Father’s day

Father’s day…. dedicated to my late father (a liberal, open minded man who treated all with tolerance & dignity) he translated the Quran in Urdu & English, an excerpt thereof (1993):


I bow my head in humble obeisance to Almighty AllahST, the All-Merciful, the Worthy of Praise, for having vouchsafed to me the gracious favor of rendering some little service by presenting a new English translation of the Divine Message, Al-Quran.

I also pray to AlllahST, the All-Merciful, to shower HIS peace and blessings upon HIS last Messenger, MuhammadSS, the love and devotion for whom has enabled this humble servant to persevere in completing this onerous task, this humble service to the Glorious Quran, the final Message of God for the guidance of mankind.

May AllahST, grant acceptance to it and may it prove of benefit in communicating the Message to its readers. Amen!

Syed Muhammad Owais


In loving memory of my dear parents

Syed Muhammad Ayub


Syeda Sabira Bibi

With humble prayers to Allah Subhanahu Taala
for extending His gracious forgiveness to them and granting a blessed home in Paradise

(by HE Dr Abdullah Ibn Abdul Mohsin Al Turki, Rector, Jamia Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Al-Islamia, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

The Quran is the word of God and is the main miracle of Prophet Muhammad. It is miraculous in form as as in content. It is therefore impossible to translate it as a Quran in any language other than its’ own. This is a fact which has been acknowledged by all those who tried their hands at its’ translation. Thus Arberry who is neither Arab nor Muslim says: “I have called my version an interpretation conceding the orthodox claim that the Quran (like all other literary masterpieces) is untranslatable.” He therefore called his translation, “The Quran Interpreted.”

But this should not prevent us from attempting to communicate the basic meanings of its verses to those who have not been fortunate enough to read it in the original. It is in fact our duty to do so because though the Quran is an Arabic book, its message is directed to all people at all times and places ever since its revelation to Prophet Muhammad.

Many translations of the meaning of Quran have appeared in the English language and have been of great benefit to multitudes of English speaking people. But there is always a chance to improve on those translation until they reach a humanly possible perfection.

We, at Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, were therefore pleased when a number of specialists from our university as well as other universities who read samples of Syed Owais’s new translation recommended it and pointed to some of its merits and advantages over existing translations. The learned scholar, the late Dr Ismail R Faruqi, finds this rendering as giving evidence of the relevance of the Quran to contemporary times, while Dr Barbara Stowasser, Professor of Arabic at Georgetown University finds his “use of English language in various registers as rich and powerful.”

We therefore decided to sponsor Syed Owais’s work. We asked two members of our staff, Dr Abdul Haq Ansari, and Dr Ja’afar Shaikh Idris to cooperate with Syed Owais and overview his work in order to ensure that the rendering:

1) conforms in the standard commentaries
2) is accurate especially in regard to basic questions of belief
3) is not too literal especially in regard to Arabic idiomatic phrases
4) uses language which is understood by the generality of English speaking people

I have been told that the translation in its final form fulfills these requirements to a remarkable degree. It gives me great pleasure to congratulate Syed Owais for this great achievement.

Syed Owais is a scholar who held important administrative and judicial appointments during the British days in India and, later in Pakistan. By the grace of God, he enjoyed throughout a reputation of ability and efficiency as well as of integrity and justice. It was a blessing of Allah (ST) that his religious inclinations led him to the deep and special study of the Holy Quran which has spread over a period of nearly forty years. His Urdu translation of the Holy Book, completed in the 1960s, received commendations from the learned scholars of the sub-continent, while his translation of famous Urdu poets in English verse were also highly appreciated by the English reading public. I pray to Allah that He may grant His acceptance to this present rendering of the Sacred Book and reward the translator and all those who have contributed to its finalization and presentation to the English-reading public.

Dr Abdullah Ibn Abdul-Mohsin Al-Turki
Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University
Saudi Arabia


First and last, I offer my most humble and grateful thanks and obeisance to AllahST for having vouch-safed to me the tawfiq to convey the Divine Message in two languages, first in Urdu and then in English. May AllahST grant His acceptance to my humble work in this service of the Holy Quran and bestow His grace and blessings on my humble self and my family members in this world and the Hereafter, Amen. In addition to giving me the strength to continue this work, He facilitated my work by giving me the opportunities to meet numerous people who encouraged me along the way and without whose help I might not have been able to accomplish this great responsibility. While I thank all these individuals, there might be some unintentional omissions for which I hope I will be forgiven.

I feel, it was something Divinely ordained that I had the opportunity to accompany my wife Atiya (now Associate Professor, Department of Arabic, University of Karachi) to Saudi Arabia, as her mahram where she had been assigned a post in the Arabic Department of the Girls College of Arts in Riyadh in 1983. It was here that I was able to make contact with the learned Arab scholars with the result that my work was sponsored by the Islamic University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud, Riyadh.

Many friends and scholars offered me help and support in course of my stay in Riyadh. I offer my grateful and sincere thanks to H.E. Dr. Abdullah bin Abdul Mohsin Al-Turki, Rector of the University for lending his kind support by making available to me the cooperation of the learned scholars of the University as well as providing facilities of visa and stay in Riyadh for completion of the work. May AllahST bless him and grant him long life to serve Islam and the Muslim Ummah. I also express my thanks to his secretary Shaikh Abdur Rahman Al-Musa for introducing me to H.E. Dr. Turki.

I thank the Dean of the Jamia’s Research Center, Dr. Abdur Rahman Ar-Rubaie, as well as the Wakeel of the Center, Dr Abdul Mohsin bin Abdul Aziz Abanami for their help in various ways in the course of my stay in the Kingdom. I thank Mr. Sarwat Ibrahim Abdur Rahim, a translator at the Center, for the support that he extended to me during this period.

My very special thanks are however due to the two learned scholars of the University, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Haq Ansari and Dr. Jafar Shaikh Idris for their collaboration in the revision of my work. Dr. Ansari gave me the benefit of his learning while taking great pains to ensure the general conformity of the English rendering with the accepted interpretations given by the classical commentators e.g., Al-Tabari, Ibn-e-Kathir, Jalalain and other great scholars. I would like to acknowledge his deep learning and pious approach for a comprehension of the Divine words.

My learned friend Dr. Jafar Shaikh Idris was the first to extend his appreciation of my humble work and to bring it to the notice of H.E. Dr. Turki. He has also been instrumental in ensuring conformity of the translation with the standard tafaseer and to infuse the real spirit of the Divine Message. Further, because of his close and frequent association with the present day developments of Islamic thought in the East and the West, his suggestions, will, Insha Allah, be of inestimable help in bringing about a better understanding of the great message of the Quran among the readers of the West. I thank him with all my heart.

I also thank my friends Dr. Shaikh Abdullah Abdul-Hamid, Shaikh Abdul Aziz Al-Furaih, and Shaikh Ahmed Abdul Aziz Al-Furaih for their support and assistance to me.
To Mr. Mumtaz Ahmad Khan, I am grateful for preparing drafts and final presentation of the work with sincere devotion and painstaking labor.

While in the United States in 1985-86 and again in 1990-1991, I received help and encouragement from the various learned scholars of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) in Reston, Virginia. It is with deep sorrow and respect that I mention the name of the distinguished and eminent scholar and servant of Islam, the late Dr. Ismail Ar-Rajei Al-FaruqiRH, the then-president of the IIIT, for his appreciation of my humble work and his sincere urgings for its completion at the earliest. Further, I express my sincere thanks to Dr. Jamal Barzanji, now president of the IIIT and to Dr. Taha Jabir Al-Alwani and other scholars of the Institute.

I thank the Director and the officials of the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in Fairfax, Virginia for providing monetary assistance for the services of a professional editor for the work. Ms. Jan Sedeka, who helped me in her capacity as professional editor deserves my sincere and special thanks for her devoted assistance and conscientious approach. I would also thank my friend and nephew, Dr. Sanaullah Kirmani, for his help in various ways.

Nearly thirty years ago I had begun my Urdu translation. In the course of about five years that I continued this work I had the full support and sympathy of my late wife Ahmedi Begum, a gracious and pious lady, a loving wife, and a caring mother. May AllahST extend His mercy and forgiveness to her and grant her a place in Paradise. Also, our children Zafar, Anjum, Salman, Asad, Mansoor, and Adil gave me all the help and support in completing the translations in the two languages.

It is also a matter of deepest gratitude for me that later, in the course of my work on the English translation, I received similar support, care and sympathy from my present wife, Atiya Khalil Arab and our younger children Naila, Imran, and Hassan. Atiya, also a loving and comforting wife, has been a source of great strength and support to me especially because of her contribution to the translation in view of her extensive knowledge of Arabic language, the Holy Quran, and the Ahadith. I wish and pray for her success in her ultimate aim to render service to the Pakistani women in the field of teaching of the Holy Quran and the Arabic language.

August, 1993

Syed Muhammad Owais
Washington, D.C.

UK terror saga & arms…

I’m not accusing anyone of any mischief, just connecting the dots, perhaps it’s all just “a rather unlikely coincidence” 🙂

Investigative look at UK attacks, makes a very interesting read I must say, from the IRA to the Jo Cox “Britain First” murder last year, what intrigues me are the last 3 incidents repeated here (2017), 22 March Westminster Bridge Attack, 2 months later 22 May Manchester Arena Bombing and just 10 days later the London Bridge / Borough Market stabbing attacks, CORRELATE this with Donald Trump’s Saudi visit on May 20, 2017 where he sealed an arms deal worth USD 110 bn

Do I smell foul play in this connection? 110 bn USD isn’t a small amount, and perhaps there are events that JUSTIFY such relentlessly inhuman firepower to be used against mostly BELOW THE POVERTY LINE PEOPLE who forget terrorism that happens in England cannot even find a loaf of bread in Yemen? “The Republic of Yemen is one of the driest, poorest and least developed countries in the world. It ranks 140 out of 182 countries on the UNDP Human Development Index (2009). An estimated 42 percent of the people are poor, and one Yemeni in five is malnourished. Poverty is endemic, particularly in more remote and less accessible areas.”

London Attacks timeline
2017, 22 March: 2017 Westminster attack
2017, 22 May: 2017 Manchester Arena bombing
2017, 3 June: June 2017 London attacks


Also pls see: Hidden cost of Trump’s Saudi arms deal: Support for Yemen ‘quagmire’

Poverty in Yemen http://www.ruralpovertyportal.org/…/rural-poverty-portal/co…

The deepening Qatar – Saudi / GCC row


I’ve been watching with deep interest, the deepening crisis among the oil rich Sheiks of the GCC; perhaps ante bellum? In otherwise bona fide terms that went on for decades, despite small skirmishes.

While on the one hand it appears exactly what the anti-anarchists would have dreamt: chaos in the Gulf, an excuse to enter the MidEast as “saviors from internal rife threatening the largest oil & gas resources of the world” read my lips “recolonization” or in the very least, control over oil & gas supplies.

The actors (GCC) are most likely unaware of how they are being played – in fact the damage has already been done, Arab egos are known to harbor contempt for decades, and even if one considers the Qatari act a “faux pas” it would still consider it dictum factum, whatever is said – is done, a Cul-de-sac for some?

Maybe there is encore for the status quo thousands of miles away?

Or perhaps a détente in sight?

What IF – Qatar is convinced to play agent provocateur? and in turn turn miles away into the land of the once Sun Worshippers?

And, for argument’s sake, were that to happen, force majeure for the oil & gas industry, appealing to a Knight in Shining Armour from miles & miles away?

I am of the humble, yet considered opinion that should Qatar consider it’s stance a gaffe thus avoiding an impasse – and possibly, the 3rd World War…

London Bleeds and so do I for her…

My bleeds for London — THIS IS NOT A “POLITICALLY CORRECT” POST, I will not engage in banter with someone who misses the point here and argues on frivolities on the edge…

Read this CAREFULLY, I have NO SYMPATHY for ANY FAITH or people, this I write on the basis of FACTS, which simply AFFIRM that MASS MUSLIM MIGRATIONS due PATHETIC democracies or kingdoms has led to silos of Islamic culture in the West that are COMPLETELY incompatible with a Western way of life! Please DON’T defend the “law abiding citizens here” it’s the 1% bad guys that rule the airwaves and kill mercilessly too, no this is NOT Islam but these PEOPLE claim to be Muslims! So what do we do? Kick ’em out of the West, let ’em go HOME wherever they came from or their grandparents came from and FIX THOSE BLOODY HELL HOLES so their lives at home are better or atleast equivalent to the West!

I’ve been saying this for such a long time, almost two years now, that Islam and the West are INCOMPATIBLE, that Muslims in Western countries MUST leave of their OWN accord BEFORE they are thrown out… no one cared, I guess another prediction comes true, the internet of things won’t be regulated, but I assure you, Muslims WILL be 🙂 till they’re kicked out

PS: Apply the same formula on South America and you’ll save a trillion dollar expense on Pink Floyd’s “Wall” 🙂

Pakistanis, rise, or perish

Dear Pakistanis
I have invested almost 20 years of my life in trying to wake up my nation, it started with stopping smuggling of cell phones back in 2001 with the then Cabinet of Gen Musharraf, thereafter changepakistannow.wordpress.com wherein I reached out all in power with my message of peace and progress. As of last 2 years I have actively pursued formation of a political force besides conducted and encouraged helping the poor in any way possible.
In terms of politics I came across Abdullah Gul of TJP and Haroon Khwaja of PFM. Both fine gentlemen with their own agendas of change. I am as yet unsure of Haroon Khwaja’s plan but have understood Abdullah Gul’s plan. Basically he is pursuing his father late Gen Hamid Gul’s dream, and I believe there is not a lot of clarity on what and how he wants the dream implemented. He also seeks funds and I encourage you to call him on +923134926262 where you can actually make some money if you raise funds for TJP via sports activities or other such things.
As far as I am concerned, after spending a half a million Rs on sustaining myself in Pakistan and pursuing change I profess to you that all I have achieved are 2 people, Col Zaman Ranjha and Major Ali, they, like me, are imperfect but firmly believe political change is all that is required in Pakistan and the existing “parties” are literally busy “partying” – they have the media in control, all 3 of them, and treat us, the people, no better then slaves born to serve Bhuttos or Sharifs or some Khan.
If you wish to join or support me, Major Ali or Col Dr Ranjha please connect with us, even ONE more person in our team, to me, is better than a 1,000 in the “3 Stooges of Looters” – whether Mr Abdullah Gul or Mr Haroon Khwaja are able to align themselves with our mission is, as yet, a question mark. I have no answers, only know that we need likeminded people who want to align all GOOD PAKISTANIS and PARTIES under ONE UMBRELLA to gain power and ultimately implement a system of governance that is close to the early days of Islam, a system where simple, low cost yet effective governance is provided by people who do not seek to get “rich and powerful” through serving their people, as is the current scenario. And democracy as practiced in 90% of 3rd world countries including our arch rival India is proof of the same, governments are inefficient, print money to hide corruption and incompetence, and use governance machinery to treat people like slaves, exceptions being the US, EU, Australia, NZ, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, that’s pretty much it.
I look forward to your support and guidance, all I have left now, is passion and faith in you, the people of Pakistan, do not prove me wrong, please! For the sake of 190 mn people living right here, who cannot even read let alone understand this message.
Crystal Kazmi

Imran Khan: Being the emotional choice is NOT enough!

SEVEN things Imran Khan MUST do to bring a REAL revolution in Pakistan

for a strong PTI and a transformed Pakistan

I am a keen follower of the struggles of Pakistani Cricketer turned Politician, Imran Khan who chose to leave a life of luxury to awaken every Pakistani to the donkey like state they are living in. And his reward is most likely in this world but perhaps the other, for in this world, PMLN lawyer at the behest of his master is concocting stories against Imran that anyone with a logical and rational mind would consider the product of a deranged, insulted and cornered group of people that Imran has successfully done to PMLN in the Panama proceedings case. Thus the “corrupt competition” whether PMLN or PPP are put in a position where they resort to idiocies like calling into question Imran Khan’s loyalty to the state, let alone corruption, of which they have a Honorary PhD degree anyway awarded in Panama Papers.

Now to bring a revolution Imran Khan must take stock of the situation from a reality lens then emotions alone, and reality is bitter, we don’t live in an ideal world, USA or EU or China or Russia or India or Afghanistan or Iran or so many other countries do NOT reflect the idealism that Imran Khan brings to the table, and in fact nor do many of our own people. To gain power Imran needs to seriously consider, and implement the following 7 point agenda at the earliest if he wishes a real revolution upon this sleeping and abused nation:

1            EXPAND attack to PPP

Don’t just aim for the middle stump, also aim for LBW, caught behind and hit wicket J

By only attacking Nawaz Sharif he is fortifying the impression in masses that he is blind to PPP Dr Asim, Ayyan Ali, Uzair Baloch so many cases including BB death itself and he only sees evil in Nawaz and Sharifs, add to that Model Town (an ignored topic as of late), Imran needs to attack MNS and AAZ on all fronts not just Panama

Nawaz is gaining sympathizers among masses as people see him do work on ground like metro roads power etc and Imran still only attacking him and sparing the Sindhi mafia of PPP is in fact giving impression of him being allies with the bad guys

Focus on ALL bad guys, don’t be selective!

2            GROW KPK

He needs to step up VISIBLE projects in KPK that generate JOBS and INVESTMENT to win public support. Like reducing taxes to a flat 10%, on all individuals and businesses in KPK allowing import of old cars again at a flat 10%; and signing off for 50 years on tax freeze for safety against future governments, so investors run from all over Pakistan and abroad to KPK – and SWEAR that he will run KPK on its’ own 10% taxation budget including all developmental projects with that and also with private donors help, like he did NIML and Shaukat Khanum right!

Now the critics will say “but these are things only the Federal Government can do” – well BREAK THE RULES! Was Dharna a part of the rules? Is 80% of what Imran has been doing part of ANY rules? Then WHY stuck to rules where it is MOST important to BREAK them for the good of the common man? The Sharifs or Zardaris represent the elites and the bloodsucking landlords of Pakistan, they have no love lost in governing us in a way that keeps people enslaved financially, it’s not so much about old cars as it is about allowing people to ride decently than a family of 5 on a bike! Will the ruling class prefer it for their kids? And WHY in otherwise heavily taxed US and EU cars are so cheap? Because they RESPECT the “common” man, in fact such elitist master – slave thinking as apparent in Pakistan does NOT exist there

Forget the Federal Government, be the KING of KPK and SHOW Pakistan what a “mini Pakistan” i.e. KPK can be for them! And all provinces will run to you!


Islam, a highly progressive, egalitarian and kind faith is projected as it’s opposite all over the world, the reason is the lack of educated people in discussing Islamic policies and approach, if you ask me, Allah ST has clearly mentioned in the Quran to JUDGE man in the hereafter, it is thus His job to judge us – on planet earth so a STATE is supposed to implement laws much like in most of the West i.e. US, EU, NZ, Australia, UK, Singapore focusing on CRIMES then religion. For example, it IS a crime if you defraud or kill or abuse someone, but it is NOT a crime if you drink or do fornication in the West, we should follow suit and do away with Hudood ordinance and others, rapes please you must punish but consensual sex leave it to the aggrieved parties to come up with a blame. Also for drinks the same logic applies, even in Middle East “Muslim” countries, drinking is allowed! But they are very STRICT on drunk driving and misconduct, why can’t we do the same? Follow Qatar, UAE, Bahrain or Turkey? They too are MUSLIM countries right? As for Blasphemy, instead of only focusing on the Prophet SAWS focus on ALL people like the Arab countries do, and maintain respect for ALL religions without discrimination, and punishment needs to be proportionate, killing people for Blasphemy is something the Holy Prophet himself did not do, he forgave people who were rude to him or abused him so why don’t we follow HIS example if we really love him? Our people sell their livestock and properties to go and work there for money and do all jobs, be it bouncers or drivers driving around drunk passengers so why such double standards in Pakistan?

Allow Middle East style policies on tourism on drinks and massage parlors (trust me there are ENOUGH already in Pakistan just google) in KPK. It will immediately boost business there and establish Imran as a progressive leader like MidEast ones in global community and also strike extremism with focusing people on material gains. Above all Tourism income will skyrocket! Mideast today has 30-80% of its population depending on region as tourists, so does Turkey, why don’t we have similar policies?

And dear CRITICS, before you criticize please justify MidEast Arab liberalism in tourism, alcohol and massage centers and also the same in Turkey! And also justify that your new best friend “China” has outlawed beards, fasts and some Muslim names too! So get out of hypocrisy and delusions and FACE the world that you selectively integrate in, when you want you go to those places, send kids there and are happy with their lifestyle but back at home you want the dark ages? Why? Bottom line we cannot be a part of the world and yet be outcasts in policies, we must work WITH the world and grow. And as for Islam EACH one of us will taste death and be judged so let Allah ST do His job let us maintain peace, and justice as we should.

Imran can be a REAL LEADER by doing this, it will not only transform KPK to a modern province but also make him GLOBALLY popular

4 Retired Army Officers Legal Reforms

Without Law and Order there can be NO progress anywhere in the world, in Pakistan the police and judiciary have timelessly proved that they bow only to the rich and powerful, not to justice. The only WORKING institution is the Army.

Hence immediately constitute legal reforms in KPK using retired veterans in both police and judiciary. Abolishing lawyers and making it the government judges and investigator job go to uncover facts and deliver justice, in Islam that is otherwise used to curb blasphemy or drinks or sex is it NOT true the value given to Justice by Caliphs Abu Bakr RA, Umer RA and Ali RA? And do you know of ANY case where the “Qazi” had lawyers? Never! Because lawyers means selling of justice to the highest bidder, if I can’t afford a good lawyer no matter I may be right I’d still suffer! Allah ST in the Quran has on numerous occasions asked for ADL / justice to be established in the land

Establish rule of law with retired armed forces personnel and watch KPK transform as a model for entire Pakistan

5 Global Powers Liaison and Image

Be realistic. International powers have always played a role in our leaders elections, go on international media and extend an olive branch to the whole world including India, Israel, US everyone saying we envision a new Pakistan as a friend to the whole world and not a threat or foe. This is important as Nawaz has softly projected the same image for himself convincing super and regional powers and hence their support. Imran has to prove he’s better than Nawaz to the global power bearers, look at HOW Nawaz is protecting Indian interests in Pakistan! Meeting their businessmen, intermarriages, what not! Tell India that if THEY want peace who are we to differ? Cancel your image of supporter of terrorists / “Taliban Khan” as your critics call you. Kashmir and Palestine and global issues like Saudi force etc he should keep quiet on. First come into power next when strong solve larger problems

The world is round, and we must INTEGRATE to succeed with Win/Win policies

6 Involve the Middle and Upper classes

Looking at a PTI Dharna one is PROUD to see the elites and middle classes who generally never cared about Pakistan out in the heat or cold, the credit goes to Imran Khan and TUQ (Maulana Tahir Ul Qadri)

Involve WOMEN, I have created a political force for women at www.auratkiawaz.com which highlights plight of women, rich or poor, in Pakistan, IF Imran Khan can become THEIR champion 50% of the votes are his in any case!

PTI needs to launch a fun activity that involves the whole nation. Cricket or short movies, or music festivals that get people to feel happier especially middle and upper classes

Get the rich involved in change!


For lower classes a strategy of focus on poverty is a must. They should be made to feel wretched and miserable in the hands of looters of PPP and PML so much that they come out on streets and topple kangaroo courts and Nero like governments rather masters of slaves

I have spoken a lot about the poor, launched a “party” to that effect www.GadhaParty.com that has also been covered in the media, Imran can pick up ideas from there and use it to revolutionize Pakistan

98% or 19 crore people in Pakistan live in abject poverty, appeal to them to come out as you will save them with a stronger economy as in Point No 2 above

In short. Imran Khan has one year to prove to Pakistanis and global power brokers that he is their most rational choice

Being the emotional choice isn’t enough


Crystal Kazmi

Cell +92 320 534 5555




It’s been a long time I wrote on Donald Trump, and here’s a bit post some friends speaking on him…
Everyone I know including many of his supporters had a “gut feeling” he’d never even make it, I somehow ALWAYS believed he WILL. You see having read his book, I felt like I KNEW the man! His decision making style, his overall approach, and the latter media trial that started against him was in all honesty poles apart from his persona as I read in the book! And it was apparently written by him, it was very simple, very direct, judgmental and prescriptive. He came across as an excellent person if you ask me, way before the election days, when I bought and read “How to Get Rich” by Donald J. Trump hoping I will somehow discover the magic.
I felt FLEECED from that perspective as there was no ONE idea on how to make good money through his book! But TONS of ideas on how to ASSESS people, how to differentiate friends from foes, I mean there was a lot of chicken soup for the soul in it, and a lot of savvy advice for a businessman on how to conduct his affairs. I developed IMMENSE respect for Donald J. Trump through that book and even contacted Ivanka Trump for a business deal and was professionally dealt with by one of her staff.
Now as a politician how he is and who he bows down to as in centers of power and to what ends? That we’ll probably never know as am sure he won’t write a book on it hahahahahah but trust me, the man isn’t evil as he’s portrayed to be, this is my honest opinion.
I stand to gain NOTHING from him, by virtue of being a Muslim his administration will have nothing except a dagger for me, but could I be selfish and blame him for discriminating me and my so called “people” (who disown me anyway)? No I won’t I’ll say it like it is, that’s how my dad raised me, to call a spade a spade and NEVER worry about the consequences. That’s for the manipulative or the faint of heart, and I’m neither…
Is he GOOD for America or the World? I don’t know, all I know is that he fought his way in one of the most controversial elections in recent history with an extremely controversial agenda.
Someone once said “if you keep repeating the same thing over and over again, you’ll keep getting the same results” – in the case of Donald J. Trump I can safely say that he will NOT be doing the “same thing” as he hasn’t in the last 4 months.
And that to me, translates to an expectation of different results, if the last post 9/11 16 years are anything to go by, this should auger well…