Crime vs Sin – an important distinction

My entire life is built around liberalism, I believe that people should make their OWN choices and be held responsible for the same legally or via God. However, the distinction between a “crime” and a “sin” must be made very clearly, the objective of a society is not to “eliminate sin” but to attempt to eliminate crime (one can attempt as it is impossible to eliminate crime anyway) – the European, American and other societies have successfully modeled their social mechanisms on these lines, ask COUNTLESS friends of mine or yours – that a SIN as explained in the Bible is NOT necessarily ENFORCED as a LAW. So for example, adultery
Exodus 20:14 – Ye shall not commit adultery
Hebrew 13:14 – 4 Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral
Luke 16:18 – 18 “Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery, and the man who marries a divorced woman commits adultery
Corinthians 6:9-10 – 9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God
Now the ABOVE FOUR VERSES from the Old / New Testament CLEARLY indicate that 1) Adultery is not permissible 2) Divorce is NOT allowed and amounts to adultery (post relationship) and finally that the hereafter is not for those who are sexually “immoral” or idolaters or gays or thieves or greedy or drunkards or swindlers and so on
YET in Western societies:
1 Adultery is NOT punishable but RAPE is
2 Divorce IS allowed and so are remarriages
3 LGBT are protected
4 Drinking IS allowed but criminal checks enforced on limits / driving / behavior
So in this SMALL EXAMPLE 4 of 5 injunctions in the Bible are ignored from a LEGAL perspective. WHY? Because to me they are SINS and if by consensus (like Adultery but not rape) then the government turns a blind eye. Drinking is the same
The problem with some societies perception of rule of law is expectation of ABSOLUTE adherence to textbook injunctions which does NOT practically happen in most countries that promote this, and OFTEN the people promoting it EITHER LIVE IN THE US / WEST OR ASPIRE TO LIVE THERE!
The Western model of Crime vs Sin WORKS – we need to learn and evolve, simple as that!

What if your worst fears were true?

I base my parchments (writings) on more than hearsay, research and a little more than jazzy, fleeting analysis too. If you’ve heard the sound of trumpets in a New York, or even, Warsaw bar, you probably know what an 11 piece band sounds like. It’s far from a monotone. Rolling Stones sang “you can’t always get what you want” – but if you try sometime, you get what you need.
So what do you need? Predictability in the least! And perhaps a decent life, good money, vacations, fun (whatever your perception of it), taken care of health, education, retirement, responsibilities – good job or stable business.
No matter where you are, unless you belong to that tiny class of super-rich, you can kiss your needs, and dreams goodbye if the events of the last 20 years are anything to theorize on.
Why so bleak an outlook? Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and the movie / TV houses are ever so full of info and entertainment, yet what dominates our mind share, is that bomb blast, or knife attack somewhere, what goes on behind it? Random? Or “radical Islam” as some would have you believe (if you’re not already sold on it, most likely scenario anyway), or greed?
Most in my small circle who could be labelled intelligent would vouch for greed, they see the world as a tool in the hands of a few, bankers, industrialists, military men, politicians, and men of faith, who collude to create a world they benefit from, richer, more powerful, while the George Orwell styled “1984” proles and the middle classes struggle to make sense of the information presented to their senses, ultimately to drown in either hatred as suicide bombers or in temporary substance ecstasy that “switches off” ugly reality even for a night… tomorrow you go back to work, a new day, with everything so familiar, mundane, and hopeless, as it was yesterday.
Let’s take a look at the map, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen (even Turkey to an extent and Qatar – the latest addition) – home to terror if you see ANY media. But were most of them knife wielding, hateful, spiteful bunch of people who would love to “kill a non Muslim” for 70 virgins, or less?
Take a look at just a few of them in the 60s, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, were not very different from what we see of New York, London, or Paris today. What took them sooooooooooo back in time? Greed? Faith? Internal forces? Or External? To what avail. If greed reigned supreme, these were markets for a lot, weren’t they? From all sorts of drinks to detergents. Greed, in its purest forms would have preserved them, and Yemen, Qatar and so many others.
Greed isn’t driving world, much as you would like to be made believe.
It’s faith that’s at the core of our problems.
And it’s not just Islam. If you lump the Abrahamic religions together, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, do a bit of reading, they’re not too different, bound by the string of the same “God / Yahweh / Allah” the differences are in semantics, linguistics, constructs, characters, some events, some disputed, most agreed upon. Thus deep down, all Abrahamic religions and their followers seek supremacy, “victory” over the other, be it intellectual or physical, or both. ISIS may be a crude way of looking at it, but there are parallels around, often in the seats of power. The overt pitch is “peace, love and harmony” the covert is simple: “we are the chosen ones” the Jewish put it best “gentiles” says so much about the rest of us, in just one word! Wait, I’m not excluding the Hindus and Buddhists and others from the list, the quest for supremacy is as old as humanity itself.
To put it simply, hatred and religions, rather obviously, go together, and all religions are equal parties to it. But no, you tell me, Islam is at the forefront of all terror, so media proves to you, again and again. Go back to Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, fairly liberal countries in the 60s where wine and women flowed freely from a bottle to a glass or from one bedroom to another. What led to the rise of Islam compliant with a Shariah explained in depth by Dr Yusuf Qardawi, an Egyptian scholar back in 1960? Was it a rise of ultra-Muslim forces and school of thought among a people who’d been colonized for centuries by the Europeans and had happily molded themselves into that way of life and school of thought to a large extent?
Today, I think Islam is cornered because Muslims are easy preys to manipulation from the others who are now bent upon using Muslims to kill Muslims, the war on terror has taken a new form – from the US avenging 9/11 with its forces, to Muslim countries “fighting” so called “hardline” elements inside, most of whom were funded and supported by guess who? A little course in history helps sometimes. Unless one wants to blindly follow the media. It appears a mass of Muslim population is being pitted against their governments on the one hand and individuals / groups of Muslim nations against each other. But where and WHAT are the fault lines so easily being exploited?
“Moderate” vs “Islam”
Moderates as they are called are ridiculed by the book of most Muslim scholars and clerics. In terms of school of thought they are closest to the “West” – the ones, on the other hand who follow “Islam” are more towards Dr Qardawi’s diktats’ and draw clear lines, as defined, or interpreted in their perception of the faith, often at right angles to the West. Hence the discord and conflict, that is being happily exploited by some to sell more arms to both parties and in the process benefit financially and from THEIR faith perspective as well! Remember what I told you about Abrahamic faiths?
What do I think?
I am a self-confessed “moderate” wary of faith on all sides of the fence, mine and others. Every passing day, every passing event confirms to me that people of “faith” on all sides are overtly and covertly planning to malign and harm the other, in a no holds barred, no limits fashion. Every time there is a bomb blast, or a killing somewhere in the world, my mind races to this theory. The term “accidents” is now replaced with “terrorism” or sabotage. Hatred is in the air no matter which world leader you listen to, on the face of it, it’s economic, on the inside, faith is STILL a key driver.
Nothing has changed over thousands of years of human history, it is we who are stupid and gullible, we theorize on economic drivers behind world events – almost completely unaware of the Biblical, Quranic and The Old Testament aspects to the turn of events, the few, wise ones, among us do pay heed and they know what I’m talking about, the concept of Greater Israel, Messiah or Moschiah – the rise and fall of nations and faiths, the parallel lens of religion is not only observing but controlling the flow of changes too. It is apparent that the driving religions in the world today are Judaism and Christianity, whilst Islam and Muslims are the manipulated pawns on the chessboard of world affairs. This manipulation is at a personal and even governmental level. The brainwashing through media is so intense that an average Muslim has a very confused self-identity between liberalism and conservatism, torn between two lovers, the Mullah and the Media, the former is gradually closing in. And the result is not just the imminent fall of Islam which to some may result in a perceived reduction of terrorism ironically with roots in poverty and injustice in most Muslim countries, however, more worrying to me, is the rise of the neo Judao-Christian alliance that is heralded to some extent in Mr Trump’s demeanor that will push us back centuries – while the Muslims regroup in an age old Sharia ensemble to follow suit, and fight!
This is my worst fear, and it should be yours too, because it is VERY real.
Do we still have a ray of hope?
The only glimmer of hope are the science based Atheists, not the religion hating ones, just the scientifically inclined Atheists, with them lies the key to a brighter future for humanity. Strange as it may sound, I practice my own version of Islam which has much in common with Atheism, and much less with the Mullah 🙂 I have defined it in KodeOfKonduct on where I propagate equality of all humans, respect for law (mostly as in the EU/US/Aus/NZ/CA West in general) differentiate between crimes and non-punishable sins. This is where there is hope for the “believing” humankind to get out of any superiority complex and get in to a “respect all” complex, so to speak. The Atheists come close. Though ironically I find the Abrahamic religions rendition of the human past and predictions of the future, evolution, childbirth, weather phenomenon, even explanations of perhaps past nuclear or similar explosions.
Supposedly, if religions were indeed based in verifiable truth, could one dispute that the Creator would be the same entity regardless of which faith is “correct”? And were this the case, why on Earth (or Mars) would this Creator want it’s creations to fight or annihilate each other? This basic, simple fact makes no sense to the “believing kind” is in itself a proof to me of their below dinosaurian intellect.
I hope the intelligent among the Atheists, of whom I find many, would one day prove religion scientifically and logically to those who believe. Until then, get ready to kill or die for faith 🙂 rationality hardly exists, emotions, egos, pride, “faith”, and “conviction” reign supreme.
Before you criticize just reflect on the meaninglessness and yet the meaningfulness of my brief treatise, it makes perfect sense, if you only open up your senses.
Crystal Heart Kazmi is a writer, blogger, speaker on peace & anti-terrorism and an avid believer on the “good” of / in humanity – he can be reached on

Pakistan – India ICC Win & a Pakistani’s tribute to Hardik Pandya



This is not your average take on the ICC Final that Pakistan won yesterday by a huge margin, in a matter befitting a champ, YET this article is more about an angry player from the other side who’d almost turned the tables on Pakistan, Hardik Pandya.

As a Pakistani, it is logical and easy for me to recount and praise our players, no doubt they are the champs because they PLAYED like champs, however, I have a BIG HEART, and in here I reach out to Indians on one of their fine players, proving that we Pakistanis are not myopic in victory or defeat, cricket is just a game and the best team may win however the best players, no matter WHICH side their own, deserve appreciation.

Virat Kohli’s acceptance speech praising Pakistan was epic as my friend Navid Malik wrote:

Navid Ali Malik Liked the spirit shown by Virat Kohli in his acceptance speech. He seems a class above the politicians.

I also admire the Indian congratulatory comments to Pakistan on the match, and some sour ones too, the congratulation poured in from Indians and I really respect and admire the sportsman spirit displayed hence by Steve Smith, Sehwag, Sidharth Malhotra, Soha Ali Khan, Rahul Johri and Atul Kasbekar, many also had great sentiments for Pandya such as:

Gurdas Maan @gurdasmaan @hardikpandya7 you made us Indians feel we were going to win.. for all the players for putting on a great match 

Matches between Pakistan and India are never, ever “neutral” or “cricket / sports as usual” – there is a fire in them that is absent in all but, perhaps, the Ashes between England and Australia.

The “match” and Pandya

While one can read the detailed history of the match on the Guardian link here, my contention is Mr Pandya, the young 23 something cricketer also known as “Hairy” from Gujrat (a province famous for its’ coastline, riches, food and also infamous for anti Muslim riots) – Pandya made 76 runs out of India’s meager total of 158 against Pakistan’s massive 338. The important thing here is that not only did Pandya bowl quite well, 1/53 second only to Bhuvneshwar, his batting was over the top, at a time when the entire top and middle order Indian batsmen had collapsed and loss was all but inevitable, this man hit sixers and fours as if he was just a few overs away from victory! And in fact, had he not had the Jadeja unfortunate runout (just like the Azhar/Fakhr runout earlier on in the Pakistan side) he had the potential to give Pakistan a run for their victory, it would not have been a piece of cake that it ultimately became and might have been much worse. In fact without Pandya the Indian entire team’s score was a mere 82! He made roughly HALF of the ENTIRE Indian total score! In my eyes, even as India lost, HE was the REAL man of the match, a man who persevered against all odds, and his final angry reaction, to me, was all but justified.

IndoPak NOT-SO-NICE History 🙂

The history between India and Pakistan cricket can only be understood by first exploring their tumultuous past – the Muslims, for better or for worse, “captured” and ruled over India for almost a 1,000 years under the Moguls after a 15 year old Arab soldier, Muhammad bin Qasim literally conquered India circa 700 A.D. This young boy won the huge Indian subcontinent not just the spirit of “Jihad” often attributed but also the rather repressive treatment of Lohana Jats and Buddhist Samanis by their rulers. It may sound politically incorrect today, but Islam, a religion maligned day and night by media and analysts all over the world was in fact a very modern, humanitarian and pro welfare faith (still is) though hardly practiced as such, even in Muslim countries. Cut the long story short – the Hindus were dominated for almost a 1,000 years by Muslims – many happily or forced converted as the Hindu faith, in all fairness, is quite repressive as it encourages a discriminatory class system within the faith. However, subsequent leaders (Moguls) threw it all down the drain and were almost as repressive as any holding on to power. In 1857 the English invaded India and, in a dark way, gave freedom from oppressive Moguls and reintroduced good values and education, a strength Muslims lost in the mid 19th century to the Europeans vide history of Andalus, Thus, while till today, one can safely say that the Muslims’ aren’t yet out of their dark ages (except some scholars like Ghamdi, Shaheedi and Tariq Jameel), one can also maintain that neither has Hinduism come out of its’ more compelling darkness, barring a few reformers like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Current IndoPak Scenario

One can safely say, from firsthand experience, that educated Indians and Pakistanis, by a large measure support a developmental then repressive theological ideology, there are many good, peace loving people on both sides. However, the drums of war are ever kicking and snaring between these two neighbors whilst warring Europe is today united as an EU in trade, commerce and security – we are still light years apart in hatred. However, honestly speaking, where DOES this hatred come from?

The root cause of hatred between India and Pakistan, and I say this neither as a Pakistani or a Muslim but as an independent 3rd party observer, is sadly, the Hindu religion and its offshoots of hatred towards Muslims that is emancipated in the repression of Kashmiri Muslims rights to an independent Muslim homeland and also the in general repression of Muslims and minorities in India, while Pakistan has its Malala‘s and Asia Bibi, the sheer quantum of the Indian problem (ranked fourth worst in the world by Forbes) can’t be ignored, true, both neighbors need to get OUT of religious intolerance that their clergy often promote in the name of “faith” – but the Indian machinery is bent upon maligning Pakistan as part of it’s 3 pronged strategy to control a poor, diverse and nonviable huge nation under Hindu domination using wins in cricket, Bollywood and anti Pakistan rhetoric as the primary tools to unite their impoverished masses towards unity.

Today, India has a choice, think of Pakistan as a neighbor than an enemy, its literally as simple as that – but for that India would need a truly secular governance which one cannot see with cow vigilantes and hate all around India. Culturally there is a lot in common between the two if only the Indians realize that the road to peace starts with handshake then rhetoric of “surgical strike” – true, we Pakistanis have our problems, but not only are they far less than yours, we are managing them well too, and without promoting hatred against you in our country. We have successfully curbed extremism and are on the road to unity and prosperity, see us as a market, a culturally relevant market and I’m sure your hegemonic aims will take a back seat.


Cricket is just a sport, a rather gentlemanly sport so to speak, but games with roots in hate are never just games, it is time that the Indians reflect on their hatred for Pakistan, we won the ICC world cup and YET we are NOT ALLOWED to play in IPL and many other venues, I am sure this time, Indian fans, who appreciate cricket perhaps more than they despise Pakistan, will ask for cordial and friendly terms not just in cricket, but overall.

Let Pakistan’s victory result in the victory of peace loving people on both sides and the demise of haters in the same breath. And a fight against our common enemy of poverty and injustice as outlined in


Abused woman Zahrah needs POLICE help!

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Father’s day

Father’s day…. dedicated to my late father (a liberal, open minded man who treated all with tolerance & dignity) he translated the Quran in Urdu & English, an excerpt thereof (1993):


I bow my head in humble obeisance to Almighty AllahST, the All-Merciful, the Worthy of Praise, for having vouchsafed to me the gracious favor of rendering some little service by presenting a new English translation of the Divine Message, Al-Quran.

I also pray to AlllahST, the All-Merciful, to shower HIS peace and blessings upon HIS last Messenger, MuhammadSS, the love and devotion for whom has enabled this humble servant to persevere in completing this onerous task, this humble service to the Glorious Quran, the final Message of God for the guidance of mankind.

May AllahST, grant acceptance to it and may it prove of benefit in communicating the Message to its readers. Amen!

Syed Muhammad Owais


In loving memory of my dear parents

Syed Muhammad Ayub


Syeda Sabira Bibi

With humble prayers to Allah Subhanahu Taala
for extending His gracious forgiveness to them and granting a blessed home in Paradise

(by HE Dr Abdullah Ibn Abdul Mohsin Al Turki, Rector, Jamia Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Al-Islamia, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

The Quran is the word of God and is the main miracle of Prophet Muhammad. It is miraculous in form as as in content. It is therefore impossible to translate it as a Quran in any language other than its’ own. This is a fact which has been acknowledged by all those who tried their hands at its’ translation. Thus Arberry who is neither Arab nor Muslim says: “I have called my version an interpretation conceding the orthodox claim that the Quran (like all other literary masterpieces) is untranslatable.” He therefore called his translation, “The Quran Interpreted.”

But this should not prevent us from attempting to communicate the basic meanings of its verses to those who have not been fortunate enough to read it in the original. It is in fact our duty to do so because though the Quran is an Arabic book, its message is directed to all people at all times and places ever since its revelation to Prophet Muhammad.

Many translations of the meaning of Quran have appeared in the English language and have been of great benefit to multitudes of English speaking people. But there is always a chance to improve on those translation until they reach a humanly possible perfection.

We, at Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, were therefore pleased when a number of specialists from our university as well as other universities who read samples of Syed Owais’s new translation recommended it and pointed to some of its merits and advantages over existing translations. The learned scholar, the late Dr Ismail R Faruqi, finds this rendering as giving evidence of the relevance of the Quran to contemporary times, while Dr Barbara Stowasser, Professor of Arabic at Georgetown University finds his “use of English language in various registers as rich and powerful.”

We therefore decided to sponsor Syed Owais’s work. We asked two members of our staff, Dr Abdul Haq Ansari, and Dr Ja’afar Shaikh Idris to cooperate with Syed Owais and overview his work in order to ensure that the rendering:

1) conforms in the standard commentaries
2) is accurate especially in regard to basic questions of belief
3) is not too literal especially in regard to Arabic idiomatic phrases
4) uses language which is understood by the generality of English speaking people

I have been told that the translation in its final form fulfills these requirements to a remarkable degree. It gives me great pleasure to congratulate Syed Owais for this great achievement.

Syed Owais is a scholar who held important administrative and judicial appointments during the British days in India and, later in Pakistan. By the grace of God, he enjoyed throughout a reputation of ability and efficiency as well as of integrity and justice. It was a blessing of Allah (ST) that his religious inclinations led him to the deep and special study of the Holy Quran which has spread over a period of nearly forty years. His Urdu translation of the Holy Book, completed in the 1960s, received commendations from the learned scholars of the sub-continent, while his translation of famous Urdu poets in English verse were also highly appreciated by the English reading public. I pray to Allah that He may grant His acceptance to this present rendering of the Sacred Book and reward the translator and all those who have contributed to its finalization and presentation to the English-reading public.

Dr Abdullah Ibn Abdul-Mohsin Al-Turki
Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University
Saudi Arabia


First and last, I offer my most humble and grateful thanks and obeisance to AllahST for having vouch-safed to me the tawfiq to convey the Divine Message in two languages, first in Urdu and then in English. May AllahST grant His acceptance to my humble work in this service of the Holy Quran and bestow His grace and blessings on my humble self and my family members in this world and the Hereafter, Amen. In addition to giving me the strength to continue this work, He facilitated my work by giving me the opportunities to meet numerous people who encouraged me along the way and without whose help I might not have been able to accomplish this great responsibility. While I thank all these individuals, there might be some unintentional omissions for which I hope I will be forgiven.

I feel, it was something Divinely ordained that I had the opportunity to accompany my wife Atiya (now Associate Professor, Department of Arabic, University of Karachi) to Saudi Arabia, as her mahram where she had been assigned a post in the Arabic Department of the Girls College of Arts in Riyadh in 1983. It was here that I was able to make contact with the learned Arab scholars with the result that my work was sponsored by the Islamic University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud, Riyadh.

Many friends and scholars offered me help and support in course of my stay in Riyadh. I offer my grateful and sincere thanks to H.E. Dr. Abdullah bin Abdul Mohsin Al-Turki, Rector of the University for lending his kind support by making available to me the cooperation of the learned scholars of the University as well as providing facilities of visa and stay in Riyadh for completion of the work. May AllahST bless him and grant him long life to serve Islam and the Muslim Ummah. I also express my thanks to his secretary Shaikh Abdur Rahman Al-Musa for introducing me to H.E. Dr. Turki.

I thank the Dean of the Jamia’s Research Center, Dr. Abdur Rahman Ar-Rubaie, as well as the Wakeel of the Center, Dr Abdul Mohsin bin Abdul Aziz Abanami for their help in various ways in the course of my stay in the Kingdom. I thank Mr. Sarwat Ibrahim Abdur Rahim, a translator at the Center, for the support that he extended to me during this period.

My very special thanks are however due to the two learned scholars of the University, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Haq Ansari and Dr. Jafar Shaikh Idris for their collaboration in the revision of my work. Dr. Ansari gave me the benefit of his learning while taking great pains to ensure the general conformity of the English rendering with the accepted interpretations given by the classical commentators e.g., Al-Tabari, Ibn-e-Kathir, Jalalain and other great scholars. I would like to acknowledge his deep learning and pious approach for a comprehension of the Divine words.

My learned friend Dr. Jafar Shaikh Idris was the first to extend his appreciation of my humble work and to bring it to the notice of H.E. Dr. Turki. He has also been instrumental in ensuring conformity of the translation with the standard tafaseer and to infuse the real spirit of the Divine Message. Further, because of his close and frequent association with the present day developments of Islamic thought in the East and the West, his suggestions, will, Insha Allah, be of inestimable help in bringing about a better understanding of the great message of the Quran among the readers of the West. I thank him with all my heart.

I also thank my friends Dr. Shaikh Abdullah Abdul-Hamid, Shaikh Abdul Aziz Al-Furaih, and Shaikh Ahmed Abdul Aziz Al-Furaih for their support and assistance to me.
To Mr. Mumtaz Ahmad Khan, I am grateful for preparing drafts and final presentation of the work with sincere devotion and painstaking labor.

While in the United States in 1985-86 and again in 1990-1991, I received help and encouragement from the various learned scholars of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) in Reston, Virginia. It is with deep sorrow and respect that I mention the name of the distinguished and eminent scholar and servant of Islam, the late Dr. Ismail Ar-Rajei Al-FaruqiRH, the then-president of the IIIT, for his appreciation of my humble work and his sincere urgings for its completion at the earliest. Further, I express my sincere thanks to Dr. Jamal Barzanji, now president of the IIIT and to Dr. Taha Jabir Al-Alwani and other scholars of the Institute.

I thank the Director and the officials of the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in Fairfax, Virginia for providing monetary assistance for the services of a professional editor for the work. Ms. Jan Sedeka, who helped me in her capacity as professional editor deserves my sincere and special thanks for her devoted assistance and conscientious approach. I would also thank my friend and nephew, Dr. Sanaullah Kirmani, for his help in various ways.

Nearly thirty years ago I had begun my Urdu translation. In the course of about five years that I continued this work I had the full support and sympathy of my late wife Ahmedi Begum, a gracious and pious lady, a loving wife, and a caring mother. May AllahST extend His mercy and forgiveness to her and grant her a place in Paradise. Also, our children Zafar, Anjum, Salman, Asad, Mansoor, and Adil gave me all the help and support in completing the translations in the two languages.

It is also a matter of deepest gratitude for me that later, in the course of my work on the English translation, I received similar support, care and sympathy from my present wife, Atiya Khalil Arab and our younger children Naila, Imran, and Hassan. Atiya, also a loving and comforting wife, has been a source of great strength and support to me especially because of her contribution to the translation in view of her extensive knowledge of Arabic language, the Holy Quran, and the Ahadith. I wish and pray for her success in her ultimate aim to render service to the Pakistani women in the field of teaching of the Holy Quran and the Arabic language.

August, 1993

Syed Muhammad Owais
Washington, D.C.

UK terror saga & arms…

I’m not accusing anyone of any mischief, just connecting the dots, perhaps it’s all just “a rather unlikely coincidence” 🙂

Investigative look at UK attacks, makes a very interesting read I must say, from the IRA to the Jo Cox “Britain First” murder last year, what intrigues me are the last 3 incidents repeated here (2017), 22 March Westminster Bridge Attack, 2 months later 22 May Manchester Arena Bombing and just 10 days later the London Bridge / Borough Market stabbing attacks, CORRELATE this with Donald Trump’s Saudi visit on May 20, 2017 where he sealed an arms deal worth USD 110 bn

Do I smell foul play in this connection? 110 bn USD isn’t a small amount, and perhaps there are events that JUSTIFY such relentlessly inhuman firepower to be used against mostly BELOW THE POVERTY LINE PEOPLE who forget terrorism that happens in England cannot even find a loaf of bread in Yemen? “The Republic of Yemen is one of the driest, poorest and least developed countries in the world. It ranks 140 out of 182 countries on the UNDP Human Development Index (2009). An estimated 42 percent of the people are poor, and one Yemeni in five is malnourished. Poverty is endemic, particularly in more remote and less accessible areas.”

London Attacks timeline
2017, 22 March: 2017 Westminster attack
2017, 22 May: 2017 Manchester Arena bombing
2017, 3 June: June 2017 London attacks…/List_of_terrorist_incidents_in_G…

Also pls see: Hidden cost of Trump’s Saudi arms deal: Support for Yemen ‘quagmire’…/hidden-cost-of-trumps-saudi-arms-deal…

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