opened up media in Pakistan) thus even they never did, all in the garb of democracy!

I speak from credible information here then mere speculation. The current blood bath and extreme rise of Islamic extremism evident in Pakistan is not without cause, the strings are linked with Qatar & Iran, Pakistan’s current undemocratic, autocratic government and their accomplices in London and the US who want to use this event as an opportunity to brand Pakistan as a terror sponsor state state. Read this Khaleej Times news on how Qatar has been sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan, people like Hafiz Saeed and others in the guise of charities

At this very moment, the Government of Pakistan has shut down all electronic and even social media in Pakistan after a well planned dharna / objection they created and fueled; blaming a so called “clerical mistake” where they intentionally agitated the conservative lower class of Muslims, which is in great majority (atleast 70% of the nation) by challenging the “finality of Prophethood” that they take very, very seriously. This apparent infuriating and instigating step by the Government was not without cause, they knew extremely well what was in store. They opened up a Pandora’s Box of pent up feelings of the masses who’s emotions were increasingly instigated and sidelined with the hanging of Mumtaz Qadri, terrible governance driving people to migrate or die of hunger, and also many pro liberal measures taken by the Government without explaining the rationale or public confidence, who have been misfed a violent version of Islam by the Pakistanis and Americans alike post Russian invasion of Afghanistan in the 70s and the Taliban were literally a joint product!

Once the US wised up to the Frankenstein of Taliban, it was Iran and later, Qatar who started sponsoring their brands of Sunni or Shia Islam terror in Pakistan at different levels. Which is what is at play, right here, right now in every street of Pakistan. The rise of a subjugated, enslaved, deprived people of Pakistan by hurting their finality of Prophethood sentiments to get them on the street who are portrayed as “hardliners” by the BBC and others whereas in reality they have simply been maneuvered and catalyzed to act as such by the actions of the government itself! There are women and children stranded all over Pakistan, the whole nation is at a standstill and the Army is being asked to sort the mess which is created by the proponents of terror and democracy: the Government of Pakistan.

In solving every crime one must look at the motivation of those involved.

Nawaz link

The ex Prime Minister and leader of PML – N (notice the name Pakistan MUSLIM League – Noon) is a man called Nawaz Sharif, one of the fathers of Taliban who and his team are involved in the same terrorism he PRETENDS in front of the world he’s against! He has been thrice removed as Prime Minister due his extremely ambitious, autocratic and insane tendencies of playing with state institutions as his own personal empire while blindly looting national treasures, taxes and projects to raise his financial and absolute power even at the cost of the nation’s survival. His ouster (most recent one) was sponsored by a Supreme Court of Pakistan decision investigating only a few of his many corruption scandals of undeclared overseas assets and misdemeanor as a Prime Minister by heading overseas companies while being head of state!

The ouster from PM position enraged Nawaz Sharif, the mafioso, to take revenge from the Courts and the Army. The easiest way to do this was to change the Finality of Prophethood clause so that the masses get enraged. Islamabad was besieged, instead of peaceful dispersion, Nawaz put up his Kangaroo Court Ministers to use force after a Supreme Court notification to clear up the matter, they shelled the protestants and started killing them all over Pakistan, the result: national chaos as the matter is now on every street of Pakistan!

Now calling the Army to clean up a mess created by people sponsored by Nawaz Sharif and his friends in Qatar and Iran over the years just so that first, the Supreme Court is maligned (who removed him) and next the Army (whom he’s always tried to control like his slaves in Punjab Police but has been so far unsuccessful)

Qatar and Iran link

Both Qatar and Iran have long been outcasts of the otherwise moderate and progressive Middle East. The popularity of UAE, Oman, Bahrain, and others in the world community has been a stinging thorn for Qatar and Iran who have retaliated by funding hardline Islamic elements in poor Muslim countries like Pakistan to differentiate them and use the masses to gain power that they cannot due lack of intellect.

UK, US Altaf link

Through sources close to me I have been told that Indian RAW sponsored Altaf Hussain in England has asked his team in Canada and the US to instigate violence and terror in Pakistan, specially Karachi to exploit the current mess. And why not? Altaf and Nawaz have the same enemy i.e. the Army; and hence there collusion is natural and normal.

What should the Army and the Supreme Court do?

Realize that this is war. The Government is a wolf in a sheep’s clothing, it means not well for you, their primary aim is revenge and control by implicating you as sponsors of terrorism if you oust them citing their inability to get a peaceful solution. And in case you join the fight, turning the masses against you. Both cases they’ll get the West to declare you a “terror state.” Checkmate if you ask me! But not in one case…

Counter strategy for the Army and Supreme Court

Get evidence. Just like Dawn Leaks and other cases in the past, of how the current regime and it’s links are sponsoring terrorism. Throw them in front of the media for all in and outside Pakistan. Get the Supreme Court to notice them and ask for an interim solution removing the sponsors of terror in the guise of peace makers. The only other option is self immolation for the Army and the Courts. I hope my words fall on wise ears…

LET THEM – General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Sir

If the country burns, let it burn, sir
If the mosques turn to battle grounds, let them, sir
If the soldiers die fighting their own people, let them, sir
If the looters loot doesn’t stop at the last penny of the nation, let them, sir
If forces of democracy rob us of all that it gives those in the West, let them, sir
If the poor’s wails turn to silence as they hang themselves, let them, sir
If the world ridicules us for extremism or failed governance, let them, sir
If the courts and police turn to slaughterhouses of justice, let them, sir
If the jobs and riches of our nation fly away from home, let them, sir
If they spill blood of our own on our streets, let them, sir
If the people find no words to express their anger, let them, sir
If our young or old, rich or poor, men or women seemingly lose all hope, let them, sir
If our neighbors or NATO plan to enslave us, let them, sir
If our nukes, built on the blood of our patriots are snatched away with our respect, let them, sir
If they aim to finish the name of Pakistan from the world, let them, sir
But do not let them, ever, point a finger at you, or the army, that you overstepped your boundaries
If my words inspire you to do what you must, sir, let them, Sir
Crystal Heart Kazmi

Major (Shaheed) Ishaq: who’s responsible?

Major Ishaq (Shaheed) died on a cold day of November 2017 fighting an enemy we never created, in fact an enemy which was an erstwhile a friend, Taliban, the people who supported our army in Afghanistan and India, are now sworn enemies of the state, oh please! spare me the “good T/bad T” theories, this is what it boils down to! The Americans wrote the following on Taliban for all to see in Military History of Pakistan “Lawlessness was rampant and became a major hindrance to trade between Pakistan and the newly independent Central Asian states. Pakistan appointed the Taliban to protect its trade convoys because most of the Taliban were Pashtun and were trained by the ISI and CIA in the 1980s and could be trusted by Pakistan.[45] With Pakistan’s backing, the Taliban emerged as one of the strongest factions in Afghanistan. Pakistan then decided to the end the infighting in Afghanistan and backed the Taliban in their takeover of Afghanistan to bring stability to its western border and establish a pro-Pakistan regime in Kabul.

Now our army is “made to fight the Taliban” a frenemy of yesteryears!

The widow of Ishaq has no consolation, and the other Ishaq’s in the line and in preparation for this “martyrdom” have no solace either.

While as of today the nation burns in a pro Islamist frenzy where the objective is apparently to turn us into another Iran like state and hence an easy target for our strategic nuclear assets.

What choice do we have?

I think, make peace with our ISLAMIC identity – and the people who want it, i.e. the majority. Just as it is absurd to not talk religion in the Vatican or Jerusalem, so it is in our case.

I’m not religious, just spiritual, but that doesn’t matter, my faith and beliefs are not at test here.

At risk here is the integrity, safety and prosperity of our nation, based on the Islamic ideology considered repulsive by the ruling elites, bottling tensions and dismay in the masses that ultimately result in self destruction of the nation viz brother vs brother.

Let us stop martyrdoms in the name of policies and strategies of external parties. Let us, for once, own our nation as I repeatedly wrote at yet, sadly, we would rather stick our heads in the sand then do anything productive to change what must be changed!

Islam and Pakistan, an uneasy equation!

I think all you so called “educated” and “high / upper class” people need to reflect on the current situation in Pakistan, I am 99% sure you will not understand me, I will, still, try:

1 Pakistan was made in the name of Islam, not secularism, EVEN if M A Jinnah was secular himself, doesn’t matter, people agreed to migrate and fight in the name of Islam

2 From the beginning, we had secular leaders, Zia being the only exception, they all tried to push their agendas on our nation

3 The masses fodder for existence was, is and remains: Islam

4 The current riot, like Mumtaz Qadri case is a clear expression of disgust of the masses against the ruling elites not just for Islam, but also bad governance

5 I welcome this as the beginning of a revolution I tried my best to start in but failed as Pakistanis are not concerned with anything more than “Islam” as they perceive it

6 I am sure this will increase and perhaps result ultimately in an Islamist Government in Pakistan

7 Such a government is the excuse needed to strike our NUKES and our army – now, please, CONNECT THE DOTS 🙂

Stop hyperventilating, start reflecting on things on a larger timeline

Crystal Kazmi –